Title: Pretty Little Picture

Genre: Horror/Supernatural/AU

Theme: Magic, Week #30

Word Count: 220

Rating: PG

Pairing: twisted Renkotsu/Tsubaki

Summary: I put a spell on you and now your mine…

If you had your picture taken, your soul would be sucked out, or so the old superstition said. People had grown beyond that now, but she wondered what would happen if such a thing could really happen. Would the soul be as lovely as she was? If so, then she must have it, must find out if she could attain immortal beauty in some way.

She experimented and researched just how to craft such an evil device, but animals didn't have souls, such a shame. The only thing she had managed to do with her pet snake was change his scales milky white; a week later he had sprouted demonic horns from the top of his head. She would need to test it on a human…

Weeks later she has found that her device can indeed suck out a persons soul and after doing it once she cannot resist going out and stealing souls with her camera again and again. The photos are both lovely and horrible. How very dirty some people are on the inside! More confident than ever in her own beauty, she prepares to take her own picture. She is sure that her photo will be the loveliest of them all.

She spots him though, and the camera seems to whisper evilly: "Can I take your picture?"