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I headed downtown

To share what I had found

It's not a suicide It's a crime

I have a witness It's clearly evident

There had to be someone else present

After time of death Poisons in stomach

How could she pull it If she's dead?

Who could have done it? Who would have killed Hermione? Draco would not sleep until he found out who took Hermione and his child from him. Draco went to the library. He searched every corner and came up with nothing. This was too hard of a job for him to do all by himself. Draco went into the kitchen where his house elves worked quietly all mourning the loss of Hermione. "I need your help." Draco said.

The House Elves stopped working and looked at him. "What would you like of us Master?" asked Dobby. After Hermione and him got married they offered a paying job to Dobby and the rest of the House Elves, some accepted some declined.

"I do not believe that Hermione has committed suicide. I wish for you all to search this house for any piece of evidence that may lead to who killed Hermione."

"M…master." This time it was Winky, "I did not know when to tell you Master for it has not been recent that Master have been in the Manor but Winky did find something peculiar-"

Draco was next to Winky's side in an instant. "What is it Winky? Please tell me."

"It is this." Winky said pulling from her torn cloth a vial holding one red hair. "Sir Winky belive it belongs to a Weasley!"

Draco was slightly disappointed. There were more Weasley's in this world then anything else. "Thank you Winkey." He said taking the vial. Draco didn't know how useful it was. IT could have been Arthur Weasley's the day they had found Hermione. It could have been any Weasley at Hermione's funeral.

"Master." Dobby spoke up. "When Winky told Dobby of this hair Dobby asked of her which room it was found. Sir it was in the Misses bedroom. No Weasley has been in Misses bedroom ever Sir! But this hair Winky found was there the day Misses left us!"

Draco had he evidence he had needed. He had his house elves and he had this hair. "Thank you. Thank you all." Draco left the kitchen and apperated to the only place he could think of.

"Mr. Malfoy" Arthur Weasley said astonished that Draco had appeared right in front of him.

"Please call me Draco." He said.

"I didn't think she would commit suicide Minister. I didn't think she would. I mean the facts were there the note was wrong it wasn't true and at first I didn't have anyone on my side but everything started coming together…" Draco have been speaking at such a rate that Arthur had not caught anything he had just said.

"Please Draco. Sit down and start over." Arthur motioned to the chair in front of him.

Draco sat in the chair and started from the beginning. He explained how he had found Hermione, how the note had said Draco's child was conceived by someone else. But that Hermione and Draco had known of their baby a few weeks before he left. He continued to tell Arthur about the poison he was going to use on himself in his adolescent years at Hogwarts and how it was the same poison used on Hermione. "I was going to have my house elves conduct a search for evidence but it seemed that in their cleaning they had already found something." Draco held up the vial. "I don't want to accuse any member of your family Arthur, but I know Hermione was murdered."

Arthur sat in silence as he had listened to Draco and he continued to sit in silence well after Draco had stopped talking. Finally, Arthur had spoken up. "I agree with you Draco that Hermione would not commit such a horrible crime." Draco begun to get angry, if they knew Hermione as well as he had it wouldn't' have taken them as long to come to this decision. "AS far as that hair we can conduct a spell. It will tell us the owner of the hair, and when and where it fell from the owners head. I will not come to a conclusion on whom it belongs to until we work this spell but I can not believe any member of my family will harm Hermione. Please do not let anyone else know about this hair until it is confirmed. I wish to not have my family torn apart once more because of a silly rumor."

It was in their 7th year that Percy Weasley was accused of becoming a death eater. Through may trials it was confirmed that Percy was under the Imperius Curse to help Voldemort.

Draco agreed. "Now please Mr. Malfoy return home and sleep. Frankly you look like crap." In an instant Draco was back at home. He lay in their bed imagining her lying next to him as he drifted to sleep.

Draco awoke to his eagle owl squawking at him. He had felt fully refreshed; it had seemed he had awoken the next morning. His eagle thrust it's foot out to reveal a scroll. Draco took it and unraveled it.

Dear Mr. Draco Rodolphus Malfoy,

The hair follicle given to Minister of Magic's Arthur Weasley has been checked. At 5:23 P.M on October 28th 2005 a Ronald Bilius Weasley lost one strand of hair in Mrs. Hermione Jane Granger Malfoy's room at the Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire, England. A hearing will be held at 6:00 P.M on November 12th 2005 at the Wizengamot and Wizengamot Administration Services Council of Magical Law room on the tenth floor at the Ministry of Magic to question Ronald Bilius Weasley of his reasonings of being in Mrs. Hermione Jane Granger Malfoy's bedroom at 5:23 P.M on October 28th 2005. Please be there to state your accusations.


Wizengamot and Wizengamot Administration Services Council

At breakfast another bird had flown in.


I don't know where you're getting at thinking I have anything to do with Hermione's death. You will only come out of this looking like an ass.



I'll catch the murderer

And send him away

I'll get the evidence

From your last day