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March 3, 1998

Dear Diary,
I've been so busy! What with the SeeD exams coming up, I have no time to do anything but prepare my students. Most are eager to learn but there are a few I just can't seem to reach. Seifer, for example. He must have taken the test at least three times now and failed it. I've given him extra material to study with but this morning, I found it in the trash. sighs I don't know what I'm going to do with him. Squall seems to be doing okay. I wouldn't be surprised if he were to get a higher rank than I did when he passes. I really like Squall. I wonder if he feels the same? I doubt it. He probably doesn't even think about girls, let alone want to date one. I think we'd make a nice couple, don't you think? We're both stubborn and smart. We've been in Garden together since we were pre-teens. sighs I better not think about it, I have to concentrate on making these exams. I better go. Good-bye until tomorrow diary.