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"words spoken"

(Author's notes)

Love can change everyone

Chapter 1: Sakura and her group

Sakura woke up with the sound of her alarm clock. She got up, folded her blanket neatly, placed it on her pillow and then went to the bathroom to take a shower.After taking a shower, Sakura opened her wardrobe and looked for some clothes to wear. She wore a black cargo pants and a white T-shirt that says: Get out of my way! Sakura's hair was now longer, but it was still pink only she colored it a little bit darker than before. When she was done dressing herself up, she went to the kitchen to eat breakfast. After eating, Sakura putted on her black sneakers and then went out and locked her apartment's door.

On her way to school, she saw one of her Best friends, Ino waiting for her to arrive in their meeting place. Ino was wearing a black mini-skirt, with matching black boots and a purple sleeveless shirt. Ino tied her hair in a ponytail. "Ohayo Sakura!" Ino greeted her best friend who was as usually not smiling. "Yo!" was the simple answer of Sakura. After a few minutes TenTen, Sakura's other best friend, arrived. TenTen was wearing a beige cargo pants and an orange T-shirt saying: Girls rock! Her hair was on 2 buns again but a lot of guys like her because of her hair. "Ohayo Ino, Sakura!" TenTen greeted her 2 best friends smiling. Sakura's group, also known as the Dark Lovers, was very popular in their school. Their schoolmates made their group's name not them but they do not care about it. They don't even know why they were called 'Lovers' while they weren't even in love. (Here's the real reason: their schoolmates made that group name and they used dark because the three were always dark, they have dark personalities. They used Lovers coz they think that the three were in love but they try to hide it.) Sakura was the most popular girl in their school and in their group.

When they arrived in their classroom, it was very noisy but when Sakura and her group stepped in they became quite because: 1. Ino doesn't want noisy people near her, except if it is her best friends. 2. TenTen gets irritated when people are noisy, especially in the morning. 3. Sakura was never in the mood to hear such nonsense and Sakura hates it when it's noisy and then she gets mad.

The most feared group of people in their school was Sakura's group. But the most feared reason was the 3rd one because everybody is scared of Sakura and no one dares not to follow what she wants or to get in her way. Even the older students were scared of Sakura and her group.

When Sakura sat on her chair, their teacher went in and their class started. Even though Sakura was scary, she was always serious when it comes to studying. In fact, a lot of people liked her because she was very smart. Sakura's group was feared but they have a lot of fans. Sakura and her group also respect some adults, at least their relatives. But they only respect their teachers sometimes. Their teachers can't do anything with it because Sakura is very rich that she owns the whole school. She has a mansion but she leaves in an apartment because she doesn't want to leave in a big house alone. (A/n: okay..okay….she lives with her maids and people who serves her but her parents died when she was 6 years old so it is still like she is alone) She only goes home in that mansion during school vacations.

During their P.E. time, they played basketball and Sakura's team won. Sakura, Ino, and TenTen were all skilled in P.E. making no body win when they were having a match. Sakura, Tenten, and Ino are the girls that every boy would want if only they were also kind. They are smart, pretty, athletic, strong, and cool but were not kind. They are mean or evil to people who gets in their way and to people who minds something not their business. Sometimes when they're in the mood they bully some people for no reason.

Sakura and her group's life was always the same and will be always the same if only 3 boys didn't change their lives.

(A/N: yes, I know that Sakura and their group are bad in this story but they will change remember? For some ppl who doesn't know their names here it is: Sakura Haruno, Ten-Ten, Yamanaka Ino. . . . and their partners?…well wait for the next chapter...)

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