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Chapter 1: On the Way to Wilkes-Barre

"So, what are we doing tonight?" Adela Santos asked her friend, Liana McFadden.

Liana just glared at her. Adela sighed. "Li, you know I don't like wrestling!"

Liana shrugged. "It's not my fault Nadia had to bail out." That last fact was true. Adela and Liana's co-worker had originally agreed to go with Liana to Wilkes-Barre just weeks before, but had to bail out a few days before the show. Poor Adela, Liana's best friend and co-worker, had to go with Liana to something she had no interest in.

Liana's dark brown eyes lit up, like she had an idea. "I'll make it up to you someday, Dela. I swear. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Adela giggled. "If that's the case, then you so owe me one! I want tickets to the next Backstreet Boys concert!" Her hazel eyes gleamed with laughter.

Liana nodded. "You've got it. Next time they're anywhere near Tunkhannock, we're going!" She checked the clock. "Holy crap! Dela, we've got to get a move on!"

Adela groaned. "But, Li, I don't wanna go to wrestling!" she whined.

"Just think of all the hot wrestlers you're gonna see! Like Batista or John Cena!"

"Forget them, Li! There are other guys out there that don't have to get beaten up on a nightly basis just for the entertainment of others."

"But they give one hell of a show!" Liana grinned, dashing upstairs to get ready.

"You're hopeless, Li!" Adela shouted, chasing after Liana.

They both got to Liana's room and got ready for the show. Liana put on a black tank top with a pink and purple design, a pair of denim shorts, and sneakers. She then put on a little makeup to accent her facial features and brushed her long light brown hair. Adela chose a plain blue t-shirt, a pair of black jeans, and her black boots. She then tied her waist length reddish-brown hair back.

"Do you have the sign?" Adela asked.

"Do I have the sign?" Liana scoffed. She pulled out a piece of neon green posterboard with "Unleash the Animal" on one side with 2 Batista pictures on it and "Osh Kosh We're Over Here!" on the other side.

Adela laughed. "I don't know, Li. I think Josh might be upset when he sees THAT on national television!"

Liana just grinned. Josh was one of her best boy friends. "He got me hooked on wrestling. He'll pay the price!"

Adela nodded. "I guess that's alright then!" She grabbed Liana's car keys from the night stand. "Are you ready yet?"

"Hell yeah!" she screamed. "Wilkes-Barre, here we come!" She ran out the door, leaving Adela with her keys.

Adela just shook her head and followed Liana out. It was going to be a long day.

"Hey, McFadden! You forget something?" Adela asked, holding out Liana's keys.

"No way!" Liana said, rummaging through her purse. When she couldn't find her keys there, she looked up at Adela, shaking her head. "Aw, crap, I hate it when you're right!"

The two friends just looked at each other and laughed. "Come on, Dela. The car's not going to bite you," Liana said as she got into her champagne colored car.

Adela sighed and got in, where Liana had already started the car, and put in her ThemeAddict CD. "You mean I have to listen to this crap all the way to Wilkes-Barre?" Adela groaned.

Liana grinned. "Oh, yeah. I'm getting myself psyched up for the show!"

"Trust me, Li, if you were any more psyched for the show, you would explode."

They spent the hour long drive to Wilkes-Barre listening to the ThemeAddict CD and Liana telling Adela about all of the wrestlers she could think of.

"I'd like to break the Master Lock," Liana said, giggling.

"You know that part's staged, right?"

"Yeah, but it's nice to dream."

"What if you did break that Master Lock thing you were telling me about?" Adela asked, suddenly curious as to why Liana would put herself at risk like that.

She shrugged. "Well, if he bumps the rate up to $5,000, my bills would all be paid."

Adela laughed. "So it has nothing to do with that wrestler?"

It was Liana's turn to laugh. "Hell, no! I just want the money. The bills would be paid off and the student loan company would get off my back once and for all!"

"You're so greedy, Li."

"Not really, once you think about it." Liana finally turned off the highway and turned onto the road near the Wachovia Arena, where the WWE trailers were waiting. Liana saw them and started screaming.

"Li, shut up! You're going to see them in a few hours."

"I know, but it's so exciting! I mean, Batista could be there already!"

Adela rolled her eyes. David Bautista was Liana's idol. Mention his name, and you saw her brown eyes suddenly light up.

"Can we go to the mall now?" Adela asked, running her fingers though her ponytail. "You said we could go to the arcade!"

Liana sighed. "I suppose so," she said and kept going down the road to the Wyoming Valley Mall.

"Do you even know where the arcade is?" Adela asked.

"Sure do. It's right near the food court."

Adela laughed. "All you think about is your stomach!"

"No, I'm just hoping we can see some wrestlers there!" She finally parked the car near the food court and got out.

"You and your wrestlers!" Adela joked as she got out of Liana's car.

She grinned back. "I live in my own little dream world, I know."

"Dream world, Li? It's not a world, it's a freaking universe!"

The two friends looked at each other and laughed. "Come on, girl, let's go to the arcade! I have a feeling our favorite game might actually be there."

"You mean that fighting ninja game we found in Scranton?" Adela asked, her hazel eyes glazing over.

Liana grinned. With that, the girls linked arms and walked into the mall.

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