Nothing Left to Give: Teaser

Blanket of Fear


The heat was becoming unbearable as Havoc and the others continued their futile attempt to keep the Naturalists from taking the city. The fire had now completely engulfed the town, all efforts to extinguish the fire had been abandoned in favor of holding off the enemy. Even with the aid of every able bodied soldier, the military was vastly outnumbered by the Naturalists and thus were at an extreme disadvantage. Even with their superior weaponry and skills, there was no way the State could win.

Movement to his left caught Havoc's eye. A Naturalist lunged at him, gun drawn and aimed, before Jean could so much as blink. He raised his own gun, but he already knew it would be too little too late. The Naturalist would pull the trigger before Havoc could even begin to take aim. He shut his eyes and waited for the gunshot.

When moments passed and nothing happened, Havoc finally cracked an eye open to find the man's form on the ground before him, engulfed in flame. The blonde could not suppress a sigh of relief. "I owe you one, Roy-boy."

"You owe me many, Lieutenant." His savior retorted without sparing him so much as a glance, his fingers still poised. Another Naturalist lunged at them having seen his comrade fall, only to suffer the same fate as the other. Roy snorted in disgust as the man's charred remains fell in a heap at his feet. "Where are our reinforcements?" He growled as another wave of Naturalists attempted to breach the blockade.

"There won't be any, Commander." Havoc answered as he disarmed a man who was brandishing a saber, knocking the weapon from the inexperienced Naturalist's hand with his dagger with relative ease. "Central can't get backup here in time. We're on our own."

"Dammit!" Roy swore as he incapacitated a handful of Naturalists with his flame. When next there was a pause in the battle, he turned his attention back to his friend. "There's no way we can win this battle, is there Jean?" Roy demanded, his pride not allowing him to let any hint of resignation show.

Jean's breath came in pants as he turned his own eyes to his commanding officer, suddenly very aware of his surroundings. The smoke was becoming stifling, and it was all the blonde could do to keep breathing. His throat burned from inhaling the toxic fumes for as long as he had, and Jean knew with sudden certainty they would not be able to last much longer. Instead of speaking, he shook his head.

Roy drew in a deep breath thoughtfully, only to abruptly choke as he inhaled too much smoke. He placed a hand over his mouth as his chest heaved with the effect wracking coughs. He bent at the waist slightly, doubling over in hopes of calming the unexpected fit. His eyes stung and his chest felt as if it were on fire.

As fate would have it, the Naturalists completely broke through the final barrier at that moment, almost as if they sensed the General's sudden moment of vulnerability. They rushed into the center of the city, overtaking the remaining forces in a matter of seconds. Jean covered Roy as best he could, valiantly drawing his guns and firing at the charging rebels, but to little avail.

A sudden burst of flame signaled the General's recovery. The Naturalists' path was effectively blocked for the moment, but the raging barrier would only last for so long. Roy nodded to his subordinate, his eyes never leaving the enemy who could now be seen through the dying flames. "Take the men and fall back into the woods." He demanded shortly, his dry throat causing his voice to crack painfully.

"We're retreating, Commander?" Havoc reiterated, his surprise carefully masked behind the impersonal façade of a soldier. It was not in his friend's nature to admit defeat unless the situation was truly dire. It was in that moment that Jean realized just how much was at risk. "But what about HQ?" He couldn't help but asking, fearing the consequences of an unauthorized retreat.

Roy turned his back to Havoc, standing rigidly as he tugged at the glove on his hand in an almost nervous gesture. "Should we somehow manage to make it out of here alive, I'll deal with headquarters personally." He shot a glance at his friend. "I've authorized the retreat; your only job is to relay the order, Lieutenant." He raised his hand with his fingers poised to snap. "I'll take care of damage control."

Havoc saluted smartly in response, sensing with adept perceptiveness the darker meaning behind the Commander's words. "Sure thing, Boss." He turned on his heel and lunged into the chaos of the battle, relaying the order to retreat as loudly as possible in order to be heard over the roar of the battle.


So…that's the teaser! The first two chapters of the story have already been published, and you can find them from my author profile. I know FanFiction has been really bad about putting out alerts, but I wanted to let everyone know that the sequel was out. Sorry it took so long to put the teaser out. Several of you have already found the sequel; thanks to all of you!! I love you guys!!