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Missing parts

3:30 am, the steady ring of his cell phone beckons his awareness as he opens his eyes to a dark yet slightly blurry room.

" Work already?" Cathy groggily asks as her husband reaches towards the nightstand seeking his cell.

" Hello?" his voice is horse and dry. She couldn't hear who was on the other side but had a pretty good guess it was his partner, " Alright, I'll meet you there." Hanging up the phone, but still clutching it in his right hand he lay back down quickly and groaned. He hated being awoken at such an ungodly hour. After a moment he turned to his wife trying his best so early for an apologetic smile. Her blue eyes where open and staring at him.

" I'm sorry. I've got to go," he told her.

" It always seems on your days off…"

" I know," he interrupted her and kissed her lips softly.

" Try not to wake the kids this time, " was all she could manage. She smiled and rolled over, " call me when you can ok?"

" Alright." He responded, rolling out of bed and to his feet. Stalking over to the closet he retrieved some clothing and headed for the bathroom at the end of the darkened hallway to get dressed. She hated when he kept them all awake. It was only fair after all she had to watch Kyle and Jesse all day, she needed her rest. The bright lights of the bathroom momentarily blinded him as he did his best to get dressed and groomed for work. An hour later he was gone on the virtually empty road. His partner had told him to go to the Bella Grans hotel and meet him in their self-park garage. He arrived at the crime scene at 5:50. His partner was already waiting. CSI and technicians where already on the scene swarming like bees for evidence. Seeing a large cybernetic blonde He smiled a greeting.

" So what's up big guy?" he said stopping a few feet from his partner.
" Well it looks like we have some dead dignitaries on our hands," he began as he walked closer to the trunk of the black stretch limo with three bodies around it, his partner continued " Near the driver side is well, the chuffer, Richard Misa. Of American origin, he moved to Japan three years ago. The one dead at the driver side passenger is our big shot, Guy Matsumoto. He's in charge of the U.S. embassy branch here in Japan and over there on the passenger side is, Yuki Hazuma. Mr. Matsumoto's assistant."
" They all look like they were going some where important, " he commented placing his hands in his pockets.

" Well they were," his partner said getting out a cigarette, " did you hear about the international arms committee meeting scheduled to take place in T3? "

" Not really all I know is it has something to do with licencing military weapons to the public." He replied shrugging and walking over to Mr. Hazuma's remains. The body had fallen onto its left side legs in a position that would've suggested the victim was standing and just suddenly collapsed. His right arm was thrown back slightly in a relative straight position which held to his conclusion as far as positioning of the body before death was concerned. As his partner explained the finer details of the committee meeting he made his way around the front of the vehicle to examine the driver and the VIP respectfully.

" See many people through money and cyberization can now already get many weapons via underground tradesmen weapons or working for the military itself that aren't currently available to the public and other countries, and well the committee was convened to figure out first of all if they should allow non military combatants to have the weapons and if that turns out to be a yes then it's a matter of which ones. And not only that, it's a kind of world trade center the meeting is also being held to establish weather or not countries should trade unique weapons and how to exactly go about it without causing world destruction or dominance." His partner explained watching him curiously.

" If you ask me that's just a waste of time and any one with the money, connections, or know – how can get almost anything they want anyway, " A female voice pointed out interrupting the two men's conversation. Both stopped in their tracks and looked towards the garage's entrance way. As if connected in speech and thought both answered at the same time.

" Major."

" Find anything out yet Togusa?" she ask hand on her hip. He look alittle supprised as usual woundering how she could know things with out ever being in the room.

"Um…not really I mean besides the fact that however they died they all died standing up. With that said my money's on ghost hacking."

" Batou, " she said turning from the car towards him, " have the technicians examined the bodies yet?"

" Not yet their still getting set up. But after that I think their going to start with U.S. embassy chief Mr. Matsumoto, then his secretary Mr. Hazuma, and finally the driver Mr. Misa."

" Ok then Batou wait here with the technicians and give me a heads up when their result's come in," she ordered.

" Alright min – as - well make myself comfortable, " he said crossing his arms and smiling

" Togusa, you try and find any witnesses to this ok?" she ordered turning back towards the limo.

" Ok."

" Have fun!" Batou cheerfully said waving a mock goodbye. Togusa just smiled slightly and heading for the stair well. Batou watched his partner leave and turned his silly smile on the Major who was not so impressed with his cheerful mood today, " And what about you Major? What are you going to do today?"
She sighed re crossing her arms and looking away towards the stair well before replying, " I'm going to get to the bottom of this, it's not every day a world ambassador and chief non the less get's cyber hacked. And in a public place too, there has to be some major players behind this. National security people have some of the strongest barriers around if some one could hack just one let alone two simultaneously then they're better then me I'd say."

" Wow! A little presumptuous don't you say?" The muscular blonde asked scratching his head.

" It could also be a virus but a damn good one at that…..have the technicians check the car as well. Togusa said they all died standing up right?"

" Yeah but I don't think it's that hard to-"

" Just have that done ok?" Her tone more angrily then usual

" Geez ok." He said backing away in mock surrender. That won him a smile from the Major faint almost unnoticeable but nonetheless a smile. She turned away from the blonde and headed for the stairs as well.