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It was as if she were watching all this from a window. She saw herself just stand there as they kept kissing and kissing and it kept getting worse as she watched. It wasn't just any kiss. It was how Harry kissed her. And she could feel the pain leak out from her heart as she tried to move but was somehow stuck. She couldn't scream or cry or move. She just felt an overwhelming hurt that went throughout her body making it harder for her to breathe. Now her breath was short and she felt lightheaded. With one last look at the horror in front of her Ginny fell to the floor and it all went black.

She was spinning around and around until she landed on something hard. Rocks, tons of rocks. She unsteadily tried to stand and when she was on her feet she could see it was very dark. Dark, cold and lonely. She tried to yell for help but her voice didn't work. No sound would come out. Then all of a sudden there was a rumble beneath her feet and the rocks started shaking and she was scared. Water came crashing out of nowhere, headed straight for her to sweep her away but just as it hit her she was in another dark place. The ground was cold and hard and she could smell blood. It was all over the place. She picked her head up and felt her body hurt with every movement. There was Tom Riddle standing above her. She felt the dread she once remembered flow into her from every angle. He spoke to her, his voice piercing yet silky. He told her that Harry never loved her and she was nothing. He said she should have stayed down here to die. He kept saying she was nothing, nothing, nothing and Harry was using her and playing with her head but more awfully..her heart. She would get left on the side of the road like the piece of garbage that she was and lay there forgotten. A no one. Forever.


Ginny's eyes slowly fluttered opened. It was dim in the hallway where she laid and she was cold. She quickly bolted up thinking she was in the Chamber from her dream but when she looked around and saw her house and Harry looking worried at her, her memory of what had happened before she passed out came quickly back.

She stood up angrily (maybe too fast for her current condition) and stumbled. Harry caught her but she pushed away from him.

"Get the fuck off of me!" she screamed, becoming angrier by the second.

"Ginny, please, let me explain. I- I - Let's go back to the hotel. You need some-"

"Don't fucking tell me what I need Harry James Potter! What I need is to stay the hell away from you!"

Harry just looked at her, a little caught off guard by what she had just told him. He looked hurt and for a split second she felt sorry she had said that to him but then she could hear Tom's voice in her head about Harry never loving her and the pain shot through like a knife.

"Ginny, please, just listen to me-" Harry started, recovered from her words.

"WHAT.." She started to yell but as the pain increased her throat couldn't hold the volume she wished. Instead it started to crack and she choked back tears, the anger subsiding as hurt took its place. "..what could you possibly say to me? What could make me feel better about this Harry? What could make this fine?"

The tears started to come and Harry looked more depressed at her strangled voice.

"Ginny, I don't know what happened!" He started in defense, stumbling over words to get them out so she wouldn't leave. "One second-"

"Yes you do Harry..yes you do.."

She was giving up.

"You still love her.."

It was hard just to look at him. It was hard just to see his wonderful face and finally realize that he was never going to be with her. For good.

"I should have just stayed away from you Harry Potter. I knew this would happen.."

Ginny slowly turned around and began walking, not baring to let him see her cry even more. When Harry spoke.

"I love you Ginny."

She stopped suddenly and without turning around whispered loud enough for him to hear her, "No. Just let me be.."

And as she walked away from the only one she ever loved, she could hear Tom's voice over and over telling her how right she was to leave Harry behind.

Ginny made it down the stairs and almost out the door without anyone seeing her when Cassidy suddenly appeared in front of her. Surprisingly Ginny didn't feel anger. She was drained off all emotion except pain.

"Well, well, well. Looks like there's no more Harry and Ginny is there?"

Her twisted smile made Ginny feel sick.

"It's over," Ginny replied. "You won. I took him from you and you took him back. Looks like we're even," Ginny said before she shoved her way past Cassidy to throw up on the lawn.


She wasn't going anywhere because she didn't have anywhere to go. She stumbled aimlessly through streets, clueless to where she was. She had been going nowhere for about 2 hours, just replaying everything over and over again.


Ginny jumped at the sound of her name, not expecting anyone to be around here that she knew. She turned around but when she saw Harry she turned away and started walking faster.

"Please go away Harry. Just go."

"No! I won't leave without you," he said out of breath as he finally caught up to her.

"Why Harry? Haven't you done enough? Look I understand that I took you from her and now she has you back. You don't have to feel sorry. It's done with. We're all even and that's that.."

Ginny held back tears forcing herself not to love Harry anymore and to just get over him for once and for all.

"!" Harry ran up in front of her, gently held her arms so she couldn't move and looked her dead straight in the eyes. "We are not even Ginny."

"Harry –"

"No," he said forcefully. "Let me finish."

Ginny stayed silent, falling into his eyes that always entranced her like some sort of..magic.

"We are not even Ginny. I have liked you since my sixth year in Hogwarts. I never said anything, never made any moves, nothing. I missed my chance and I hated myself for that. Then you went away and I played Quidditch and I got wrapped up in the glamour and hooked up with beautiful women. I met Cassidy and I stuck with her thinking that was the closest thing I'd ever get to love. Then you came along and I just fell back into the same schoolboy crush I once had. But this time it kept growing and growing and before I knew it I was falling in love with you. I didn't know what to do. I was scared because I've never felt like this before. And then you started giving me this speech and I was convinced you didn't feel the same way for me so I proposed to Cassidy. I realized later that you really did feel the same and I was just too daft to realize it. So then I came back to you and Ginny I swear to Merlin you make me feel the happiest I have ever felt in my entire life. All this time I was missing what I've wanted to find. I found that in you Gin."

Ginny was literally speechless. Harry looked at her expectantly.

"I-Wh-" she started but Harry put a finger on her mouth, silencing her.

"Ginny Weasley I love you and I have never felt so sure of anything in my whole life."

And with that last said Harry kissed her and nothing ever felt so right.

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