I only own the goddesses and gods that appear in this fic.(Except Akito)

Up above the earth, above the clouds, in the realm of the gods, a young goddess sat on her bed, soft as the clouds, totally bored. Her long blond hair shimmered and her emerald green eyes sparkled. Many things she had tried to cure herself, but to no avail.

"I'm sooo bored," she moaned laying her face into her soft pillow.

Another goddess, this one with pink and purple hair and eyes saw her 'sister' in a jam and said, "Why don't you just have some fun with some mortals?"

"Yeah, Preama, and what do you propose I do to the mortals I chose to torment? I'm the Goddess of Life, hello, there's not really much I can do," said the blond goddess.

Preama, the goddess of true love, rolled her eyes, and asked, "Fuuhime, have you ever thought of making a male pregnant?"

Fuuhime glared at her and replied, "I do that with sea horses."

"No, a male human," said Preama.

Fuuhime smirked, something she rarely did. She knew just who to curse.

"Hey, Preama, do you remember that family that are possessed by the zodiac spirits?" she asked.

"Who could forget?" replied the other goddess.

"Well, I was thinking of doing it to the Cat and the Rat," answered Fuuhime before she cast the spell on Kyo and Yuki.

The next morning, on earth, Yuki and Kyo woke just the same, well, Kyo did. As usual Yuki fell asleep with his head on Kyo's shoulder, unknowingly completing Fuuhime's spell.


Kyo: Angel-san, why does it say, 'Slash in later chapters'?

Yuki: For once I agree with Neko no baka (the stupid cat).

Me: Not telling. You just have to wait and see.