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NOTICE/WARNINGS (READ!): 1) This may or may not contain romance eventually, it depends on how I'm feeling, but if there is, it will be shounan ai. 2) Parts of this prologue are kind of stolen from one of MY original stories, so don't be surprised if you find it on accident! Good, now, let's get to the story shall we?


Chaos is the one constant in the world, the single, unchangeable element of the universe that can and will last throughout the reign of eternity. There are times when it lulls, brought to a temporary rest by a being or a force that finds s way in the hearts of many to stave off what is impending. But nothing lasts forever, and thus when such an empire is passed from hand to hand, whether through peace or bloodshed, the wave of chaos will crash once more over the world, all the fiercer for its time held captive.

Grim golden green eyes gazed up into the darkening skies with a mixed sensation of anticipation and anxiety. The scent of danger was thick in the air, but it always was these days. Who could say what was worth being concerned over?

The troubles of an empire, he scowled to himself, were never the troubles of one alone.

Turning back to the crackling orange campfire, he pulled his cloak tighter around him, more for something to do than to stave off the cold. The fire's pulsating heat was enough for the time being anyway.

The sun would be rising soon.

He sat still for another minute or so, savoring the temporary peace and quiet that he knew would not last. Then, with a somewhat resigned sigh, he stood and padded over to where his companion lay snoring away.

"Wake up!" he snapped, nudging the prone body with the toe of his boot.

There was no response—not that he had really expected one.

Rolling his eyes, he raised his hands as they began to glow with a faint yellowish light. Grinning rather wickedly, he muttered three select syllables. A stream of ice cold water poured from the air between his hands, cascading in a merciless torrent onto the sleeping figure below.

A yelp of shock and pain rang out through the air as the other boy all but flew out from under the spray, scrambling for the sword that he had laid beside him before falling asleep. He grabbed it and stared around wildly, searching for the enemy.

"Calm down you idiot," the sorcerer dusted his hands off and smirked, "it was your own fault for sleeping so long."

The sopping wet warrior looked from his companion to the sodden ground where he had been lying and back again. Then realization finally dawned.

"Ryoma!" he fumed, buckling his sword belt and sheathing the blade, "I thought I already asked you not to do that!"

Ryoma shrugged nonchalantly as he knelt down to put out the fire, "I said I wouldn't if there was no reason to, Momo."

"And there was reason!"

"Of course," Ryoma kicked dirt over the ashes and waited while his companion gathered their supplies, "it's the only alarm clock that you ever listen to. Now hurry up, we've got a long way to go and very little time to travel it."

"Right, right," Momo grumbled, slinging the pack over his shoulder and casting one last look around their campsite to make sure they hadn't left any traces of their passing, "the mission awaits, I know. Sheesh, why is it our job anyway? I mean, if the sorcerers really want to find these people, why didn't they send one of the masters? It'd be a heck of a lot easier on us!"

"What part of 'they are in hiding' do you not understand?"

"But you're a sorcerer, wouldn't it be just as dangerous for you then?"

"No," Ryoma sighed, wondering how many times they had had this conversation, "they wouldn't recognize me. On the other hand, if my father or Master Sumire was to go waltzing around the countryside they wouldn't get ten feet without being identified."

"I still say they'd be faster at it."



"Shut up."


A.N. I know this doesn't say much yet, but that's why it's the prologue. Anyway, I'll explain later. Truth to tell, I'm just growing the idea now too. Oh yeah, and the other characters will be showing up soon.