Title: Ever After

Genre: Drama/Angst/AU

Theme: Unhappy Endings, Week #19

Word Count: 398

Rating: PG

Pairing: Hakudoushi/Shiori

Summary: She would live unhappily ever after till the end of her days.

A length of rope lay forgotten on the broken ground, a lonely tanned figure clad in fine silk standing by not too far off, her purple eyes swimming in a veil of unshed tears.

She was looking up at the dome-like structure that was her own personal barrier. The dark colors changed from fuchsia to violet to almost a pink tint before starting over again, steadily getting darker.

Looking down at the ground, she kicked uselessly at the rope and walked on, dragging her bruised feet slowly, half-hoping that he would cut carelessly through her barrier again.

He was cutting her heart whenever he did that, but he didn't care; he felt no pain, knew no fear. He trampled on the weak with a smirk, with not even a hint of remorse.

Life was miserable anyway, he had claimed, so why should be busy himself with emotions like regret when in the end the legions he slaughtered would only meet the same fate by some other hand if not by his?

She didn't want to believe those words, and yet the truth in them ate away, or at least what she perceived as truth.

Stumbling, she winced as her foot dashed against a stone. Pain stung through her heel, but she paid it no mind and simply kept on walking on aimlessly toward the broken wood forest that lay ahead.

She was beyond tears now, though a lump was still caught in her throat, and she was finding it hard to breathe correctly. Of course, that might come from the fact that she had been shoved rather harshly against the ground when he had gone to protect her.

Why? Why had such a blood-crazy monster been driven to help her, a frail and weak hanyou like that? Why did he have to take the brunt of the blow that was meant for her? Why did he have to look with her with such unyielding eyes that slowly faded in his death?

Though she believed she had cried her last, she was amazed to find that a single tear did find its way out, only to trace down her dirt-smeared cheek and disappear in a lock of her blue-silver hair.

She lowered her head in shame obstructing any onlooker's view of her beautiful tanned face.

And she would live unhappily ever after, till the end of her days.

First of a collection of Inuyasha drabbles with multiple pairings, genres and ratings. All were submitted to iyfic(underscore)contest, a community on LiveJournal and shall be posted here after the end of the contests if I participated in them. Hehe.

Kudos to Skittlez-chan for the idea, theexistence of this pairing andthe idea that I should get off my lazy bum and write for the contest. Amongother things, thanks Skittlez for being my beta-reader for this ficlet as well.

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