After the police and coroner had removed the body from the living room, the head police man suggested Lorelai find her daughter and tell her what was going on before she found out another way. With that Lorelai headed off to the library in search of Rory. Luke stayed behind, devastated that colleen had took her own life.

"Do you know why Ms. Andrews would want to kill herself?" the officer asked Luke.

"No... not really." Luke replied. "But dear god, in Lorelai's house?" Luke squinted. "How did she know?"

"Know what?" the officer asked.

"Where Lorelai lived?" Luke replied.

"That's a good question." The officer answered.

"We dated for a while." Luke began... " Then she told me she loved me... I couldn't say it back to her, and I told her that I probably never could."

"So she may have done this out of disappointment because you didn't love her?"

"I ... I don't know." Luke replied. "She knew I still loved Lorelai... Is this some sick way of getting back at me?" Luke asked with his voice shaking.

"I don't know sir." The officer replied feeling sorry for the man. "All we know is a suicide was committed her today and looks like you're the reason why."

"Death follows me." Luke spoke softly. "Do you believe that's possible?" he asked the officer.

Lorelai finally caught up with Rory at the library, she tried to look calm as she approached her.

"Mom?" Rory asked looking up. "What are you doing here?"

"Um... we should probably go outside." Lorelai said scratching her head. Way to not frighten her Lorelai. She thought to herself.

"Okay." Rory replied closing a book and standing up from the table. "What's up?"

"Colleen..." Lorelai paused... damn this was hard to say. "Colleen, was released from the hospital today ... but she didn't go home." Lorelai spoke indirectly.

"And?" Rory replied.

"Well...she went to our house."

"Our house?" Rory asked suddenly. "Why would she go there?"

"To kill herself..." Lorelai mumbled.

"WHAT?" Rory screeched.

"She killed herself in our house Rory." Lorelai said slowly and hard.

Rory looked away from her mother. "Should it really surprise us?" Rory replied. "Our life is an overdramatized thriller movie every day." Rory glanced down at her mother's hand and noticed the ring. "Mom?..." Rory gasped. "That's..." she pointed.

"I know..." Lorelai replied. I'm going to marry him.

"Colleen just killed herself in our house and you're going to marry Luke?"

"No... Luke asked me to marry him before Colleen killed herself." Lorelai quickly replied. "Rory we've got to try to have a normal life, I'm just as tired of all the drama as you are."

"I'm happy you want to marry Luke." Rory replied. "But doesn't it seem odd that Luke asked you to marry him then Dad dies, then Luke asks you to marry him then Colleen dies..."

"Rory stop!" Lorelai objected. "Just stop trying to make sense of all this... It doesn't make sense... it doesn't work... it doesn't add up. But I don't care."

"Mom... you cant just drop everything and .. "

"Rory... please... Let's just get through this, and then put it all behind us and go on with our lives."

"Okay..." Rory whispered.

When they arrived back home they both set their faces to stone determined to get through the whole ordeal as quickly as possible. Luke who had come to grips with what had happened, was sitting on the porch of Lorelai's house. Lorelai walked up to him and sat down beside him.

"Are you okay?" Lorelai asked.

"Yeah." Luke replied. "Just... shocked."

"Luke, I can't go back in that house." Lorelai replied.

"I couldn't either." Luke answered. "I don't even know how I'm going to go back into mine."

"This place is not for us." Lorelai said. "I don't belong here... Rory, doesn't belong here."

"Let's go back to Stars Hollow." Luke interrupted.

"Back?" Lorelai replied. "Every time I go back to somewhere I end up regretting it. Back to Chris back to Mom and Dad."

"You won't regret going back to me, Lorelai. Besides, none of those places were your home. Stars Hollow is your home. It's the only place that's ever going to work out for you."

"You're right, those 6 years had to be the best... give or take a couple deaths."

Rory walked up on the porch after finally getting enough courage to do so.

"Hey, Rory..." Luke replied. "What do you say we all go home?"

Rory smiled. "I'd like that. I've missed Stars Hollow."


Yeah I know the ending kind of came out of no where... but honestly, I couldn't kill off anymore people or possibly add any more drama lol ... it's time I started a new fanfic story anyway. I hope you liked your sequel however, and I hope you continue to read my stories. Love you all, and thanks for all the support and great reviews.