I've had this idea ever since I read the Second PantyHose Taro Arc. Now I'm finally going to write it

Dedicated to Dragon Man 180 Who got me interested in Ranma 1/2

Disclaimer-I don't own Ranma 1/2 my imagination pales in comparion to Rumiko-sama

Name Changing

" What a haul! What a haul!"

It was just another normal day in Nermia. Ryouga was was walking around in circles trying to get to the Tendo Dojo, Shampoo was chasing Ranma on her bike and Happosai was stealing underwear while being chasing by an angry mob of girls. The old pervert smirked as he out ran them. A tentacle shot out towards him but he avoided it.

" Nice Try Panty Hose!" He taunted. A giant Ox/cran/eel/snowman/octopuss combination creature came out of an alley. " You'll never catch the Grand Master of Anything Goes Martial Arts!" The creature held out a bra in a tenactle. Happosai jumped for it and was caught. PanthyHose slammed the dirty old man into the ground, repeatedly. Then the mob of girls caught up, Akane amoung them.

" Thanks for catching him." Said one of the girls. Then they all began beating Happosai with sticks and feet.

" Panty Hose Taro what are doing back here?" asked Akane. The creature took a thermos out of it's pack and dumped the water on it's self and became human.

" I'm here to get that crooked pervert to change my name." Replied the now human Panty Hose Taro.

" This underwear stealer will never do that." Said Akane and gave said thef an annoyed kick.

" But I'll never be happy as long I have this horrible name!" Cried Panty Hose Taro.

" Why don't you call yourself Taro? Like a nickname, there's no rule against that right?" Akane asked. Panty Hose Taro's eyes shot open and he grinned ecstatically.

" You're right!" He threw back his head and shouted. " From now on, I am Taro!" He turned back to Akane, still grinning like a mad man. " Thank you so much Akane." Then hugged her, which she returned. He grabbed a different thermos,dosed himself in cold water and flew back to China. Akane smiled and walked home. Ranma was waiting at the entrance.

" I saw you and Panty Hose hugging eariler today." He said.

" What about it?" Akane asked. Ranma leaned in close to Akane.

" There isn't anything going on between you two right?" He asked hopefully. Akane smirked.

" Are you Jealous?" Ranma did a double take and jumped back.

" Oof course not! Why would I be jealous over an uncute tomboy like you?" He asked.

" I don't know, why are you?" She asked back.


Taro had finished the ocean crossing and landed in Hot Spring to change back. He heard screaming and jumped out(wearing a spare set of clothes). He saw a beautiful girl being chased by bandits. Quick as a flash he beat them all up.

" Are you ok miss?" He asked.

" Yes thanks to you. My name is Hitomi." She said.

' Cute Name.' Taro thought.

" What's your name?" Hitomi asked. Taro stood up proudly and stated

" You may call me Taro."

" Is your home near here Taro?" Hitomi asked.

" No, I don't have a home."

" Then you must come to live with my family."

" I will." They joined hands and walked off into the Sunset.