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Chapter 1

It was morning in the Teen Titans Tower and Starfire and Beast Boy were sitting at the kitchen table accompanied by a small pink fuzzy stuffed animal in the shape of a bear. Starfire was wearing an oversized pink night gown with a pink robe with flowers on it. She also had kitty slippers. Beast Boy was also dressed in his sleeping attire which consisted of a large white T-shirt that read 'Beast Dude' and purple and green pajama pants.

The door to the kitchen 'swooshed' open and she walked in to find her chair was being occupied.

"Star?" asked Raven who unlike her fellow teammates was wearing her uniform.

"Yes, friend Raven?"

"Do we have a visitor?"

"Yes indeed friend Raven," Starfire gestured to the little pink bear taking up Raven's seat, "This is Mr. Snuggles my very best friend in the whole universe."

Raven looked at the stuffed animal with a napkin on its lap and a tea cup set in front of it, "Can Mr. Snuggles please remove himself from my seat?"

Star gasped, "But friend Raven Mr. Snuggles is a GUEST!"

"Beast Boy?" asked Raven, "Could I please have your seat?"

"Not now Raven I'm in deep discussion with Mr. Snuggles," he made a gesture for the inanimate bear to continue, "Go on."

"Beast Boy." said Raven sounding agitated.

But Beast Boy ignored her, "Personally I find Ulysses to be one of Joyce's more juvenile works."

"Beast Boy I'm glad you're discussing literature with stuffed bear but MOVE!" said Raven getting angry.

Beast Boy turned to face Raven, "Make me."

So with that Raven used her powers to pull out Beast Boy's chair from the table, she seated herself on top of him, and pushed the chair back in.

Beast Boy with a shocked/embarrassed expression on his face said, "…k…"

Just then Robin walked in wearing a black robe that covered him shoulders to ankles and a pair of slippers with robins (the bird) on them wearing masks. He spotted the pink bear.

"That's not my seat is it?" asked Robin.

"Not its mine." said Raven sipping her tea.

"Good…hey wait if Raven's in Beast Boy's seat then where's Beast Boy?"

A green hand rose behind Raven, "Present said Beast By's muffled voice.

"Okay…" said Robin, "I don't wanna know."

"Rae," began Beast Boy, "I can't feel my legs."

Raven swung back her foot and kicked his…hard.

"Ouch!" shrieked Beast Boy.

"You felt that." said Raven.

Robin turned to Beast Boy…or well Raven…considering Raven was sitting on Beast Boy.

"Hey where's Cyborg?" asked Robin.

"Probably pirating." answered Beast Boy.

"Pirating? You mean like swash buckling?"

"No I mean like downloading illegal music from the internet."


Raven took another sip of tea and felt a pair of eyes on her. She ignored it for while but then slowly turned her head to the left looking over Mr. Snuggled seat and over to Starfire who was staring at her.

"Star?" asked Raven.

"Yes, friend Raven?"

"Can I help you?"

"Oh, many apologies friend Raven I was just wondering why you are not in your sleeping attire."

"I sleep in my uniform."

"All the time?"


"Yeah man you should see her closet." said Beast Boy from behind Raven.

"Beast Boy...why have you been in my closet?"


"Beast Boy…"

"Well you see I went in 'cause well your capes they just look so COOL! So I went to try 'um on…"

"Is that why one of my capes has a rip in it?"


"So you snuck into my room and went through my private things without permission basically."

"Well when you say it like that…possibly…"

"Beast Boy I'm going to send you to another dimension!"

Suddenly a blue tornado like force hurled the 4 titans (and Mr. Snuggles) into the air.

"Wow Rae you're serious?" shouted Beast Boy over the howling wind.

"I'm not doing this!" shouted Raven.