Hello everyone. This is an idea I got while watching "A Series Of Unfortunate Events". Bold lettering means that Danny is narrating. Italics means the translated version of what Sunny is saying. So without further ado start the fic.




The scene opens up in a forest and stupid happy music starts to play. Woodpeckers peck into the wood 'The Littlest Elf part 2'.

But then the scene get pushed away by Danny Phantom.

"What is the matter with you guys? I mean come on you're all…" Danny then realizes that the music is still playing and blows up something off screen and the music stops.

"Well now that the stupid music is taken care of…let's see, where was I? oh yeah, what is the matter with you guys? I mean come on you're all teenagers right, I know that you're at the very least 12. And you all want to read a story about a stupid happy elf that creeps out Sam? I don't think so, not on my watch! I think what you all want to read is a story about ghosts, genius children, and a villain having some very bad days. So how about we start things off with some music we all can agree."

Role theme song!

(A techno theme starts up.)

He's a phantom.

Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom.

Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very strange machine

Designed to view a world unseen.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

When it didn't quite work his folks they just quit, then Danny took a look inside of it.

There was a great big flash everything just changed.

His molecules got all rearranged!

He's a phantom, phantom.

When he first woke up he then realized he had snow white hair and glowing green eyes.

He could walk through walls disappear and fly!

He was much more unique than the other guys.

It was then that he knew what he had to do

He had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through.

He's here to fight for me and you!

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's Danny Phantom.

He's gonna catch'em all cause he's…Danny Phantom.

I love that so much. Oh right the story, forgot about that for a sec. well let's take a look shall we?

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny were in the back of Mr. Poe's car.

"So what lunatic is he sending us to this time?" asked Sunny.

"Sunny! Oh never mind I'll ask. Mr. Poe where are we going this time?" asked Violet.

"We're going to Amity Park so you can live with your Uncle Jack." Said Mr. Poe.

"Oh great, another guardian who we aren't related to." Said Klaus sarcastically, remembering his past gaurdians.

"Klaus!" said Violet.

"Actually your Uncle really is related to you. He's your mother's brother. He has a wife and two kids. In fact Violet I do believe that their son is around your age. I understand that the two of you used to play with each other as babies." Said Mr. Poe.

"Wait a minute, you mean Uncle Jack is actually our real uncle?" asked Klaus.

"Indeed." Said Mr. Poe.

"So what does Uncle Jack do?" asked Violet.

"He and his wife are ghost hunters." Said Mr. Poe.

"Ghosts?" asked Klaus.

"Yes, turns out they actually exist. Amity Park is almost overrun with them. Not to worry though, your uncle and aunt are there to stop them at every turn." Said Mr. Poe.

Violet, Klaus and Sunny exchanged worried looks.

"We're going to get haunted I just know it!" Said Sunny.

The car goes underneath a sign that says "Welcome To Amity Park".

Well that's how my cousins came to Amity Park. Now let's check up on the other trio shall we?

Danny, Sam, and Tucker were walking home from school.

"So the fact that the town thinks that you're the enemy has finally got you down?" asked Tucker.

"Pretty much. Even though the police knows that bullets won't stop me doesn't stop them from firing." Said Danny depressingly.

"Oh cheer up Danny, try to look at it this way; there's nowhere to go but up." Said Sam.

"Yeah I guess you're right. But I just wish I could get a little bit more appreciation than three people. I save the town more times than Lancer gives me detention and what do I get for it; a town that hates me and a stupid name like 'Inviso Bill'. Listen guys, my parents are expecting me home any minute, I'll see you later." Said Danny.

"Okay man but remember, we're here for you." Said Tucker.

"Thanks guys, I appreciate it." Said Danny.

With that Danny left and Tucker turned his attention to Sam.

"You feeling okay? You looked depressed…even for a goth." Said Tucker.

"It's Danny, I hate seeing him like this. I want to help him but I don't know what to do." Said Sam.

Tucker then smiled mischievously.

"Oh I get it. 'Oh Danny cry on my shoulder. Who could use a great big hug? Let's have a fake out make out.' Huh Sam?" said Tucker.

Sam blushed more than she thought possible.

Remind me to kill Tucker for this later. Back to me.

Danny was riding on his scooter until he got home he noticed that a very old car was in their driveway.

"That's odd. Wonder what's going on." Said Danny.

Danny went inside to find his parents talking to three kids.

"What's going on here?" asked Danny.

Jack turned around and saw Danny, then said "Danny, there you are. I would like to reintroduce you to your cousins, Violet…"

Motioned to a girl that looked about Danny's age.


Motioned to a boy who looked only slightly younger than he did.

"And Sunny."

He pointed to the little toddler girl who was being held by Violet.

"Apparently my dear sister had an…an unfortunate accident. Excuse me for a sec…I got something stuck in eye…really badly." Said Jack.

Danny had never seen his dad this sad. Jack usually only showed either happiness or determinedness but sad was a rare face. Danny actually saw his father fighting back tears.

Violet, Klaus and Sunny wanted to tell their uncle that their mother's death wasn't an accident but decided now wasn't the time.

"They're going to be living with us from now on." Said Maddie.

"What? But where're they going to sleep? We don't have enough rooms for all of them!" said Danny.

"They're going to be sleeping in the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle in the basement until Jazz can get those lazy bums to build those extra rooms." Said Jack.

"Wait a minute, the basement? As in, in front of the Ghost Portal?" asked Danny.

"Ghost Portal?" asked Klaus.

"It's a doorway into the Ghost Zone that me and Maddie came up with. It didn't work at first but somehow Danny got it working again…no matter how much he denies it." Said Jack.

Danny had tried to convince his parents that the Ghost Portal just started working on it's own but they just wouldn't listen to him. Despite the embarrassment, not to mention nervousness, it was nice to see his parents proud of him for something.

"Speaking of ghosts we have to go on patrol. We should be back in time to make dinner for all of you." Said Maddie.

"Cover me boys!" shouted Jack.

Then all of a sudden, what looked like possessed hot dogs covered him up. Jack and Maddie then ran out of the door.

"Were those hot dogs?" asked Klaus.

"Unfortunately yes, don't ask. Come on, I'll show you all to the Fenton RV." Said Danny.

"I thought it was the Fenton Family Assault Vehicle." Said Klaus.

"That's just a really big term for the RV." Said Danny.

So Danny led the three down to the basement where Violet was amazed at what she saw, she had a look on her face like a kid does when he enters a candy store.

"This-This stuff is amazing! What is it?" asked Violet.

"My parent's ghost hunting equipment. Only like half of this stuff actually works." Said Danny.

Violet then started to walk her way over to a table full of inventions.

"Well maybe I can fix them." Said Violet.

"Yeah when Violet ties up her hair with her ribbon she can make anything out of anything for any reason." Said Klaus.

"Really? Well maybe you could fix them but first I think it would be better if my folks taught you how these things work so you won't get blown up." Said Danny.

"Well could you still show us how the ones that still work well…work?" asked Violet.

"Sure. Why not?" said Danny.

Danny then noticed that Klaus was in front of the Ghost Portal.

"Klaus get away from that! It's very dangerous!" shouted Danny.

Klaus did as he was told but was a little shocked that Danny yelled at him.

"That's the Ghost Portal, it's a doorway to the Ghost Zone. Evil ghosts have been known to come out of it so I'm going to have to ask that you all stay away it." Said Danny

Then a blue mist came out of Danny's mouth.

"Oh no. Not here. Not now." Said Danny under his breathe.

And I shall leave it there for now. Next chapter is when they meet their first ghost. So review okay?