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Come Heaven or Hell

I decided I'd better add a proper prologue to this story to remind everyone what happened during "For the love of a Goddess".

Sometime during the first three seasons of Buffy, Xander tried to order takeout, but ended up being put through to the Relief Goddess Office. The Goddess Belldandy was sent to grant him a wish in recognition of all the good he had done.

Thinking it was some kind of joke or trick, Xander jokingly said that he wanted Belldandy to be his girlfriend forever.

Yggdrasil, the system that regulates and maintains the multiverse accepted the wish and imposed the Ultimate Force (a power so strong that even the Powers That Be must respect it) upon the contract.

Xander now found himself with a girlfriend who was, by every meaning of the word, a goddess.

With the help of the other Scoobies, Xander was able to pass Belldandy off as an exchange student. Joyce Summers agreed to take Belldandy in, something that Xander was thankful for, as he was worried about what could happen if their relationship developed too far.

Belldandy's presence in Sunnydale proved to be useful, with most demons too terrified to be near her. On the rare occasions she was endangered, the Ultimate Force was activated, making the Powers That Be intercede on her behalf. She was also able to keep Faith from turning evil, but couldn't stop her arguing with Buffy.

The true test of Belldandy's powers came when the Mayor turned himself into a demon during the High School graduation. Belldandy engaged the Mayor in single combat, but used too much of her power in her first attack and passed out.

At the last minute, when it looked like the Mayor was about to devour the Scoobies, Belldandy's father stepped in, killing the demon with a massive bolt of lightning that also demolished the entire school.

It was at this point that Belldandy's older sister Urd arrived in Sunnydale, apparently intent on pushing Belldandy and Xander into a closer relationship. The older goddess soon became close friends with Faith, who shared her rather mischievous sense of humor.

Soon after graduating from high school, Belldandy and Xander moved into an abandoned Buddhist temple together, albeit in separate rooms, with an unwelcome house guest in the shape of Urd.

Urd and Faith's attempts to get Belldandy and Xander to sleep together failed repeatedly, only to succeed by default when a love potion put Xander in a coma. Only Belldandy's confession of true love was able to revive him.

We know little about what happened next apart from the fact that Belldandy erected some kind of force field around the Temple that Urd was unable to breach. It was at this point that Faith moved in with Joyce Summers, who was feeling a little lonely after Buffy and Belldandy moved out.

This didn't last, and Faith moved to LA to escape her constant arguments with Buffy.

Buffy, Willow, Belldandy and Urd start at Sunnydale University and are all in Professor Walsh's class. Buffy is attracted to Reilly, but the others don't see it.

Walsh becomes aware of Belldandy after an Initiative team records a fight between some demons and the Scoobies in which she displayed a small fraction of her powers. Interrogating Spike for more information, Walsh decides to capture Belldandy so she can find out just what she is.

A team of Initiative agents, led by a reluctant Reilly, manage to subdue Belldandy and Willow while they are walking through the university grounds one night. They took the young goddess captive, while leaving Willow to come round in her own time. She managed to get to the Temple and told Xander what happened before she passed out again.

Urd immediately called Yggdrasil for information, only to be informed that this is something they would have to sort out on their own. Xander and Urd set out to rescue Belldandy, whatever the cost.

Reilly begged Walsh not to dissect the sedated Belldandy, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Just when it looked like Belldandy's fate was sealed, Urd arrived with a missile launcher weilding Xander, demanding that Walsh let Belldandy go.

Walsh, think that Xander was bluffing as he would be killed in the explosion, told him to fire, which he did.

The missile turned into a dove mid-flight, as Belldandy and Urd's father made a rather dramatic entrance. Walsh demanded that he identify himself, only to be told by Urd that he was the Lord Kami, otherwise knows as simply God. Not a god, the God.

This terrified both Walsh and Xander, who suddenly realise just who he'd been sleeping with.

Lord Kami woke Belldandy, who instantly rushed into Xander's arms, before telling them to leave so he could 'talk' to Walsh. Urd told Xander that her farther was impressed by his willingness to die to protect Belldandy, as he was still human.

This did nothing to ease Xander's fears, as he confided in Giles when they got back to the Temple.

A few days later, Kami-sama visited Xander while he was working on a building site, stopping time so they could talk without interruption. Kami-sama asked Xander just what his intentions are towards Belldandy, to which the rather frightened young man replied that he would do anything to maker happy.

This was apparently the reply Kami-sama wanted, as he restarted time and disappeared.

While this was happening, Buffy was at the Magic Box with Belldandy and Urd, and is informed that Urd is in-fact only half-goddess, her mother being the role of the demotion commonalty known as hell.

Xander arrived before this discussion could go any further, asking what an 'Unbreakable Oath' is.

Belldandy instantly left for heaven to find out what her father was planning, but returned moments later and kissed Xander passionately. They were enveloped in light, and Urd told Buffy that their destines hade been linked in such a way that even the Ultimate Force could not break them apart.

Reilly defected from the Initiative, telling Buffy that Walsh was planning something big. He agreed to help sneak the Slayer inside and when they reach the main lab they find Walsh dead at Adam's feet. The human/demon cyborg tried to attack them, but was floored by a hammer blow from Skuld, Belldandy and Urd's little sister.

The three of them made their escape while Adam was recovering.

In the confusion after Walsh's death, Spike was able to escape. Knowing that he would have to go to Buffy and the others for help, he rescued Oz and headed for Buffy's house. Urd questioned him and due to her demon side, he was compelled to tell her the truth.

Everyone gathered at the Temple, with anger growing between several of the Scoobies. Xander distrusted Reilly because of what had almost happened to Belldandy, while Oz had a hard time coming to terms with Willow's relationship with Tara. Buffy attempted to calm everyone down, but it failed until Belldandy spoke up, saying that what they needed was Unity.

Adam launched his bid to take over the Initiative, but Urd interceded, allowing the surviving agents and scientists to escape. Skuld defended Willow, Giles and Xander from demon attack, while Belldandy escorted Buffy to her final confrontation with Adam. Belldandy stated repeatedly that she could not fight Adam for Buffy, and even after he tried to attack her, she refused to react.

This distraction gave the other Scoobies the time needed to complete the spell, summoning the entity known as Unity into Buffy's body. Adam tried frantically to respond but was completely outclassed by Unity. His power-core was ripped from his body and crushed.

The Scoobies returned to the Temple to celebrate yet another averted apocalypse, but things were still not settled. Oz left early, deciding to move up to L.A. rather than hang around and see Willow and Tara together.

Xander disappeared from the party, and Belldandy found him standing in the garden, looking at the stars. She asked him what was wrong, and he said nothing, before getting down on one knee and proposing…

And now the story continues…