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Dangerous Temptations

Italics thoughts

It's funny how some things take you a while to notice. Like the fact that certain people are actually of the opposite gender. It took her months to realize that he is, in fact, a guy, and a cute one in fact. Yes, it was pretty vain. He has a nice body and seeing it was the reason that she first noticed him, but you have to start somewhere. It gives you something to work on, gives you a reason to notice the other good things. Right? Of course right.

Besides, it wasn't like she thought he was a loser before. She knew he was an interesting person, a big flirt, but she didn't mind having him hang around. It was actually entertaining at times. And even though she always tried to seem shocked by his actions, there were time when she laughed at his antics. It was all in good fun.


Strange how you can start to forget someone after only one short week isn't it? Their image starts to fade from your mind, their voice becomes distorted and the person themselves start fading from you life. Until it all comes crashing down on you when you see them again. All the memories you had about them are clear again. All the feelings you had for them rushes back. You're mind is on a roller coaster ride of thoughts and ideas. It drives you crazy, and it makes you confused.

It's been two months since that realization, and for the last two months it's been moments of not knowing him and thinking about him constantly. The "cute factor" manifested itself into something more, something more than she'd ever felt before. The torrents of emotions driving her to the edge, drives her to losing her mind in the thoughts of him.

HIM. Day and night, night and day, after Christmas, he was the only thing that was always plaguing her. At any moment, anything would spark a memory of him. Everything in her life reminded her of him in one-way or another. His favorite color, something he said once, a spot he sat in, or just how he had been at this spot once.

She was consumed in him. She'd been locked away by her thoughts for him. Slowly sinking in deeper. Losing herself a little more each day to the insanity these undeniably powerful feelings. They were so foreign, so dangerous but so tempting too. Her grasp on the real world slipped with each temptation, but she hung on by a thin, frail thread.


Life has many paths, how your life turns out depends on the path you choose. At a time when she couldn't choose between two roads, between falling and climbing, a third road appears. It seemed like the saving light, the way paved by angels and led by saints. Unhesitant, she reaches out for someone to take her hand. He reaches out and seemingly rescues her like a princess's knight in shining armor.

He treats her like a king treats his queen. Indulging her fantasies of the perfect man. Satisfying her hunger for companionship. Showering her with brilliance. Gracing her face with a smile. But inside, she was screaming to escape the fairy tale. Her mind and heart raged in a battle between continuing down this path and returning to the fork. On the outside, she was perfection made of sunshine. Inside, she was a ruined creation suffering in a blaze of hellfire. Torn between settling for what she had and searching for better things, she eventually returned to the fork.

She ran from the third path, destroying it as she went. Looking back, the once shining knight was nothing more than a rusted statue looming over her. Once again she is left to hang by the deteriorating thread, and she slipped even more.


Time drifts away from you, and before you notice it, it's been too long. You've spent too many days stuck in the same place and in the same position. You begin to feel cramped and you need to stretch out. She reached out and took a hold of his hand. The one who trapped her in the first place. To her surprise, he rescues her.

He relieves her from the fall, and sets her down gently at the bottom. He shows her a garden in bloom, filled with sweet scents that lure the senses. She follows him blindly, as he holds her hand tenderly, taking her through this little Eden. He sets her on a cloud that cradles her and lifts her into the sky. He sends her gliding through the air, taking her higher than she'd ever gone. Higher than she ever thought she could go.

The cloud dissipates. Sending her plummeting to the bottom. The fall shatters her body and she lay in the once enchanting garden, now chocked by winter. In pieces she lay, her mind frozen in the cold and her heart frozen in pain. There she lay in waiting.


Winter passed and she awoke from her restless slumber. In the dim light of a new season, he appeared and she beckoned him. Once again he takes her hand; she mends and retreats. She moves away from him, heading to the gate. She pauses there, looking for a key but finds none. Giving up, she heads back only to be called back by a voice. It urges her, pleads with her, it even commands her to find the key. She stares blankly, not sure what to do.

Wake up, it yells. The voice calls her name, Cali. It echoes, drawing her closer to the gate. Find the key; get out of this place. She looks back at the garden, not wanting to give it up. She heads back, wanting to feel the allure of the Eden in bloom. So she enters the garden and waits.

She waits, tending to the garden. He comes and goes. Never once lending her a hand as she labored over her precious buds. He came and went, sometimes with someone else in toll, every time a different face. She ignores them, and nurses the one flower that bloomed. She still waited, not sure for what anymore, but she waited.

She waited, winter came again and the flower died. Life moved on outside the gate. Finally spring came, she looked out, and let a part of her slip past the gate to see the real world. Her mind became clear, but her heart still sat in the lost Eden, waiting for the unknown.


