Hello, everybody...I better make it known that I wrote this story before the sixth HP book came out, and when I barely remembered the fifth. I know! I know...shame on me! So I've therefore established that the events of this fiction are pretty much alternate universe after book four. As for Inu-Yasha...well, this is obvious partial alternate universe, seeing as the actual manga has not yet been ended. (And I don't count the anime as canon, so there.) I hope you'll forgive me for any discrepencies!

Disclaimer - Nope. The basis of these intertwining stories are from the marvelous minds of Rumiko Takahashi and J.K. Rowling, not mine. Don't sue, fool!


He stood, pursing his lips and pacing about the dimly lit room.

Furnished simply with a tired sofa, worn armchair and ebony low table, the area shined crimson in the meager glow of the fireplace, reflecting poisonously off his own scarlet irises. A pensive sigh hissed out of pointed teeth, and frowned.

'This would have been so much easier with the jewel...' He put his hands behind his back in thought, the scars, a painful reminder of his past. His origin.

His deaths.

And now, to add on to his exhaustive list of obstacles–which would have much simpler, had he better help and a better body–she was to arrive. And soon. Of course, he knew it was his own fault entirely; had he simply finished her off back then, he could have avoided the majority of his current troubles.

But then, he'd also have had the power of the jewel.

Ah, well. He would have his chance once more...and this time, his plans would not fail. After changing forms so many times for so many years, he had finally found a host that would grant him the power he desired...the power of a god.

A tentative knock at the tall, heavy door alerted him from his musings, and he grunted in response.

The door opened slowly, as a short, twitching man with elongated front teeth and beady eyes shuffled inside. His aura was a muted rust color, filled with both fear and reverence, and he was missing a hand off of one arm. With a stuttering voice that was interrupted by an occasional need to suck back excess saliva in order to speak coherently, he opened his mouth.

"You wished to speak with me, Lord Voldemort?"

Turning to the man who cowered a near two feet below his own towering stature, he sneered. "Indeed, dear Peter. I believe our chance has at last come to England...in the form of a young lady, who will soon be arriving at our dearest friend's school."

"...I'm sorry, my Lord?"

"What I need for you to do is to relay a message. I need a favor from Lucius, and as soon as possible. It is imperative that you do not dally; I require an insider's account of the activities that are to take place in Hogwarts. Do you think you can handle that much?"

The rodent-like man nodded vigorously, ripping out a stubby wand. In a flourish, his mouth extended from a muzzle on his face, and from his lips sprouted long, wiry whiskers. His ears pulled back grotesquely, and swelled at the top of his head. His receding hairline increased down his forehead, as ever inch of his flesh grew tufts of dusty brown fur, thinner in some areas than others, and his spine seemed to grow as a spindly grey tail curled outwards. His body shrank steadily to the size of a knockwurst, and his clothes were absorbed into his bland fur coat.

Squeaking, the rat peered up at the menacing figure before him.

"Wait." From his black dress coat, Voldemort extracted his own narrow wand, pointing it at his minion.

The rodent seemed to go into shock, cowering at the threatening object, when it elicited a few sparks, startling him to a panicked scamper into the wall. Dazed, the rat recovered, and looked down to see that his paw appeared to be restored. He inquisitively looked up at his master.

"A simple illusion. Just in case you're stupid enough to let yourself be seen." He suavely slipped the wand back into his coat.

"Now, go. Before I conjure up a cat to help you make haste." At that, the rat anxiously padded across the wood floor, and out the door to carry out the first part of his master's plan.

"Heh. Little rat...well, now that that's settled. Nothing left to be done but wait. But, oh, am I anxious to see the expression on that little Miko's face when she learns that it will take a lot more than a naive wish to rid the earth of Naraku."

Chapter 1

"Unhh...aiyaa! Oh, I'm never going to make it to the train on time...why can't I ever learn to pack light?" Kagome sighed to herself as she struggled with a bulging suitcase, gargantuan yellow backpack, and swollen handbag outside the airport, vainly searching for a taxi.

"Oh, come on...please! I really don't want to have to walk all the way to the train station..." she griped, frantically waving her hands in hopes of being noticed by a driver with an empty car. It seemed as if the entire world had decided that this was the day they were going to travel by taxi. On one hand, it meant it was a great business day for a chauffeur. On the other hand, it meant that Kagome would have to find yet another excuse for missing school.

