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Haunted Memories
Abbie Haven Snape

"Harry, wake up! Harry! Come on, wake up cub! It's just a dream. There's no Voldemort anymore."

Emerald eyes opened up and meet black ones. Severus ran a hand through his hair, pushing it away from his eyes. The boy really did need a hair cut.

"Are you alright now?" asked Severus after a few seconds.

"Yeah, sorry about that."

"Once again, there is no need to apologize Harry. But I do believe we need to continue our sessions again."

Harry groaned, rolling over so his face was barred in the pillow. He knew that was coming. His second nightmare that week was due to have a repeat of "talking sessions" with Severus about the nightmares. Severus figured it was the best way to get over Voldemort and start his new life.

It worked too. But something had triggered the nightmares again. Probably because of the interview he finally gave to the Daily Prophet, reviling the last moments of Voldemort's life.

"Try to go back to sleep. It's only for in the morning," said Severus poking him in the side.

"Stay with me until I fall asleep?" he asked, face still hidden in the pillow.

"Of course. Turn around so you don't suffocate yourself please."

Harry complied and smiled at him. Severus sat on the bed, running a hand through his hair as he slowly closed his eyes.

Severus knew the boy was too old for all the attention he gave him. But since he took guardianship of him at the end of the school year, he saw it as his job to give the boy something he should have been given his entire life. Not forgotten about.

He left the boy only when he knew he was completely asleep.

After breakfast the next morning, Severus led Harry into one of dens. They both took a seat, facing each other and got comfortable. Severus waited. He always made Harry speak first. He viewed this time together as a time for Harry to express what was on his mind. Not for him to ask a bunch of questions.

"Why am I dreaming about him again?" asked Harry, asking Severus but himself as well.

"Why do you think?"

"That interview."

"Yes, the interview could do that."

"It's just," began Harry. Severus gave a smile, knowing this was coming. "I still have an uneasy feeling about how Voldemort died. I just tried to disarm him. I know you explain how the connection between our wands and how I had the "power" and how instead of disarming him, his spell bounced off mine and killed himself. Yeah, I got that. But, I guess I just still see it was I was close to dying and that I probably should have."

"You still think you should have died?"

"Well…yeah. I mean, the odds were against me. The most power Dark Lord in wizarding history against me. The odds definitely were not in my favor."

"But you did survive."

Harry smiled. "Yeah…and for that, I'm a hero. An odd way of being a hero."

"Just accept it and move on. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to enjoy life."

"Where is Blaise? BLAISE! GET YOUR BUTT OUT HERE!" yelled Kierra, sitting a bowl down in the middle of the table. Nine children laughed at her…correction nine adults laughed.

Blaise came running outside and took his seat at the picnic table outside. He just smiled, not looking at his mom. The ten of them were back at the manor that summer following their sixth year with the four adults. As soon as they turned seventeen, everyone moved back into the manor. Morgan was placed in the Malfoy's care for a few months until she turned seventeen that March.

"You're favorite tonight Harry," said Narcissa, smiling at him also sitting down a bowl of food.

Harry smiled. His birthday was tomorrow but tonight they were having his birthday dinner because tomorrow he would be out with the ten of them plus Ron and Hermione to celebrate, in his words, him making it to adulthood.

"To Harry," said Lucius raising his glass to Harry before they started to eat. "Who will always be Elijah to the fourteen of us."

Harry smiled. That sounded good to him.

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Learning the Past

Harry and Severus establish a father-son relationship over the course of the summer before Harry's fifth after the events of fourth year. But, what happens when the two are attacked by death eaters and end up at Hogwarts, injured but alive but something is not right. Harry doesn't remember anything. Not who he is, what Hogwarts is, who the people are trying to help him or what magic is. Can Severus help him gain his memory back and get the relationship he wants and needs back with the boy?

Saving Me (3 parts)

Voldemort never attacked the Potter's because he heard the whole prophecy. Harry grows up with Lily and James but Harry's not quite the little boy everyone imagined. When he starts to be watched my Emmeline Vance (a death eater on Voldemort's orders), he learns things from the Dark Lord himself. What happens when he actually begins Hogwarts, is he already too attached to Voldemort and company for anyone, including Dumbledore, to change his views from the sly, cunning Slytherin to the golden-boy Gryffindor?

Meaning of Dad

James left Lily when she was a few months pregnant. Of course, Lily ran to her best friend Severus. But, after Voldemort's attack on the house, Severus is left with the child everyone just assumed was his. But, twelve years later, James steps in and wants Harry for his own. Who does Harry choose? Does he get a choice? With the help of his best friends, he makes choices that will change his life. Morgan (from Haunted Memories) is in this story as Harry's best friend (and for everyone that wanted them together in this HM) and crush.

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