How long has it been? She couldn't remember. It's been weeks, perhaps months since she'd spoken to him. This was the first time she'd even seen him in a while. He was with a different girl, smiling and talking to her so freely. Even after all this time, she still felt a stab of pain. Even though she had no claim on him, she was still jealous.

Two year, six months and eleven days. That's how long it's been since she started digging, and she still hasn't stopped yet. That's how long it's been since she started climbing, and she hasn't reached the top yet. And she just keeps going at it.

She walked by, head held high with confidence and status, with no signs of weakness. Not bothering to look his way, not thinking he'd look her way either. A voice called out to her. A simple greeting, in a voice she hadn't heard forever.

Her steps faltered, but no one noticed and she stopped. Turning towards the voice, she put on a smile. Returning the greeting and other simple commentaries, she was as pleasant as ever. Always this cheerful girl when she spoke to him. Never showing him anything other than the façade of friendship.

The other girl left, and they continued talking. As if they were carrying on a conversation from the day before. As if nothing had changed, nothing had happened. As if they hadn't not seen each other or spoken to each other in what seemed like a lifetime.


When she opened her eyes, she was back on the roller coaster again. Going through the motions, the ups and downs. She knows she's passed the exit many times, perhaps too many times. She was getting sick of the ride, and too drained to enjoy it anymore.

Inside, her heart moved from the waiting place. No more waiting for ghosts and shadows. She walked to the gate and stood before it. The key appeared before her and she summoned the gates open. With one last look, she took a step out and she woke.


"He won't ever change will he?" in the silence, the somber sound echoed for several seconds before it died out in a whimper.

The answer came so blatantly that it was almost a surprise. "No, and if he does, it won't be for a long time." Then again, his honesty was always what had attracted her to him.

"How could I have been so stupid? How could I have thought that I could change him; that he would be willing to change for me when he hadn't for anyone else. How could I have been so blind?" she couldn't believe how naïve she had been. It was ironic really; she had always been the one warning the others to stay away, yet she was the one that had ran to him as if he was her lifeline.

"Don't be too disappointed. Most of us don't ever change. Just look at me, I'm still the same jerk I've always been." A familiar and comforting grin spread across his face, lighting it up and making his turquoise eyes shine with humor.

A gust of wind blew through the trees sending a shiver down her back as the girl shook her head remorsefully. "No, you were never a jerk. I'm sorry…for everything."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. I hurt you just as much." A smile that she had seen too often appeared on his face again. His bangs fell into his face as the setting sun cast a shadow over his features, leaving the only thing that is still clearly seen to be his gentle eyes.

Seeing and hearing how he still cared, just made the girl feel even more guilty about the events that had taken place more than two years ago as she thought about the mistakes that she had made. "No, of course I have something to be sorry about. I'm the one who made all of this happen. If I hadn't thought that I could distract myself, if I hadn't believed that by turning to you I'd forget him, all those problems would have never occurred. The worst part of all of this is that I had played with your feelings…I'm sorry."

"If I had just tried harder it could have worked. Maybe if we both had tried harder." He always tried to balance things out, but she knew that it was her fault. He had just been an innocent bystander who happened to reveal his feelings and she exploited that. Now she can't even tell him that it meant something to her and mean it.

"That's just it. I don't think I could have tried harder. No matter how much I try to tell myself that I feel something for you more than a friend, I can't make myself feel that way. In the end I would have just been lying to you, to us, even more than I already have." Somehow this sounded so scripted and rehearsed, but she couldn't think about that, she didn't care. It was the truth and after all the lies that have passed, it was time he heard the truth.

"Still, I shouldn't have let things go as they did. If I hadn't pushed you…" Once again he tried to claim some of the blame, even though he knew that she would never see it that way. It made him feel better to know that at least he was trying to help her smile again.

"No, it wasn't that. I was willing to compromise myself for him. I know I would have." She wasn't the kind of girl that flaunted herself, or one that would ever openly sell herself, but in her heart she knew that she would have done a lot of things to please him unconsciously, even if he didn't see her.

"See…this is why I have to leave. I can't stay here and see him, but never be able to look at him in the face again. I can't be here and keep thinking about him, about what could have been. Mariah was right; all I kept seeing was the potential for something. But that potential means nothing until you can take it and make something of it. Which it doesn't seem like he will be doing that anytime soon." this wasn't suppose to happen, she wasn't suppose to be talking about him, but she just couldn't forget what she had seen from him, and she wanted that back. It's true what they say; and the only one you will miss is the man you wish he could have been.

Sometimes it's hard to let go, but even so, one has to accept the facts of the matter. This is one time that she just had to realize that even though he does have a different side, that side is almost nonexistent and there's almost no chance that he will change. "I can't keep doing this to myself. After all, there is only so much I can give without getting anything in return. I've given him all I can, there's nothing else for me to do. The best thing is just to leave, and give myself a chance to start over." It's also a time when one realizes that one has to run away first, before they can solve their problems.

