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...> is master/apprentice bond

Italic is thoughts

Chapter 1 : Fallen

"Anakin, please!" cried Obi-wan hanging onto the tall bridge that had fallen into the lava river. Anakin was below him, eyes full of hate and frustration. He swung his light saber up towards Obi-wan who easily deflected it. "You must come back!"

"Come back to what! You turned Padme against me and kept those secrets from me! Why should I come back!" Anakin growled back to him swinging his light saber once more. Obi-wan crawled up the bridge higher letting Anakin's swing miss him. He grabbed onto one of the cables and stayed at that position.

"What secrets Anakin! I never kept anything from you! You are my brother, I would never keep anything from you!" Obi-wan tried to reason with his former padawan below him, but the darkness and confusion still lingered in his mind.

"Don't you try to trick me! You should've said that I could save Padme, and none of this wouldn't of happened!" Anakin said climbing higher up towards Obi-wan. "It's all you fault!" He swung up at Obi-wan's legs causing his old master to jump out onto the cable line. The Jedi Master's grip was loosening as he was thrown from the bridge. The cable swung back towards the bridge and Anakin was right in his path light saber raised. The young Sith lord struck at Obi-wan who blocked it once more being pushed back even farther. He swung into the air and took his chance to look downt he river. A rock was right in the bridge's path. The cable swung down back and both Jedi struck each other once more, and Obi-wan passed him again into the air. The oncoming rock hit into the bridge causing Anakin to fall lower. His yellow eyes glared up at Obi-wan who was hang on one of the bridge's broken pipes.

"It's all your fault!" Anakin shouted up to his former master. Obi-wan dangled as the bridge began to spin slowly around to the other side. Tears formed into Obi-wan's eyes as he heard Anakin's shouts.

"Anakin I never meant to hurt you! The Chancellor has been tricking you into the dark side! He never had the power to save people! Have you ever seen him use it!" Obi-wan held on tighter and pulled himself closer to the pipe, so that he was leaning on his chest. Looking down, he saw Anakin's hair tangled in his fingers. He could sense confusion and more frustration coming from him now. This was his chance! The chance to save Anakin and bring him back to the light!

Bring back the Chosen One!

"Anakin, please! Padme is still alive! She can still live! You must go to her!" Anakin looked up to Obi-wan with wet tears flowing down his face. "Save her Anakin! Come back!"

"S-save...Padme..." Anakin held the side of his face. What has he done? He was suppose to save her not kill her! Is Obi-wan telling the truth? Is she really alive? The Chancellor had never used the power to save someone, that was true! Maybe...maybe...Obi-wan was-

Another rock crashed into the side of the bridge. Obi-wan was knocked off from the pipe and he was dangling by his fingertips. Pieces of the fallen bridge began to break off and it slowly began to sink into the river of lava. Anakin's heart tightened as he saw his master almost near death.

"Anakin!" shouted Obi-wan trying to hang on. Was this the end? He tried so hard...he tried so hard to bring Anakin back to the light...is this how he was repaid?

The bridge rocked and the pipe began to loosen, and crack. Obi-wan's fingers were hot and sweaty. They began to slip down the small pipe that was holding onto Obi-wan's life.

Was this truly the end?


The pipe broke off and Obi-wan began to fall. Anakin's eyes widened.


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