Starfire has been known to be the innocent little alien that was always figured out, but no one knew much about her past. It was rarely talked about, but no one budged because everyone in the tower doesn't talk about their past either. But what happens when her past comes back into her life seeking for her help, and it get worse when the titans find out what she used to be and still is, Princess of the Thieves. Will she help her old family that took her in when she in need of love and raised her? Or will she reject the people that she grew to call family and taught her everything that she knows? And what will titans think of their little alien friend once being in a type of mob?

Princess of the Thieves

Chapter 1: The past, would you understand?

By: Princess Lali of Spain and England

The past of some people is just distant memories. Things that were once there but now gone. Things that most people want to hold dear or things that some people want to forget. The past can be precious yet haunting. But the past is what holds our future and the present is what comes from the past. So what happens when it comes back to haunt you, is an explanation yet to be told within itself.

Starfire was sleeping peacefully and innocently, as some people seem to think of her. Innocent as a newborn child, but how can anyone say this if they don't know the truth hidden within her past?

Her dreams were mostly always full of the wonderful things done that day. Most of them were of her and Robin. She had a specific feeling for him, but she wasn't sure if that was it. Perhaps the feeling was mutual among earthlings, but on her planet she knew the feeling very well. For she has had it before, the feeling was love.

But tonight instead of her dreams being full of pleasant one's they were of something else. They were not bad dreams so they were not nightmares, but they were not good either. They were confusing one's. They were images of her past. The past that she had long forgotten. The side of her that was never to be told. She couldn't sleep and she didn't want to see the images anymore so she shot out of her bed.

"Perhaps I should go to the roof. That always made me feel better." She said out loud to her self.

In the room next to the one below hers the same feeling was over coming our fellow leader. He was confused with his dreams as well, for they all centered a certain someone. She was always there, the one to understand him, the one never to be angry with him, the one to always keep him smiling. The girl was all he could think about lately. He got the feeling when he first met her, but he just thought of it as a crush. The kind that you get when you see a pretty girl. But, these two years that he had know her, the feeling has grown stronger. More that just a crush. The feeling that he was well…feeling, was a lot more and he knew it. He just didn't want to admit it. He was sent on denial. But even if he was, the feeling was still there, the feeling of, love. Her bright crimson hair and those emeralds, jade eyes were all he would see. Starfire.

He couldn't sleep. He needed some fresh air. He needed to get his mind off of her. So he got up and walked to the only place where he thought he could really think. The roof.

Starfire sat at the edge of the roof, thinking. Thinking of her present, future, but was ticking at her mind was her past. She remembered all of it as if it was just yesterday. The crimes she had committed, the skills that she had learned, the people the she grew to call family, the fun she had, the parties she went to, the boy that made her fell at home, and what they used to call her. "Princess of the thieves"

'No. I must not think of that, of them, of him.' She thought. Why was this bothering her lately? It had not before, so why now, why all of a sudden?

"Why won't it go away!" She said madly out loud to her self. Apparently someone heard her and was surprised.

"Star?" She heard a voice come from behind and turned around embarrassed to see him.

"Robin? What are you doing up here? And late at this hour?"

He walked closer, and cursed himself for thinking that this would take his mind off of her.

"I'd ask you the same question." He responded quickly.

"Oh…well I couldn't sleep, so I came up here to-"

"Think." He finished for her, for he was having the same problem.

"Yes! How did you know? Can you read minds like Raven?" She said surprised that he knew. He chuckled softly at her naive ness.

"No Star, I'm having the same problems."


"So why couldn't you sleep?" He asked trying to think of something to talk about knowing she was never one to be quiet.

"Well, some things about my past."

"We don't know much about your past, is there something that's bugging you about it?"

"Yes there is, but I do not wish to tell you. Not now at least." Robin was confused, Starfire was always open with him, why all of sudden she hides?

"Why not Star?"

"It is…complicated." She thought of the correct words to use.

" That's okay I'm sure I'll understand."

"No, I'm afraid if you know, then you will think differently of me, and I don't want that."

He had already taken a seat next to her and at hearing this he was concerned and put a gloved hand on her shoulder.

"Starfire, I would never think differently of you."

She sighed and bit her lip as if nervous of something. Her feet dangling over the roof and only the stars and moon out to light their faces, he thought of cute she looked when she bit her lip.

"Robin, have you ever had an event in your life, in your past, and you feel awkward talking about it and a bit sad at the thought of it?"

Robin thought about this, of course he did, he had never told anyone except Bruce, his old mentor, about his past. It was too hard to tell, and he felt like crying every time it crossed his mind. Did she have the same feeling?

"Sure, I do."

"Then would you understand why I do not feel like telling you would be good idea?" She asked in a whisper looking up at the stars.

He wasn't sure if they both had the same problem, but now she had him hooked, she gave him a sample of the pie, now he wants the whole thing. He looked at her gazing up at the stars as if searching for something.

"I would, but maybe if you told me I could help." He replied.

"Robin, If you knew something bad about a person, no matter who it was, would you still think of them the same way?" She asked, looking back at his mask.

He was surprised at what she had said but he knew that if he wanted her to tell him, he would have to tell her what she wanted to hear.

"Of course I would. The past is something that is called the past because it is behind them." He said. But she knew him well, he wouldn't really care.

"But Robin then you wouldn't be keeping to justice." She said with a little bit a disappointment in her voice. He dropped his face a little, his lips forming an upside "U", also know as frowning.

"Yea, I guess your right."

"So you would take them down even if they were very close to you and forget about all the good that they did during the present?" She said quite bitterly.

'What does she want me to say?' he thought.

"Well, what do you want me to say Star? I'm caught between the two lines here!" He yelled, not loud, but loud enough to tell Starfire that he wouldn't understand. She directed her gaze back at the stars above.

"Nothing Robin, nothing." He was about to say something else, but decided to let it go. He wasn't going to get anything out of her. At least not tonight.

"The balls of burning gas that emit radiant energy are quite lovely aren't they, Robin?"

He smiled at her intellect of the simple word "stars"

"Yea, they sure are." He replied but he wasn't looking at them, and he wasn't talking about them, because the only "star" that he was admiring at the moment was the beautiful redhead sitting next to him.

They both scooted next to each other for warmth and then she did the unthinkable by leaning her head on his shoulder and nook of his neck. He didn't see it coming at fist but then as if on impulse he laid his arm securely around her shoulder. They both smiled at each other's touch, especially Robin feeling her light breath on his neck, and half of her body leaning against him, and looked over at the 'balls of burning gas that emit radiant energy'. Both happy, both cozy, both having their worries of her past lift slowly out of their minds as they both fell asleep leaning on each other, with his head on top of hers, not to be awoken till the sun rise out of the hills over the beautifully lit Jump City.