Author: Ataris

Disclaimer: I do not own or have any affliation with the Star Wars saga.

Rating: M

Pairing: Anakin/Padme

Timeline: Alternative Post-ROTS

Summary: Three years after the events of Dangerous Liasions, Padme and Anakin look to spark their errant love life.

He had imposed the small parcel into her open palm. Her finger tips tasted the silken bands that held the smooth paper to the small box. Her faded brown eyes had opened to the soft touches of light that escaped the binded window.

She removed the soft pink ribbon that had been knotted professionally at the top to hold the elegant manner of the celebration. A skill that Anakin had inherited from Obi-Wan's dignified lessons of protocol and authority.

The silver paper collapsed around the wooden box. She folded the wrap that crunched beneath her soft touch. He took the sophisticated wrap from her hands and discarded it on their bed.

"Open it." He had whispered into her ear. She smiled, her nails had dug into the silver clasp that held the lid on the box shut. Her fingers exploited the velvet interior of the wooden case.

"It is beautiful, my love." She smiled. Her fingers had looped around the tender chain that held the sum of their love. The cool touch of silver engaged the tips of her fingers. He retracted the locket from her tender hold.

His fingers trailed down the long, curve of her neck. He brushed aside the loose curls that escaped the elastic bands that Motee and Ellie braided into her hair. He unhinged the clasp of the chain and pulled it around her lower neck.

It had taken a moment before he could re-insert the tiny fastens of the chain. He smiled, his eyes enlightened by the shadow of morning that spread through their principle bedroom.

"You look beautiful." He whispered into the soft turn of her neck. He inserted a soft kiss to her neck. Her ivory skin blushed at the gentle merit of love. It had been nearly four months since they had last been physically intimate with the other.

He tugged at the soft edges of her blue cotton night robe. The invisible straps that embraced her shoulders broke open to the light application of pressure that her husband adminstrated.

His mechanical hand hugged the soft breast that fell lose from the light material. His thumb drew a tight circle around her hardened nipple. He lowered his lips to her hard pink nipple. Her back bowed in physical contentment.

His lips closed around her ardent nipple. She knotted her fingers into his thick blond curls. An exasperated moan broke the silent barrier of their bedroom as he suckled on her raw breast.

"I think they are awake, Ani." She moaned. He released her nipple from his mouth. He pulled the pale blue night gown to cover her unadorned breast that heaved with dissatisfaction.

She glanced at the chrono that rested at the corner of the bedroom. It's face darkened by the cold shadows of dawn that had not dissipated in the few strands of sunlight. Her tongue slid across the tight seam of her husband's lips.

"You should go check on them." She muttered into the warmth of his pursed lips. He had silently agreed. He had pulled down the heavy gray comforter and released himself from the passionate embrace of the bed.

To Be Continued...

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Author's Note: I hope you enjoy the next stage of the Dangerous Liaison series. ;) For those who mentioned that they wished for a few more graphic detail, I hope you enjoyed that little taste at the prologue. lol.