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Part 2:

Chapter 7 – Dangerous Eyes

Italics – thoughts

Run, move, faster, keep going, never stop, faster, faster, faster! Blurred images flew past as he picked up his pace, racing the slight breeze that had appeared. He drew in a chilled breath that burned his aching lungs, yet it felt good, told him that he really was there. Moving into an isolated area of the park, he could feel someone watching him, disappointed eyes still hoping to change his mind. It wasn't going to happen, there's nothing any of them can say to get him to go back. Never again, never.

When Kai finally stopped, his breathing was ragged and white clouds formed out of his parted lips as his warm breath mingled with the cold winter air. A gust of wind sent a shower of snow to dance around him as icy shards cut into his skin, but Kai noticed none of these things. His attention was focused on a person standing across the street. Narrowing his crimson eyes, his lips were pulled into a snarl and his eyes darkened dangerously to glare at the man as he stepped into a magnificent building.

With his fists clenched tightly, Kai forced himself to walk away from the scene. Every moment that he lingered, he could feel the hatred growing within him. It had taken all of his will power to not chase after that man and give him what he deserves. Kai slowly walked away stiffly, pushing himself back to the apartment. Once he was inside, he climbed into the shower and let the heat of the water burn into him. He stood under the steaming torrent, allowing it to melt away his anger and give him time to collect his thoughts. There was no way he will let that thing get to him; it would be exactly what it wants. There was no way he was going to allow it the satisfaction of seeing him fall into that trap.


Walking into the shop, he walked around looking for that familiar head of blonde hair. Spotting it through the window to the backroom, Kai maneuvered himself around the many shelves and vehicles. As he walked he scanned the area for the sleek black metal only to come up empty. His lips pull into an unsatisfied frown as he approaches the closed door when it flies open nearly missing him.

"Oh! Hey Kai! What's up?" innocent blue eyes looked at him cheerfully while a big smile adorned the boy's face. He bounced over to the counter and started rummaging through the numerous drawers completely unaware of the impatient stare focused on him.

"Where is it?" Kai's cold voice broke through the clatter of tools and the rustling of paper stopping the boy in his tracks.

"Huh?" with a confused look on his face, the blonde scratched at his head with the base of a screwdriver that currently occupied his hand.

"My bike, Max. Where is it?" repeating his question, this time with more detail, Kai was rewarded with a look of understanding from the cheery boy.

"Oh! I put it in the back just to be safe. Changed the tires and I did a check up on the bike for you." Putting down the tools in his hands, Max led Kai into the backroom where several other high-end vehicles sat.

Moving to the corner, Max took the cover off a sleek black bike that was in prime condition. It was a beauty of the highest quality, and one of Kai's very few prized possessions. The only person that he trusts enough to look after it is Max, who worked in his father's shop.

Putting on his helmet, which sat on the seat, Kai climbed on the bike as Max opened the back door allowing him to ride through. With a brief wave of his hand, Kai rode off and disappeared into the streets leaving the energetic blonde to bounce back to the counter and resume his digging through the many drawers.


Pausing in the front entrance, Kai wondered why he had been talked into coming here. He hasn't been here for a couple of years; this was something of the past. But when he had called, Kai couldn't help but be tempted to come back, his better years had been spent working here. As he walked through the building, he saw a lot of familiar faces, and they seem to recognize him too as a number of people stopped to greet him.

Heading down the hallway that he had walked through so many times before, he saw images of himself staring back at him. It was, in a way, amusing to see that some of those were still up. Arriving at the end of the hall, Kai walked into the room without knocking. The person inside jumped up from his seat in greeting.

"Where have you been? I haven't seen you in months." Handing Kai a hot drink, they both sat down on the couch. The other ran a hand through his hair that was tousled into an artistic mess.

"I moved out." A simple statement brought shock to the other man's face. He raised an eyebrow in question but the look on Kai's face told him that this was not something he wished to discuss at the moment.

"You should come back to the business!" changing the subject, he looked at the bluenette inquiringly. "It'll be just like old times." With a boyish grin on his face, he thought back to the times when they had just started in the trade and all the exciting things they had done. Those were good times.

Kai looked up at the ceiling, it was something he had thought of. He was fairly sure that J would take him back, and it was something that would give him a comfortable life if he decided to completely cut off ties in the next couple years. The only problem is that all the attention would likely bring questions, questions that Kai was not willing to answer.

"I'll think about it." Still, it would be nice to be doing something more worthwhile. Not to mention, it could become a bonus to get back at him, since he was trying so hard to force Kai into that trap. Well, Kai's not the type to be pushed around. He knows to have that thing see him be successful would drive it mad, which is exactly what he wanted.

"Well, you can think about it while you come to lunch with me." Getting up, the other man motioned for Kai to follow. Not having anything better to do, he let the other lead him out to a red sports car parked in the back.


Arriving at the fancy restaurant, they were both led to a table near the window. The headwaiter walked up to greet them and deliver menus before rushing off to meet the other man's request. Kai looked at him with a questioning glance while he gave a smirk.

"A usual request!" With a few simple words, he turned his attention to an approaching figure.

Kai followed his gaze towards the person, although his face remained collected, his eyes betrayed his surprise. The server arrived at their table, at first not noticing the identity of the extra presence. As she turned to greet him, a small gasp left her lips and she paused in shock before finding her voice again.



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