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Oh yes -This is Draco's POV -Very funny.

"Hey, Draco, you gonna' finish that?" A voice asks me across the table. I look up and see Crabbe looking longingly at my chocolate pudding. At least wait until I've even tried it, you big lug! But I decide to go soft. I might as well, I wont eat it.

"Go ahead." I roll my eyes.

"Thanks!" He answers, stuffing his face with his own rhubarb pie. That's just gross. There should be a law against being that fat. Now he's reaching for my pudding. Ew, that didn't sound right either. I hand him it, when a familiar back walks past me. And another. And another. Oh great, the dream team. The shining trio. The...what do they call it? Three amigos? That must be it.

But one of them catches my eye particularly. The last one. The one with flowing brown hair (though still bushy) and a curvously (is that even a word? Yes. I am Draco Malfoy. I can create any word I want) sexy body. Wow she is gorgeous...

"Oh, no! Don't tell me the circus is in town! I should've bought tickets!" Oops. Did that just slip out? (Mischievous Draco smile.)

"Go snog yourself, Malfoy." Oh, nice come back Granger. I would rather not. Besides, I don't need to. I have other people for that. I smirk and let them walk away. I watch them walk out, first Potter, then...hold it! What is Weasel doing with his arm around Granger? Oh, yeah. I forgot, they've been going out since...when was it? June of last year? I wonder where they're going... I check the time on my watch. (Yes, even I, Draco Malfoy own a muggle contraption named the watch.) 9:30.

Hmmm... I suppose I should find my new room. Being Head Boy is not what I wanted. I don't like change, so changing a whole routine to get to a new room is not what I wanted on my agenda. I wonder who's Head Girl... whomever it is I'm sure we'll be shagging later on. Hehe…

"Oh, Drakie?" Oh, go snog yourself Pansy!

"What?" I ask, rolling my eyes and lulling my head to the side.

"I was just thinking..." That cant be good for your brain.


She comes and leans into my ear, as she is sitting right next to me, "What would you say we go 'check out' your new room, hmmm?" She is such a slut.

"Actually, I cant. Sorry." Not.

"Why not?"

Cause I don't fucking feel like it, that's what!

"I'll tell you later." That's the best excuse to give to a girl. They always believe it.

"Ok..." She's looking up at me with pleading eyes. No means no, dear.

I sit here in silence, finishing the rest of my meal. I don't know why I've been so cruel lately. Maybe it's the fact that I haven't really been happy with dad. Course, who would be happy with that good for nothing Dark Lord's ass kissing servant?

After what seems like eternity (which was actually 15 minutes) I rise up. Now, off to find my room. I hope Blaise gets here soon. He's supposed to be here, but I think he's going to make his 'grand entrance' later on tonight. He didn't get on the train…

"No, I don't need help, Pansy!" I say reading her mind through her eyes as she tugs on my arm. I walk down the halls alone, sad that I now have no one to talk to. I wish someone would. I'm really not THAT bad once you get to know me... damn Potter makes it seem like I'M the one to blame for everything.

I walk up to a painting with a head girl and boy, (which oddly looked like me and...Granger.) Oh, how original. – Not.

"Password?" The picture me asks. Oh, what was it?

"Oh, yes. House connection." I hate the password. It was utterly disgusting. Why would the headmaster give a password like THAT? It'll never happen. The Painting flings open, and to my surprise, the room is already occupied by three figures. JUST what I need to start off my night.

"So, who's the Head Boy?" I hear Potter ask. I wonder...Granger? She's the only girl in this room. So, she's the Head Girl... Damn. There goes the shagging idea.

I look over at her examining the stairs, which I assume are mine. Damn, sharing a bathroom's going to blow.

"Oh, look! A welcome party!" I exclaim, catching them off guard. I wonder if they brought cake...

"Can it, Malfoy!" Oh, Weasley, temper, temper.

