Okay... \ something just wasn't right about the other sequel I started. So I started over, and this time, hopefully, I'll be able to see where I'm going. Once again I present to you, The Road Ahead.

Dateline: January 10th 2001.

"Wow." Sookie said. "You're really not going to go through with it?"

"I can't." Lorelai replied.

"But I thought you loved him." Sookie responded, her heart sounding somewhat broken.

"I do love him." Lorelai looked down "But I'm not ready to marry him. Sookie I know this will sound crazy, but I wonder, would Chris really stab Luke? What if... What if Luke killed him just to make sure he put an end to everything. Even though he may have had the best of intentions, I cant marry a murderer."

"Oh hun, I don't know. I mean I don't think Luke is a bad person, but sometimes people do tend to get a little crazy and do things." Sookie frowned at how bad her response was.

"So you think he may have killed Chris on purpose?" Lorelai asked.

Sookie shrugged "I really don't know." She replied sadly.

"Until, I'm sure." Lorelai began. "I can't marry him."

"When are you going to tell him? Sookie inquired.

"Tonight." Lorelai replied.

Later that night Lorelai and Luke went to Chinese restaurant. Lorelia had acted somewhat odd, but then again Lorelai was an odd person. Luke walked in oblivious to Lorelai's plan.

"So," Luke smiled. "How's the cheese waun tauns?"

"Good." Lorelai replied. "Nice and soft." she fake smiled.

"You alright?" Luke asked. "Feeling bad tonight?."

"I have a headache." Lorelai answered.

"We can stop and buy some aspirin on the way home, that should help."

"Doubt it." Lorelai mumbled.

"Well, I'm going back for seconds, you coming?" Luke asked.

"No, I'm good." Lorelai replied.

"Alright. Be back in a minute." Luke stood up and left the table.

Lorelai sighed and hung her down. How was she going to do this? Luke came back and sat down.

"Luke?" Lorelai began.

"Hm?" Luke replied filling his mouth with noodles.

"We need to talk about the wedding." Lorelai replied.

"Oh." Luke said swallowing the noodles. "That reminds me. I was wondering do you want a band or just some cd's cause you never really said, which it's kind of short notice to hire a band, but I figured we could find something really quick. And, about the cake, Sookie hasn't made it yet has she, cause I was thinking how about half white and half chocolate. I know it's a little strange, most wedding cakes are always all white, but I think we could slide it by." Luke finally ended his rambling, which only made what Lorelai had to say even harder.

"Luke..." Lorelai looked down and then back up into his eyes. "I can't marry you." she said softly.

Luke dropped his fork onto his plate making a loud clanging noise. Attention suddenly focused on him and Lorelai.

"What?" Luke asked.

"It's not time. We've rushed into things." Lorelai said solemnly.

Luke paused, his heart crushed. "So we'll wait longer."

"I think we should take a break." Lorelai replied easily.

"How can you be so calm about this?" Luke asked frantically.

"I've thought a lot about it. I think this is best."

"You wait two days before our wedding and then you make a run for it?" Luke replied. "Does this have something to do with Chris?" Luke asked leaning in.

"No." Lorelai answered back swiftly. "This has nothing to do with Chris. It's just, I've been through a lot, we've been through a lot. I need some time away."

"You was all up for marrying me when I was in the hospital two weeks ago." Luke remarked.

Lorelai didn't respond.

"So that's it?" Luke said. "It's over before it even begun."

"I'm sorry." Lorelai replied.

"Don't be." Luke snapped.

Lorelai took the ring off her finger and handed it to Luke.

Luke looked at it and then to her. "Why would I have a need for that?"

"I thought you'd like it back."

"No." Luke replied. "Come on. I'll take you home."

"I can call a cab." Lorelai offered.

"Yeah, maybe that would be better." Luke replied handing her a 50. "There, that should pay for the food and your ride home."

Luke got up and left the table, trying hard to keep it together until he got home. Lorelai sat at the table knowing everyone in the restaurant had heard their conversation. She paid for the food and calmly walked outside. When a taxi arrived to pick her up, she quietly cried in the backseat until her dropped off in her driveway.

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