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Raven opened her eyes and blinked. She surprisingly had a good night's sleep, considering she was in a barren wasteland. As she stared ahead she found that she only saw green, green, and more green.

She raised an eyebrow, "Did I throw up a leprechaun?"

"Good morning sugar plum!" said an annoying cheerful voice which she could only identify as Beast Boy's.

Startled, she screamed and jumped up noticing the green she saw was Beast Boy's bare chest. She mentally cursed herself for blushing and turned away so he wouldn't notice. Oh…but he did notice.

"Beast Boy don't startle me like that," she said giving him glare.

"Sheesh Rae. You're not a morning person huh?"

"No. But I take it you are."

"I'm sort of like an around the clock person."

Raven groaned, "Ugh I'm so hungry."

"Yeah the sooner we get out of here, the better."

Raven nodded and sat down staring off into space. Usually one would see the sun shining and a cloudless blue sky today, but the horizon did not change it look, frozen at mid sunset. Raven could not help but feel that the view was slightly romantic. She blinked twice noticing she had been staring at Beast Boy's have dressed form. But he didn't seem to notice fro his eyes were closed, thinking.

At the tower….

"Slurpies, slurpies, how I love slurpies…" droned Bumblebee half awake.

Cy opened his eyes to find Raven and Beast Boy were still trapped. He rolled his human eye and nudged Bumblebee to wake her up, "Yo Bee! Rise and shine!"

Be opened her eyes and rubbed them, "Ugh I couldn't fall asleep all night."

"I told you, you shouldn't have that much sugar."

"Shut up Sparky, live a little."

Suddenly Robin walked in doing the cha-cha humming something along the lines of My Girl.

"Well he seems happy," muttered Bee, some of her sanity returning to her.

"My Star, My Star, My Star…talkin 'bout my Star…."sang Robin off key.

Suddenly Star walked in, "Friend Robin would you please educate me some more," she said leaning on the side of the door, "I do not wish to loose my touch."

"Never," said Robin going and kissing Star.

"Ew…so ya'll have been making out all night?" asked Cy.

"I am the 'learner of slow'," said Star leaning in to kiss Robin again.

Bee turned to Cy, "And you said this we be better for the team?"

"Well at least they're happier," said Cyborg shrugging.

"Yeah just wait till they want to make out in the T-car," said Bee rolling her eyes.

Cy got an evil look in his eyes, "They do, they die."

"Ok no need to get creepy."

"So how are Raven and BB doing?" asked Cy sitting down.

"Still no kissing yet," said Bee boredly.

In the desert wasteland thing (don't I just have a way with words?)….

Raven began pacing, "We have to get out of here...nothing good has come of this."

"Not true," said Beast Boy nonchalantly.

Raven placed her hands on her hips, "Like what?"

"Well Star and Robin finally kissed."

"Yes, that is a relief."

"Yeah," laughed Beast Boy," scratching the back of his head walking up towards her.

"But that's it," sighed Raven.

"You got to spend more time with me," whispered Beast Boy in her ear.

Raven blushed crimson but rolled her eyes.

Beast Boy cleared his throat dismissing the subject, "Yeah but now Starfire and Robin don't have to worry about being all shy."

"Yeah I know, they give off all the signals…" sighed Raven.

"…and flirt with each other all the time…"

"…and neither of them noticed." said Raven.

It was just then the two of them noticed the position they were in. While they were talking Beast Boy's good arm had suddenly crept around her waist and she had her head on his shoulder.

They looked at their position, then looked at each other and leapt away as if they had both been burned.

But do to Raven's hurt leg she fell backwards but luckily she fell into to someone's arms instead of the hard rocky floor.

It was then that Raven noticed Beast Boy had gotten taller, not by much, but now he was at least her height or possibly taller.

He helped her up and when they both looked up it occurred to them how close they were. Their noses we almost touching.

Raven could feel Beast Boy's hot breath on her face, and Beast Boy noted Raven's shortness of breath.

They could feel their lips being drawn together…closer and closer…like magnets when…

Suddenly the portal glowed blue and zapped them out…

They landed in a heap in the middle of the room in the tower.

"Ugh," groaned Cyborg, "you guys are boring. You didn't make out or anything."

Suddenly Bee walked up and slapped her boyfriend upside the head, "I have to apologize for my boyfriend's butt headedness. I told him to zap you out earlier but he wouldn't listen to me so I zapped you out."

"You got us out of there," asked Beast Boy.

"Yeah I'm sorry my boy is such a moron."

"It's not your fault," muttered Raven trying to appear calm. But what could have happened back in the wasteland still lingered in her mind. She didn't know why but part of her…wanted to kiss Beast Boy.

Cyborg left the room with Bee yelling at him which only left them and Star and Robin who was busy giving Star 'kissing lessons'.

Raven turned to leave when an arm grabbed her, "Rae…" said Beast Boy.

"Maybe it's a good thing we were zapped out," said Raven not meeting his eyes but moved to heal her leg.

"It is?" asked Beast Boy the tone of voice unreadable.

"Yeah," she said once she finished healing herself.

"So you're saying if we kissed it would have meant nothing" he asked moving towards her so they were inches away. A mixture of hurt, love, and was that cockiness in his eyes?

She looked at the floor, "Yes…" she lied, "that is exactly what I am saying."

Beast Boy smiled and Raven looked at him quizzically, "Well then I'm glad." he said.

"What?" she asked not expecting that answer.

"Yeah, good. I'm glad you stopped before I did this..." and quickly he captured her lips in a deep kiss. They broke away, "because it would have meant nothing. Right?"

Raven smiled, "Exactly," and she leaned in and kissed him back.

They broke away laughing at themselves. She accidentally bumped his elbow.

"Ouch," winced Beast Boy.

"Oh, I can heal that for you," she said healing him, "But Cyborg should still check it out."

"Sure thing," said Beast Boy, his smile unable to be wiped away.

"He walked towards the door but then stopped and walked back and kissed her deeply again, "One for the road."

Raven rolled her eyes at his terribly corny line but mentally cursed for letting it work on her, "Wait," called Raven tossing his T-shirt at him.

"Keep it," he said tossing it back, "as a souvenir."

And with that he walked out to find Cyborg.

Raven rolled her eyes holding the T-shirt to her chest and walked out of the room.

But Bee and Cyborg walked back into the room, and little did they know the trap Raven had set.

Suddenly there was a blue flash and they were sucked into a swirling vortex.

"Aw shit!" cried Cyborg, "Come on Bee we've got to bond so we can get out of here."

"No, no, sleepy now." said Bee shooing him away.

"But Bee!"


The End

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