I suddenly notice that Potter is staring at me rather nauseatingly, so I reply, "If you don't mind, I would like to get into my own room without the dream team gawking at me." Such idiots. - Then she turns around. Wow. That's all that comes into my head. Even though she IS a sworn enemy, I still can't help but look her over once or twice. Hmm-nice ass. Is she doing the same to me? I can't have that. I raise my eyebrow and smirk. "Granger, I know I'm good looking, there's no need to drool."

"Oh shut up, Malfoy!" No. I wont. You can't make me, muggle born.

She then picks up a pillow off the couch and throws it at me. As if that's going to hurt. REALLY. Me being who I am ( a Malfoy and a quick Seeker) I drop my luggage that I have in my hands and catch the pillow, not missing a beat. Did she think it would hurt?

"Nice try, Mudblood." I pretend to look over the pillow, before laying it softly back on the couch. "So, you are the Head Girl, huh? What am I saying? That can't be. After all, there can't be two Head Boys." Bwahahahaha…

"Shut it Malfoy!" She says, then turns to her friends, who are now sneaking out the door. Afraid to stand in the same room with me, eh Potter? "Oh, no you don't!" She yells at. I think I'll have a little fun... "You are not leaving me with this...this..."

Perfect opportunity.

"Sexy Beast?" Well, that sure caught her off guard. Oh, look. She's blushing. I wonder if she knows how cute that is… wait. Granger's not cute. She's ugly… ugly… nice ass… but ugly. I decide to have a bit more fun pushing her buttons, as I close the space in between us, until she's up against the wall. Ooh, look at the fear in her brown eyes. Too bad that hair is nearly showering her face. "Why, Mudblood, I never knew you cared..." Because I don't.

Just as I'm about to back away, a hand grabs me and throws me across the room. Raising a wand at me, no doubt! Fucking Weasley needs to die along with every red haired fool like him.

"Oh, come off it, Weasel! I was just kidding!" I walk away, grabbing my bags and walk up my stairs. I make sure to take my bit in walking slow, incase there's an insult I can throw. I can hear the Weasel shout, but I ignore it as I walk leisurely into my room. Not as nice as my room at home, but it'll have to do. I'll put away my things later.

I walk down the hall from my room, then stop as I heard Potter say "Come on, Ron, we better go." Yes Go! – Leave me! - I decide to sit down at the top of the stairs, waiting until they leave. Granger actually is defending me. That's a new one. – Maybe someone spiked her drink.

I put my finger in my mouth and silently make a gagging sound as the weasel kisses the mudblood. Weasels don't kiss to save their lives, I bet. I'd bet my whole… er… well, I don't want to risk anything. Two minutes pass and finally they leave. I feel like doing a happy dance, but they might catch me. I yell from the top of the stairs as Granger smiles to herself, "Whew, I am SO glad they left. That Weasel nearly hurt my perfect face. We wouldn't have wanted that, would we?" The 'we' part catches her off guard, yet again tonight. Haha! I love being a perverted bastard!

She turns around, a disgruntled look on her face. "Can it, Malfoy!" Ouch! That hurt! I think it may leave a bruise. I'll have to be taken away in a stretcher!

"Picking up on the weasel's habits, are we?" Again, I use the 'we' thing. It seems to be getting on her nerves.

"What do you want?" Oh, I don't know. Maybe my own yacht.

"What ever do you mean?" I ask, walking down the stairs and flop onto the couch. My head lands on the soft pillow that she had thrown at me. I love the smell of it.

Just as I am thinking of new ways to torture her, she walks over to her stairs.

"Goodnight." What? No. I...what am I saying? – let the crazy girl go.

Fine. She wants to play mind games... "Bad night, Mudblood!" That makes her furious! Yes! She storms up to her room, and I can detect a slight hint of anguish as she slams the door. - Well, I guess I better get to bed. Don't want my perfect handsomeness to be shattered by to little hours of sleep. I cross the corridor, smiling widely. This is going to be fun.

I slowly make my way up the stairs and into my room. I'll put my clothes away tomorrow. But for now I open up my suitcase and grab the first thing that's on top: Some blue boxers. I'm a boxer fanatic. I'd be a good model, but come on. I think people would melt from my sexiness.

