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Chapter One: Team 7

Sasuke threw the shuriken with his swift hands. With all his speed, the blue haired boy Sasuke attacked bent down to evaded it and placed his weight on his toes to get energy and then jumped high and countered another shuriken to Sasuke. Sasuke backed a step and raised his left hand to avoid the shuriken directed to his left.

Sasuke and the little boy looked at each other with determination in the boy's clear green eyes while catching his breath. Sasuke gave him a gentle smile and walked to the boy. He placed his right hand above his hair and messed it up as if to say he did a great job.

"Ack! Dad! Stop it!" The boy said while laughing.

"Sasuichi, you can do better than that!" Sasuke said.

The boy, Sasuichi looked up at his father, with respect in his clear green eyes and smiled back.

Sasuichi was as good looking as his dad. From what other people saw, he got his looks from his father, the hair and the facial structure and his eyes from his mother. His characteristics, however, seems to be just like Hatake Kakashi, Sasuke's former teacher and a little bit of his dad's traits, specially when it comes to fighting.

He was a bright student who lived in Konoha with his parents. He was sometimes serious and no one has ever seen him be so loud. He is a very determined person, as his parents knew, and the people around them. He was on the average height, quite cute and most of all, his charm is irresistible. The way he speaks… with respect to the elders and a gentleman to the girls… a 'serious-if-serious' kind of person but a joker among friends. He was like a perfect kid.

Though it may seem like it, about Uchiha Sasuichi being perfect, it was nothing but a big joke to his parents and close friends. They only saw him as he is, especially his father who was once like him when he was about his age, too.


"Chidori? Master Chidori?" The woman with a brown shoulder length hair called at the girl who was sleeping soundly under the blanket.

She waited for about a minute for a response from the foolish girl she was waking up.

'It's no use…' she said with a sigh.

This has always been her daily problem. It was like the negative infinity and the positive infinity in Trigonometry. And everyday, she uses the same and the same tactics to make her get up from her bed.

"There's ramen outside your room…" The woman whispered. That was her only weapon. The Ramen his father always ate. Any minute now, she assumed, the girl would be looking at her with hunger on her eyes and walk to the dining room.

And at last, Chidori finally opened her eyes under the blanket and slowly pushed the blanket off her face.

The woman grinned and placed her hands on her waist.

"Don't provoke me, Miyuki. It's not fair!" Chidori said with a gentle and loud voice.

Chidori, like her mom, is gentle-voiced and overly shy. Everyone knew, and it was so obvious, that she got that trait from her mom.

At first glance, people would usually think she's a very soft and quiet person. Her white pearl-like eyes were such a beauty and her short layered and shoulder-length hair suited her because it emphasized her beautiful eyes. Little did they know that she, like her father, was a protective person and a very determined ninja. She also has a short temper.

Her father almost died out of laughter when he heard that someone told him:"It may not seem like it, but your daughter is a little bit popular among the boys of Konoha." She tends to be mad at boys easily but always friendly at girls, which was a big disappointment to the boys who liked her.


"Thank you for the food!" Sasuichi said as he rose up from the dining table after eating breakfast.

"Take care, Sasuichi!" Sakura said and gave her son a peck on the cheek.

Sasuichi closed his eyes and had no other choice but to accept his mother's kiss. He felt that for his age, it was a really weird thing for a mother to do that to her son. And as soon as Sakura was finished torturing him, he opened his eyes and gave a forced smile.

"Mom, stop doing that!" He said with a playful voice.

"Sasu, you're gonna be late." Sasuke said with a gentle and small smile which seemed like he didn't want to show it anyway.

"Oh, right. I'll be going now! Ja!" He cheerfully bade goodbye with his hand slightly raised, kind of saying good bye and grabbed his bag.

"Take care!" Sakura said again and waved goodbye to the boy.

Sasuichi stepped out of the house with his hand horizontally erect just above his eyebrows to block the sun from blinding him. He was feeling good that day because that day… that day was his firs mission. His first real mission!


"Good morning, everyone!" Chidori greeted to her parents on the dining table, right after eating their breakfast.

"Baka, you say good morning the first time you see us in the morning, not after you eat your ramen!" Naruto lectured to his blue-haired daughter.

"But… Dad-" Chidori tried to explain.

"No chocolates for you when you get back." Naruto teased with a grin and his arms crossed.

Chidori's face was inexpressible. Chocolate was one of her 'stress-freeing-food' and it was also one of her favorite luxuries.

"W-what? Mom!" she said as she turned to Hinata who was walking to them to deliver Naruto's second batch of his favorite ramen but she only replied a sweet smile as she sat down and placed the bowl in front of Naruto.

"Oka-san!" Chidori begged.

"Chidori-chan, aren't you late already?" Hinata said with still a sweet smile. The smile that made Naruto fall for her.

Chidori's jaw dropped.

"Eew, Chidori! Don't do that!" Naruto said out loud.

As soon as Chidori got back to her senses….

"Oh, shoot!" Chidori said and ran to her room which has not been cleaned for about a week now, and after a few minutes, came back with a big bag and sweating.

