Kyo and Yuki decided to call their older child Jace. But they couldn't decide on a name for the younger one so the decided to choose when it was born. Midnight gracefully made omelets for everyone that morning, well except Jace, for him she made a warm bottle of milk. Tohru was off at a sleepover at Hanajima's house.

Midnight happily hummed a tune she knew by heart. At breakfast, Shigure, once again, complimented her cooking while Kyo fed himself and Jace, and Yuki didn't even come downstairs.

"Where's Yuki?" asked Shigure.

Midnight bit her lip then said, "Akito."

"What?" asked Shigure.

"Akito, he must have found out about Kyo and Yuki, so he's going to try and end the curse. You see, I was there when the curse was placed on your ancestors. Akito used to be a god but he fell in love with the Rat. But the Rat was already in love with the Cat. So he hired another cat and rat to break them up. That was day the Cat's other form came to be. If Akito kisses Yuki then he will regain the rest of his powers and be able to rule the earth, which he always wanted to do, with the Rat by his side. But if Kyo kiss Yuki first then the curse will be broken and Akito will be taken to Hell, where he belongs," explained Midnight.

"Then let's go save Yuki!" said Kyo.

"Hold it! We're going to need more help. Shigure; call the rest of the Zodiacs, Kyo; get Tohru, Hanajima and Uotani. I will contact my mistress and ask her, as well as some other gods, for help," she said.

Soon, Ritsu, Hiro, Shigure, Hatori, Rin, Kisa, Kyo, Ayame, Hastshuaru, Momiji, Kureno, Kagura. Tohru, Hanajima, Uotani, Midnight, Fuuhime, Kotaro; the god of war, Premea, and Inugami; god of animals and the hunt, were gathered in Shigure's living room. Everyone was chattering about what they were going to do to save Yuki.

"Order! Order!" called Midnight hitting the table with a small hammer.

Everyone turned their attention to her before she said, "Alright, according to Lady Premea, Akito hasn't kissed Yuki yet because Yuki isn't awake, Yuki must give his consent. But, Akito will do everything in his power to get that kiss."

"Well, he wasn't at the main house," said Ayame, "So where could they be?"

"That's where I come in. I can find anyone anywhere," said Inugami.

Ritsu raised his hand and asked, "Why are there so many of us going to save Yuki?"

"Back when he was still a god; Akito was the ruler of demons. Saudly, he kept his power over them," said Kotaro.

"We gods and Midnight will desgise ourselves as demons and we'll take a wagon into Akito's fortress, pretending that we captured Kyo. Rin, Hatsuharu, we need you two to pull it. Unknown to our enemies, the rest of the Zodiac will be riding in a . hidden compartment with Tohru, Hanajima, Uotani, and Jace. If I know Akito he'll come out to gloat," said Fuuhime.

Soon the plan was underway. The people hidden in the compartment watched as Kotaro and Midnight brought out the falsely bound Kyo.

"Good work my servants," said Akito, "Stupid Cat, you should of realized that I would win."

"You're a bastard," growled Kyo.

"Shut up, once Yuki kisses me, I'll kill you."

The others watched as a pair of real demons brought out Yuki. They instantly realized the Rat was hipnotized. Tohru wanted greatly wanted to jump out and snap Yuki out of Akito's spell, but it wasn't time.

"He doesn't really love you! You're just using mind tricks!" yelled Kyo.

Then the gang burst out. Hanajima was zapping demons, Uotani was pounding them with her pipe, the gods and Midnight were blasting, and the other Zodiacs were punching, choking, kicking, and bitting.

Kyo went strait Yuki and said, "Yuki, I love you."

Then...they kissed.

"NOOO!" cried Akito as he vanished into hell.

Then every member of the Zodiac who was in their animal form turned back and they all started to glow. Out of their bodies flew the spirits they were possessed by.

After Yuki snapped out of Akito's spell, he looked at Kyo and whispered, "Kyo-koi."

"Yes, it's me," said Kyo before kissing his love again.

"I always thought Kyo and Yuki were perfect for each other," said Uotani.

After they broke the kiss, Yuki fell to his knees; one hand on his belly. Soon Kyo and Yuki had two wonderful children: their son; Jace, and their daughter Rika. The gods returned to their realm and Midnight was promtoted to Goddess of the Sky.

The End...Or, is it just the begining?

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