I climb into bed, happy to have gotten on Granger's nerves so much. It was such an accomplished day. Just as I am about to fall into a nice dreamy state, a thud from the outside of my window makes me jump up. What the? I stand up, glancing around the room, then over to the window to see an owl beat its wings against the window.

"Stupid git." I say. It's bloody chilly out there, what could be so important to send an owl out in the middle of the night? I look at it, studying it. There's a package. Well, that settles the matter. In it comes! It could be from a secret admirer…

"What is so fucking important? - Hmmm?" I ask it as I open the window and offer my arm out, in which it gladly takes hold of. As I bring my arm slowly in and take the package off of its leg, the owl walks over and starts to eat my Every Flavored Beans. I don't react. I'm too intrigued by the box now held in my hand.



I then realize this package isn't just for me. It's for Mudblood too. Damn. No secret admirer.

I ponder over what I should do. Should I wake Granger up, or let her sleep until morning? Usually I would want to push her buttons, and would wake her up in a heartbeat. But there comes a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I decide to wait. For some reason I'm almost afraid to wake her up.

I lay the package down on my nightstand and curl up back into bed, the day spinning through my brain, until I feel a peck on the back of my neck. I'm too tired to care… another peck.

"Not now, Pansy..." I say, lost in a dreamlike state. The peck gets harder, and I open my eyes to find two gold eyes glaring at me. "Ah! FUCK! What do you want?" I ask the owl who is now starring at me. It looks over at the package, then back over to me. "I told you, in the morning, you bitch..." I say, closing my eyes and reaching up to turn out my light. And then ---- "OW! YOU SON OF A---" I stop myself as I look down at my arm, which is now covered in blood, a piece of flesh missing from it. I think I'm going to faint. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO?" I get up and turn the light back on. It looks over at the package once again. "FINE! FINE! YOU WIN! LET ME GO WAKE HER UP!"

I walk fast out the door, not wanting to stay in the room any longer. The bloody think nearly killed me! As I walk up the stairs, I notice the lion embroidery on the carpet up the stairs. Why the Gryffindors got lions was beyond me. Snakes for SLYTHERIN I can understand…

I walk up to the door, opening ever so slightly.

"Get out." Hello to you too, Granger.

"Mudblood..." Come on, let me in. I promise I wont blow your house down.

"Out!" Wow...why should I? I am too intrigued by your soft, silky back. It's so gorgeous. (slaps forehead.)

"No." I say.

"What?" Do I really have to spell it out for you? N.O.

"I said 'no,' Granger. Surely you must know what NO is?" Because if you don't you're not the scholar everyone thinks you are...

"What, then, is so bloody important, Malfoy?" She sits up, and I am oddly attracted to her. That is until... I follow her gaze down to my boxers. "I told you, Granger, I know I'm good looking. There's no need to stare." She blushes and turns her head. Oh, don't do that...I didn't mean it! – I like it when people stare. I lean up against the wall with my arms crossed, happily taking in every breathtaking feature of her. Like I said, just because she's my enemy doesn't mean I cant look once in a while...or a lot. Got to keep my hormones under control, though.

"I came in here to tell you that an owl came for you." I say leisurely.

She gives me a look that says 'So?' which is rather rude, I'll tell you. "And you felt you had to come into my room, and in your boxers no less, to tell me this?"

"Yes, sweet mudblood." Isn't it that obvious?

"Why?" If you have to ask...

"Because, the stupid thing was biting my hand off, that's bloody why!" She gives me a 'what thing?' look. I SHOULD be more specific. "I was just sitting in my room, minding my own damn business when this stupid owl comes and knocks on the window. What was I supposed to do? Let it stay there until morning when I felt like getting up?" When there could have been a secret admirer on the line? I'm so angry at that moment that I don't realize I'm yelling.

"Why, Malfoy, I didn't know you cared!" She said sarcastically. Ooh, I'll tell you what. I'll NEVER care.