Brushing a strand of chestnut hair from her face, his fingers lingered for a brief moment. His voice softened and his bright eyes darkened like the sea before a storm as he spoke to her. "I know, but you have to promise me, and the others that you will come back someday Cali. Even if it still hurts, you have to come back so that we know you haven't forgotten the good things that are still left here."

Cali looked at him with sorrowful eyes, a single tear escaping her magenta orbs. Life had a way of playing with people's minds, and it was taking away all her sanity. It wasn't supposed to have been like this; nothing had turned out to be what she had wished for. So once again she found herself saying the same lines that she keep saying to him. "I'm so sorry for everything Tala. It wasn't fair; if I could have made myself feel differently I would have. You deserve to have what you give returned. I'm sorry." With a regretful goodbye, Cali turned and walked into the darkness; the sun no longer shedding its warm, caressing rays on the earth. Just as how her heart and soul had become clouded by a torrent of pain, loss and disappointment, fading into darkness.


"Come in." not bothering to distract herself from packing, Cali beckoned the unexpected visitor to enter. The voice that she heard was not one she ever imagined she would hear so soon and the picture she had been holding slipped out of her hand.

"I heard you were leaving." Chocolate eyes were accompanied by a flat tone that was completely unsuited. The lack of emotions in his voice stabbed at her already wounded spirit. Cali had to force herself to keep control of the rush of emotions to speak in a similar tone.

"I am. How did you find out?" she spoke so nonchalantly that Cali was almost able to make herself believe that she didn't care.

"I overheard Tala talking about it with Mariah." She didn't know how he could do it. But he always made it seem like nothing had ever happened between them. In some ways it was rather unnerving that he could just forget all the emotions, but at this time Cali was jealous of him, because she felt like she would break down any moment.

"Yeah, I thought this would be a good time to travel around. See different places before I have to settle down." Forcing an excited smile she looked at his face and saw no change. He looked just like he did when they first met, confident, cool and arrogant.

"Where are you going?" He sounded so uninterested, and only asking because it was the polite thing to say.

"I don't know. I was thinking France would be a nice place to visit. Maybe I'll go see Rome as well." So far, Cali had been keeping her emotions in check fairly well, but she didn't know how long she could hold it. Silently she wished that he would just leave.

It was as if he had heard her as the tall brunette began his farewell, still in a flat tone, "I hope you have a good time there." But then he changed, confusing her senses as he enveloped her in a hug. His voice becoming quiet and husky as he whispered alluring words. "It'll be so different without you here. It'll feel so empty…" with those last words,

Michael handed Cali the picture that she had dropped earlier and left the room. Leaving her to stare at the space he had previously occupied.

Cali turned her attention to the photo she was holding; two teens sat beside each other on a bench, smiling. The boy radiated kindness and a personality that would have drawn anyone to him. The picture became a fuzzy image left in her mind as the dam holding her emotions broke down and she let the pain wash over her.

From just that one act, he pulled her in again, and with a river of tears running down her face she spoke brokenly to the smiling boy.

"Why are you doing this to me now? Just let me go, please."


She had almost made it, but he appeared once again and stopped her from leaving. He held her hand and she felt her heart reaching back to the garden. Her mind pulled at her from the other side, begging her to walk through the gate. She stood, torn between to sides, unsure of what to do anymore.

The voice that had called her long ago came back. It whispered her name, and then it screamed. A piercing scream that snapped her eyes open. She looked across the gate at the shining paths laid before her and she looked back at the garden. What were once beautiful flowers in bloom kissed by warm sunshine was no more than decaying wilts strangled by clawed vines. She looked up at him slowly, and retrieved her hand. Whispering a goodbye, she took her final step across the gate leaving the Eden forever.


"Bye! We'll miss you Cali. Promise to visit alright?" A sleepy eyed Mariah stumbled across the tiled floor to embrace the brunette in a hug. Several others stood around the airport waiting for their good byes.

"I promise I'll come back. There's no doubt about it." Her gaze swiped around the circle. For the first time in a long time, a true smile graced her lips. It felt wonderful to have left that cage she had lived in for so long. Cali knew that she could finally start her life. The last few years, she had slowly died and this leaving was the beginning of her rebirth.

"You should get checked in. Wouldn't wanna miss your flight!" even at six in the morning, Ray managed to be cheerful and awake, and always the one to keep to time. With a hug to everyone that came to see her off, Cali picked up her carry-on and passed through security.

'Would all passengers for flight 227 please report for boarding. That's, all passengers for flight 227, please report for boarding'

Guess that's me.

Cali took one last look at the city she had lived in all her previous life, giving a remorseful smile she moved into the tunnel that led her new life. With a confident smile and her head held high, she entered the first door on this path, the flight to Paris.


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