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Undisclosed Perfection

The girl looked at herself in the mirror, it was almost midnight but she was still up, she had gotten tired and mostly bored of staring at her ceiling for sleep just wouldn't come to her.

She examined herself, now 18, she had changed. Her raven black hair was now curlier and longer instead of her usual short straight hair, her blue eyes had turned a little darker and with grey sparks if not black ones, and finally her body…she was the perfect image of how society said an 18 girl should look like; thin but still in perfect health, bold but with the etiquette norms she should always follow and lastly abso-bloody-lutely beautiful, reflection of perfection.

She hated it; she hated everylittle part of it. She hated who she had become, the perfect polite little girl. That was how everyone saw her all the time, everyone except him.

"Perfection, what a horrible word" she thought seeing her reflection with disgust

Again the girl looked at herself more closely, her skin was flawless and her teeth as white as they could ever be. A tear came out of her eyes; it happened all the time now, now that someone had, for once, broken through her façade.

It happened so quickly she didn't have the time to put a stop to it, it just…happened.

With these thoughts the girl glared at herself and a scowl appeared in her face, how dare he see through her! How dare he talk about her in that fashion! How dare he make her feel! Just…how dare he!

Again he showed up in her thoughts torturing her into thinking of everything he had shown her, so many new emotions.

Friendship had started it, then came the undeniable flirtness, the kisses, those full of passion; the kind that you only read in the books about it; and at last came the heartbreaking love she felt, even now she could still feel it.

Her anger had drowned out and loneliness took over her, she truly missed him.

"Why did you had to fight! Why wasn't it that damn Longbottom!" she yelled as more tears came down

The girl fell to her knees and pushed the tears away, she hated crying, she felt pathetic and a disappointment to everyone.

"I shall not cry" she murmured rocking herself softly

For the third time that night she looked in the mirror and this time saw something different. At her side stood a tall raven-haired man with a funny scar in his forehead.

"Scar head" she smiled seeing him

The boy, no not boy, the man; yes man was more appropriate; nodded at her and put his pale hand in her shoulder in a somewhat comforting manner. She closed her eyes savouring the pleasurable moment and smiled.

As she opened her eyes again she felt the comforting embrace gone and the smile in her face faded.

He was gone and there was nothing she could do about it, at least not in this life. She would just continue to be the perfect little girl everyone ought her to be and wait 'till they could be together again.

She sighed and crawled back to bed, unshed tears forming behind her eyes.

"Damn you Potter" she whispered to her ceiling "Damn you to hell"

She closed her eyes and without warning sleep overcame her.

"I love you to Pansy" said a whisper and a smile formed in the girl's face for she was Pansy Parkinson and he was Harry Potter.

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