After about ten minutes of futilely trying to flag down a taxi, Kagome felt like giving up. She had spent the past twelve hours on a crampy plane with enough squalling children and vomiting passengers to completely turn her off from all possible teaching jobs, her arms were sore from having to haul an entire school year's worth of clothes, toiletries, and memories, and she was really beginning to miss her mother. Plus, there was an absurdly tall man who had been standing a few feet away from her for the past seven minutes, and even though his attention was clearly directed away from her person, his presence was making her very uneasy.

Finally, she threw her hands up, and made to open her cell phone. "That's it. I've had enough of this...I'm jet-lagged, cranky, and I really don't feel like learning anything right now, so, forget it. I'm going to call a hotel...Maybe tomorrow, I'll find a way to get to Hogwarts, or whatever you call it–"

"OY, YOU JUST SAY 'HOGWARTS?'" Just as Kagome was about to dial, a booming voice nearly toppled her over in surprise. It was the hairy male behemoth standing beside her, and he was raising two very caterpillar-like eyebrows, with his mouth slightly agape.

Kagome tentatively looked up. "Um...yes?" 'Oh, great. That's good, Kagome...now you've brought attention to yourself, and he knows where your destination is. Surefire way to get killed–has your experience in the feudal era taught you anything at all?'

"Well, I believe yer supposed ter come wit me!" The large, boxy fellow loomed over her, taking two steps forward.

Panicking, Kagome looked around. "Um, ah...well, I don't think that would be necessary, thank you anyway..." he advanced further, "You see, I'm meeting a friend here, and, ah...HELP!"

"Certainly!" Kagome flinched as he came right up to her, and she squeezed her eyes shut. 'Oh, boy. This is it. Nearly sliced and diced by giant bugs, demonic hair, evil priestesses and angry hanyous, and my life comes to this pathetic end. Killed by crazy giant.'

All of a sudden, she felt a great burden lift off her shoulders. She curiously unclenched her eyelids, and found that the large man beside her had rather chivalrously taken hold of her baggage.

"Why diddin ya say so in the firss place?" He smiled, revealing two rows of shiny white teeth.

"Um...thank you?" At this point, Kagome was quite taken aback. Despite the fact that she was quite fluent in English after having focused all of her newfound free time studying, and been granted a trip to England over the summer to perfect her speech, it seemed as though all knowledge of the language had promptly flown out of her mind. It could have been the jet lag, it could have been her shock, or it could have been the ridiculously incoherent accent of the imposing figure before her. But right now, all she knew was that she was having an incredible amount of trouble figuring out how to respond.

Luckily for her, the man enthusiastically continued, allowing her to collect her thoughts. "Name's 'Agrid. Professor Dumbledore sent fer me ter bring you to 'Ogwarts. You are goin' ter 'Ogwarts, aren' ya?" He looked at her expectantly.

"Oh, um, yes! Yes, I'm the transfer student...my name is Kagome Higurashi, from Tokyo. Uh, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr...Hagrid, was it?"

"Heh, ain't no 'mister'-ing about it. Juss 'Agrid's foin, thanks. And it's very nice ter meetcha, too. Now, we best be on arr way, don't want ter miss the train–next one don't come fer a long while, now." He effortlessly held the hefty yellow pack in his left hand, and promptly took the dragging suitcase from Kagome, allowing her to have control of her purse.

"Now, then. Follow me!" Blinking, Kagome saw that Hagrid had brusquely taken off, and she stood several steps behind. Struggling to keep up with his quick stride, she trotted off to a light jog down the sidewalk, thinking to herself on the way.

'Well, I guess I haven't anything to lose in trusting him. He did know an awful lot about my situation, and now that I look at him more closely, his aura has something gentle about it. He almost reminds me of Jinenji...' Smiling fondly at her memories, Kagome made up her mind, and kept up with the good-natured man as they headed towards the station that would take her to Hogwarts.

"Oy, Harry...you have anymore chocolate frogs left? I'm starved..." Ron Weasley rubbed a viciously growling stomach, pouting at his hunger.

"Sorry Ron, I'm all out. But the trolley should be coming past us any minute..."

"Oh, please. We've only just sat down on the train, Ron, and all you can think about is food. Honestly, would it kill you to just enjoy the fact that you're seeing your friends after a whole summer has passed?" Hermione Granger looked pointedly at her friend, exasperation coating her words, while a small smile crept onto her lips.

