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The room fell into a sudden silence as Logan stormed through, aparrently in another of his moods. He nearly broke the other door down upon his exit.

"Wow," Jubilee stuttered, "what's his problem?"

"Gambit don't know petite, but whatever it is Remy don't want no part of it."

Everyone else quickly agreed.

All of the sudden the carved doors burst open again. A very excited Rouge burst in.

"Ah don't know why, y'all look so blue, but Ah'm gonna make your day."

She paused to add to the tension and suspence.

"Spell is comin"

Out of nowhere a cascade of questions pored from nearly every person in the room.

"Who's Spell?"

"You know Spell?"

"How come she's comin' here?"

"Are her kids comin' too?"

At that last question Remy paused and grimaced but only for a moment.

This couldn't possibly be the same Spell.

Rouge didn't notice his grimace as she answered the questions, with matching eagerness and zeal.

"You'll have to meet her to find out."

"Yeah, helped me a out a lot not too long ago."

" Apparently she was an old buddy of the Proffesser.'

"Ah don't know, only one under 18 is Flash."

Everyone gathered into a conversation about Spell, when they'd met her, how she helped him or her out at a rough point in thier life.

several Hours Later...

Everyone was now asleep at about half past midnight, excluding Logan. Wolverine, Logan, whatever. After many attempts at sleep he finally got up and looked at the tattered sheets and mattress and ruined walls. He pulled on a worn pair of jeans and battered boots. A grim smirk crossed his deceptivly young facade. Bare-chested and sleepless he crept out of the mansion, careful not to awaken anyone. The light was on in the kitchen but he avoided it. Once outside he wandered aimlessly about the grounds. All at once his senses fully awoke and he turned to see a young woman put a pair of keys into a scarred, bloodstained, black leather jacket. With a low growl he demanded her name and gruffly asked why she was tresspassing. The woman was dressed completely in black, black leather jacket and pants, worn black boots, and a low-cut black tanktop. Her brown-black hair didn't make it any easier to see her in this light.

The woman put her hands up in mock surrender.

"I take it you're the welcoming committee."

Her voice was bitter, her face expressionless.

Logan was caught in a split second decision, at last deciding it was safer to have her in the mansion than wandering about the grounds. He grabbed the keys from her pocket.He grasped her hands firmly behind her back and began to walk towards the mansion. She put up little resistance and the trip was fast and uneventful. When they reached the mansion Logan realized he had no where to put her so he locked her in his room and sat just outside the door to his room. He leaned against the door and fell asleep. That was how Remy found him the next morning.