Dear Readers,

So I wrote this story about 5 years ago. Can you say 12 years old, much? My writing style and perception of love is a liiiittle different now :P haha.

Reading back on this, I realized it's actually not very good. Everything is rushed, everything is unrealistic, and characters are very OOC.

I still like the idea and would like to keep to the plot, but that might change slightly if the story is extended.

So, I am currently re-writing Presents For All, editing, making it better, etc… so the story is now under construction. Chapters will be longer, plot will be so more realistic, and the development of Hermione and Draco won't be so rushed.

So if you're reading along and find chapters don't match up or make sense, you'll understand why. But I'm getting there as fast as I can!

Thank youuu.