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He didn't exactly knock when entering the large blonde's room. He was laying on his bed looking at a picture.

" Hey," He grunted less then thrilled. The larger of the two put the item down, face down. What ever it was, he was not welcomed to view it, " Can I talk to you?"

" Why? Did she say something?"

" Kind of."

The blonde propped himself onto his elbows and cocked his head. With out asking he closed the door behind him. This made the other sit up entirely.

" What is it?" He asked finally.

Pazu walked to the edge of the blonde's bed. He could feel the other's unhappy response, " Look I don't know how to say this, so I just will, and don't lie to me or I may just whined up doing something we both regret," this just made Batou look at the dark haired man with even more suspicion, " What was your relationship with Togusa?"

" What?" He responded cautiously.

" Answer the damn question."

" He was my partner what the fuck else do you think?"

" Is that all he was?"

" And where the hell are you going with this, Pazu?"

" Did you ever invite him out with you?"

" That's my business why do you care?"

" Damn it Batou! Did you ever invite him out with you that resulted in an altercation?" His tone became a mix of anger and suppression.


The two began to stare at one another each fiercely regarding the others motives and feelings. His associate was obviously perturbed by the odd and sensitive question. After several minuets the blonde sighed.

" We went out yeah, there were problems."

" I need specifics here Batou, where did you go, what happened? What did you say? " That earned him another cold, hard stare for several more minuets.

" I don't know where you're going with all this. It's not like it's any of your damn business, but it sure sounds like your dying to know," He snarled, " We where both off duty for a while so I'd asked him to come to the pier with me. We talked, he hit me and he left. Enough?"

" Did you tell him you wanted more then a partnership with him?"

The blonde sighed angrily leaning back on the heels of his palms, " What do you want me to say?"

" Did you say something to the effect that you cared for him?" The brunette asked crossing his arms. Batou cocked his head again and gave the other man another defensive glare.

" I told him I loved him, I kissed him and - ," he said defensively, " and he punched me. He told me never to say or do such a thing to him again. Clearly demonstrating his distaste of the idea," he inhaled a rigid breathe, " And why are you so damn curious anyway?"

" Was only you and he privy to this?"

" Apparently not if you know."

" So neither of you said anything to anyone?"

" He had a wife. Why would he tell her? And as for me, no."

The brunette looked away, " Then. I think. I almost killed him."

" What?"

" I almost killed Togusa," He said shakily still adverting his gaze.

" Don't tell me you've got some virus now," He glanced sternly into the blonde's mechanical eyes.

" How in hell would I've known about the two of you if he didn't tell me? You just said neither of you said a word. And you know what? I frankly never knew you liked men, much less a human one. Now I'm not calling you into question so much as what in hell do we really know about that person down stairs. She mentioned you and well whoever or whatever you want to claim that person is with you on the pier. She mentioned that scenario you just described to me. Said she was happy you remained so professional with her afterwards despite how she treated you. And she also mentioned Chinlou as the one shooting those videos."

" Chinlou? The voice was distorted. And the technicians unable to get the files even when we were plugged into the damn thing."

" And you remember that damn thing just as much as I do. The man kept asking Togusa if he wanted to say anything to us. And I remember Togusa trying to describe him to us. "

" And?"

" Well our little friend down there mentioned that and said it was Chinlou who was with her."

" And you want to believe a malfunctioning droid?"

" And do you want to make the mistake of thinking it is?"

He sat starring once more. Contemplating, " So how do you suggest we go about this then?" He finally asked after several more silent minuets.

" We start talking to it likes it's Togusa." The brunette suggested.

" And indulge it?"

" No. We try to get it to say things that link him to us."

" That still won't prove anything."

" If you still love him then you'll be the one who'll make that call, and besides, you know him the best."

He wasn't surprised when Batou didn't protest his abrupt exit. If anyone needed to be surprised by anything anymore it was them. The fact that perhaps the one they'd come to India looking for was the one they'd been torturing to find and burry. And him, that the man he thought he'd known had fallen in love with one of their own.

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