"Take care, Chidori! Remember not to be stubborn and kick Uchiha's butt!" Naruto reminded as he watched her run to them.

"And be less like your father." Hinata said with a giggle and hugged her daughter.

"Am not, bye!" Chidori said and ran out to the door.

After passing the door, she again turned to it to close the door and then resumed running. She was already practicing a song because their agreement was to sing a song whenever someone's late. As she was running, she bumped in to someone she least expected.

"S-Sasuichi!" She said. "I can't believe you, you're late again!" She added and grab hold Uchiha's hand and dragged him towards the way to their meeting place.


At the meeting place, at the academy entrance, a man with a spiky hair and a grin as 'grinful' as his father's, was standing with a thin blonde boy and had his ears pierced with earrings on both sides.

"Konohamaru-sensei!" Chidori greeted the man far from them while running to him.

Konohamaru looked at the two run towards them. When they got there, Chidori's kness slightly bent and tried to catch her breath.

"Baka! You two are late!" The blonde said.

"Gomen, Shino-kun. My father and I trained a little bit this-" Sasuichi didn't get to finish.

"You do training for breakfast? My father stares blankly at the sky every morning before going to work. Doesn't the Uchiha clan know anything other than training?" Shino interfered.

"Skinny." Chidori teased but her voice was more of whispering.

"Mou, yamette! You were late already and now you act as if you're all small kids!" Konohamaru said.

The three remained silent and stared at Konohamaru, with a little logic on their faces.

"Wow." Chidori said with a silly look on her face. "You're serious today…. Were you called by the officials again?"

Konohamaru's face slightly blushed and tried to hide the 'how-did-you-know?' expression to his students. He coughed as to change the topic.

"Anyway…" He began. "Up the mountains, villagers were robbed by unknown people. Some say they're merchants and some say they're just monkeys. At first, people would just shrug it off but slowly, they began to realize that the products and profits were crashing down. This is a serious matter." Konohamaru explained.

The three looked at each other with only one emotion. Excitement.

But Chidori couldn't hide the fact that she was nervous. She wanted her moves and her mission to be flawless. At that moment, she felt her heart beat faster than the normal. She felt as if she cannot wait to be perfect. She wanted to be strong. Because of nervousness, she felt her stomach get weightless and she could feel her white face go pale.


They were walking endlessly since the sun was up. But finally, they arrived at the village they were going to protect when the moon was about to shine and their feet swelling from their sandals and they are sweaty as well as tired. By the end of the day, they considered what they've been through as their very first trial. They were setting down at their own rooms until they heard a crash.

Konohamaru rose up from the chair as soon as he heard the crash and ran out of the old inn. He looked everywhere, at all directions under the shiny moon. He kept on checking on all directions but only saw nothing.

The three followed Konohamaru out of the inn and didn't see anything as well.

"What was that?" Chidori asked her teacher.

"I don't know." Konohamaru replied.

Suddenly, men wearing masks and as unidentified as the shadows appeared out of the trees with very fast and flexible movements. Konohamaru and his students became alert and conditioned their selves to fight, even if they were tired.

Only three seconds after the masked men appeared out of the trees, Konohamaru, Sasuichi, Chidori and Shino found their selves looking at those men.

"A-Anbus?" Chidori said with disbelief.

"No way!" Shino said.

Anbus… how do I defeat anbus? Should I use 'it' now? Sasuichi asked his self.

The 'Anbus' didn't say anything but they stood in front of them but not in a fighting stance. The two sides waited for an attack or a word.

Konohamaru heard another crash, but this time, inside the store house they were protecting and investigating. With Konohamaru's fast thinking, he immediately used a technique known as Kagebunshin technique.

"Kagebunshin technique!" Konohamaru shouted after his hands did forms.

After saying the technique, a clone of Konohamaru appeared. This time, there were two Konohamarus, but the clone didn't stay there. Instead, it jumped to the store house to find out what was the crash all about.

"What are you doing here?" Konohamaru asked the 'Anbu' in front of him.

The Anbu didn't say a word. Right before Konohamaru could ask another question, the Anbus fled away.

"Stop!" Sasuichi said and ran to the Anbus.

"Sasuichi!" Chidori shouted and ran after Sasuichi and the anbus.

"Oi! You two! Stop! Don't go!" Konohamaru ordered but the two didn't stop.

"Baka." Shino whispered to his self because of the foolishness his two team mates did.

Soon, the Konohamaru bunshin came back.

"What happened?" Konohamaru asked the bunshin.

"The rice was all gone. The windows were broken too." The bunshin replied. "What happened here?" He asked next.

"Long story. Listen, stay here with Shino. I'll go look for the two… and Shino…"

Konohamaru bent down to face Shino who was looking up and looked at the little boy's shiny dark brown eyes.

"I trust you. Whatever happens while I'm gone, my bunshin is here to help. Please take care of the villagers." Konohamaru said.

Shino didn't say a word but he nodded and his teacher smiled at him. A smile that wanted to say 'What are you worried for? HELLO! It's me! Shino! I'm so strong!'

"Take care." Konohamaru said and then ran to the woods where his two students ran to.


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