Harry grinned. Two and a half months were an eternity every year, and this would be the last one time he'd ever have to feel that way again. No more living at the Dursley's, no more having to deal without magic, and no more forced separation of his friends. It was his seventh and final year at Hogwarts, and in less than a year, he would graduate a free wizard. Boyishly, he chuckled.

"What are you giggling about?" Ron queried, a toothy smile stretching across his own face.

Harry put his hands behind his head and beamed. "Just thinking about this year. It's going to be brilliant, you know...being the oldest, more freedom...and just being back at Hogwarts. You know how I get when school starts."

"Oh, yes, me too. I've signed up for some excellent elective classes on top of the A.P.'s I'm taking this year, and I've already filled out the workbooks. Although, I do hope they plan on teaching us more than just the basics, the unit for Floating puff pastry in Gnome Economics is so mundane without the extra attention on presentation..." Hermione trailed off, until Ron's eyes nearly bulged out of his head.

"Wait–A.P.'s! You're taking Advanced Potions! Are you mad? Snape will destroy your seventh year with all the work he's got in store for you. You'll go crazy!"

"Oh, don't make such a fuss, Ron. Just because you decided to take it easy this year, doesn't mean everyone else has to make the same choice. Right, Harry?"

Harry looked up, trying to disguise his silent agreement with Ron. "Ah, right." Ron rolled his eyes.

After the three fell silent for a brief moment, they heard the doors to the car open. Without warning, Harry felt an incredible sensation warm his scar, and he quickly curled his palm about his forehead.

"Harry! Are you alright!" Hermione looked, concerned for Harry's well-being. Ron fearfully looked to the doors of the car, where a figure hidden by a massive pack came teetering down the aisle. Summoning his courage, he leapt out to face the creature, whipping out his wand.

"Stop where you are!" He said, unable to hide the way his voice slightly squeaked upon exclaiming "you." However, the figure obeyed, and Ron disparagingly learned that he was rather unsure of how to continue with his empty threat.

"Uh..." the figure uncertainly murmured.

"No, it's alright Ron, I'm okay!" Ron looked back to his two friends. Harry wore no grimace of pain, rather, a bemused expression and a curious glance in the direction of the newcomer. 'What was that? It didn't hurt, at all...it just felt, warm. And now, it's almost gone...it just feels like it's buzzing, a little.' Harry made to help the passenger with the suitcases. "I'm terribly sorry about all that! Here, let me help you with your...luggage..."

As Harry grasped the bags out of the passengers unsteady grip, his emerald eyes met sapphire orbs, looking at him with hesitation. Hair the same jet black color of his own, but with a silkier texture waved long and loosely, framing a face of milky flesh, lightly tanned and softly pinkined by the sun. Small, pretty lips were slightly parted in question, and sooty lashes splayed outwards from the widely-opened eyes of the passenger.

"Um, excuse me?"

Harry realized he had been staring, and that the mysterious girl had been speaking. Blushing, he quickly recovered, and took a firm hold of the bags she had been holding, hastily heaving them into the compartments above the seats. "I'm sorry, I just...ah...that is to say..."

"She said thank you, Harry." Ron snickered, and Hermione slapped her forehead, mouthing the word 'idiot' to him.

"Oh, uh, you're welcome." Harry replied dumbly. The three of them stood there awkwardly for a brief moment, unsure of what to say, until Hermione jumped up to join them and shake the girl's hand.

"My name is Hermione Granger. It's a pleasure to meet you...and you are?" She asked, smiling brightly.

"Oh! Forgive me, my name is Kagome Higurashi. Thank you." Kagome reciprocated warmly.

"My name's Ronald Weasley, but you can call me Ron," he said, brushing his fiery red hair out of his face and extending a hand in greeting. "Cop a squat, there's enough room."

Kagome giggled and complied, feeling more relaxed. Sitting by the window, she glanced up at the black-haired boy, who was still looking at her with uncertain interest.

"Harry, when you're done making a fool of yourself, feel free to join us." Hermione lightly chastised. Startled out of his own thoughts, he quickly sat down.

"Sorry, my name's Harry Potter."

The three waited for the reaction that was typical among witches and wizards upon meeting Harry Potter. Would she shriek? Would she gasp in enlightenment? Or would she just nod, already guessing who he was by his appearance?

Much to their surprise, Kagome just smiled in the same, comfortable manner as she did with the others. Raking his fingers through his hair self-consciously, he obliviously revealed to her the world-famous mark of lightening upon his forehead. Seeing this, Kagome elicited a shocked gasp.

"Where on earth did you get that scar!"

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