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"Mama, I'm hungry."

Haruka Tenoh sat up from her bed and rubbed her eyes. Two small faces stared up at her. They smiled in unison as they tugged on the bed sheets. The woman looked closer at the two. They were wearing identical preschool uniforms. One wore red curls under her cap; the other's was a soft blond. They tilted their heads slightly as tears began to form in Haruka's eyes.

"You want strawberry pancakes, don't you?" Haruka wiped away the tears and smiled back at the nodding girls.

Haruka got out of bed and pulled a uniformed child onto each shoulder. She kissed both foreheads as she shuffled them in her arms. "Good morning."

Haruka paused as she saw that Michiru was waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

Michiru looked up at her. "The twins are starving, Haruka. I thought you were up already. "

Michiru lovingly rubbed her daughters' heads before Haruka set each down in their raised chairs. Haruka looked at her questioningly, but gave up after a few moments of staring at Michiru's stubborn smile. The girls were there to stay. They were their children after all, and Haruka felt no regrets.

Michiru watched happily as Haruka poured the batter into the pan. She patted the two little heads again, getting identical snide remarks. Then she went into the living room where Setsuna was waiting. The woman held another child in her arms; a small baby with dark hair and dark eyes.

"Is that…Saturn?" Michiru asked slowly, slightly disturbed by the baby's presence.

Setsuna shook her head. "Her name is Hotaru."

Michiru sighed in relief. She had wondered how all of this had become possible. During the fight, her mirror had shown her something unclear, but it was not a foretelling of defeat. If Sailor Saturn had been reborn, it could only have been Sailor Moon who had restored everything to the way it was now. Things were relatively the same, but there were some differences. The Chibas' house had appeared next to Haruka's manor, and the rest of Usagi's friends were not much further. Even the shrine had managed to creep closer to their home. She had seen an all-too-familiar pale face with red eyes on the television, apparently a singer. Of course there were the two new arrivals to her household. Michiru forgot about how odd it all was, and went to see Usagi in person.

The doorbell rang before Michiru could get to the door. It rang five more times before she opened it to see the faces of Usagi and Mamoru Chiba. There was an awkward moment of silence, and then Usagi's normal expressions of excitement. She hugged Michiru violently, squeezing her against the ninth-month–old bulge in her stomach. Mamoru looked embarrassed, but Michiru did not mind. She hugged Usagi back gently.

"Did you- did you do this?" Michiru did not know how to ask in any other way.

She gave Michiru a confused look. "But I didn't do anything." Usagi quickly forgot about the question and pulled Michiru's hand in front of her face to inspect the large aquamarine jewel. "That's a lovely ring!"

Before Michiru had time to respond, a small voice came from behind them. A dark-skinned girl with green eyes was standing behind them. She was wearing a maid's uniform.

"I was hired to clean here."

Haruka smiled to herself as she flipped another serving of pancakes onto Serenity and Beryl's plates. Haruka felt as if she were lost in the most beautiful dream.

It was a dream where enemies were friends, and friends were always there. It was a world where nobody suffered through solitude. Most importantly, it was a world where Haruka and Michiru were together.