"Shut it, Granger! I'm not done." Ow! That was kind of harsh. "I would have left it out there, but I saw there was a package. So I let the owl in, but the package isn't just for me. It's for you too. I decided not to tell you until morning. Don't give me that look," She's giving me a 'you really do care' one. It's repulsing. "I just didn't want to get up. But the stupid prick of an owl bit me!" I then showed her the bite in which I now am missing a piece of my arm. It stings.


"Yeah." Hold it? Did we just agree on something?

"So, do you want me to clean that up?" She suggests. Well...I guess... my pride gets the better of me, however.

"I don't need help from a----"

"Mudblood?" she asks. I now feel bad. I didn't mean it like that. I really didn't! – Well, maybe I did. "Here." She climes out of bed, and...oh...she's so sexy when she's tired. Think of cold things, Draco. She takes my arm and raises it to her face, examining it.

"So, do I have Rabbities?" I ask. I can't remember what it was called, but I know it comes from animals.

She reaches over and flicks the light switch on. "No, you do not have rabies. You don't get that from owls! You get that from dogs... or ferrets."

I don't like that joke. I still relive my minutes as a ferret sometimes in my dreams, though I doubt she knows that. She then pulls her wand out from her shorts and whispers a quick spell, making the pain go away. "Well, then, I better not have you near me. You might bite!" I sneer, and try to pull my arm away, but her grasp doesn't loosen.

"Do you want this thing healed or not?" Is isn't?

"You mean it isn't?" Funny, the pains gone away...

"No, see. There's a little nick still there. Come with me. We've got to clean the rest of the wound out." She pulls me toward the door. Why should I? I breathe in her perfume. Ah...now I remember...

"Why didn't it heal when you 'spelled' it?" I ask. Shouldn't it be healed by now?

"Because that spell only heals clean cuts. You've got a little infection..." Oh, my...tsk, tsk, how will I ever live it down? She has now led me to the bathroom, and when she opens the door, I can tell she's impressed. "Wow." It's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

"Sure is..." I'm just as intrigued as she is.

"Well, are you going to get this over with or not?" I now am coming back to my senses and decide not to waist any time. If Crabbe, Goyle, or Blaise found out I was standing with a mudblood admiring wallpaper, they'd laugh.

"Come here." She sighs, pulling me over to the sink. I like the fact that she was treating me like she's my mother, like she actually cares for me. I enjoy the feeling of the hot water against my skin until I feel a stinging feeling… YOUCH!

"OW! That hurt!" She's just run soap over my arm, and it fucking hurts!

"It's got to be cleaned, otherwise you'll get it infected really badly." Granger snaps. Fine. I'll go along, but only because I've got to show her that stupid package. She places my arm under the water again, and I groan a miserable groan.

This is not fun, Granger.

"There, done." She turns off the sink and grabs a towel near us to dry my arm off. I can't help but smile. I am (even though I shouldn't be) enjoying the feel of her touching me. It's warm.

"Uh...well...er...uh, thanks." I'm not so good with these sort of things, you know.

"No problem." She says, smiling back at me. Her eyes are so... dark. And… intriguing. She then walks up and grabs two things out of the cabinet behind the mirror, and I can't help but wonder what they are. "Here." What is she doing? What am I supposed to do with all of this? I'm not a muggle!

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

To my great delight she walks back up to me, then shows me how to 'wrap a band-aid.' I really could learn a lot of things from her this year...

"That's what." I see... weird. Cool, but weird.

"So, about the package?" Oh, yes...I nearly forgot...

"Oh yeah..." I rise up, starring into her eyes; her beautiful, chocolate covered eyes... What? What the fuck am I saying? I am not falling for a simple mudblood, even if she's as cute as hell.

"I didn't open it, you know. A Malfoy's got more class than that." I say, motioning her out of the room. She follows. Well, actually, the truth I was too tired then was bit to blood by a bird, but the fact is I did not open it!

"Wait here, ok?" I ask, and start up the stairs. Now...what the heck was so important? I grab the package off the nightstand, making sure to avoid eye contact with the owl now on my bed. "What's in here?" I now stroll down the stairs again, smiling down at Granger. I guess we'll both find out together...

Again, quite cliche, but where would the world be without Cliches?



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