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Song of the Chapter - Adagio From the Moonlight Sonata

Japanese Terms – Yagami:Kamiya, Taichi:Tai, Hikari:Kari, Tailmon:Gatomon, Picodevimon:Demidevimon, Vamdemon:Myotismon, Pinoccimon:Puppetmon, Yamato:Matt, Takeru:TK

Revised on May 14, 2008.

...chapter ONE – Prologue

For the first time in a long while it was quiet at the Yagami apartment. The parents of the home were away for the night, at a social gathering with Yamato and Takeru's. Taichi and Agumon, who normally were rather rowdy, were passed out on top one other on the bed in their room periodically let out snores or varying sound levels. Tailmon was asleep in the living room, instead of with her partner. She was curled up contently, purring in a small, custom made bed specially designed for her size and comfort.

Only Hikari lay awake, curled up in the blankets on her high bed. Her window was open, letting a cold, wintry breeze flow through the room and mingle with the stale air. Absently she pulled her blanket tighter as she found herself thinking about the events involving the digimon. There was much on her mind, such as how each battle seemed to tie in with the previous and the one to come, and of the digimon types themselves.

'Digimon are confusing creatures.' She thought. Some were kind and loving while others were harsh and hateful. Even after almost five years she still didn't completely understand them. Sometimes she tried to compare them to the vast spectrum of human emotions she knew, but it had not worked out well. Humans could show a variety of emotions and personality, and while digimon could as well, it was much more one-sided.

The kind, loving digimon were almost always so - happy and content creatures that only became angry or agitated for small amounts of time, as if no amount of sadness or pain could deter their spirits eternally. These were usually the data types. The harsh and hateful types were also almost always like that as well, but their variant emotions occurred even less often than the data types. She had only seen malevolent creatures show compassion but once or twice, the clearest case being Pinocchimon's yearning for friendship. Any creatures that acted this way were usually the virus type.

The third was less common than the other two, and to Hikari were most like human beings. They were more or less equally happy and sad, and did not get as carried away with their emotions as she had seen others be. Because of this ability to love and hate, their vulnerability was their strength. They had both spectrums of emotions and could sway to the side of good or evil. These were labeled as vaccines.

Even after they were categorized there were inconsistencies. Wormmon was a virus digimon yet he showed characteristics of the data type. Despite everything Ken had done to him he had forgiven the boy over and over, even when he was not asked for it, and continued to stick by his side. It reminded her of the faith and trust Picodevimon had in Vamdemon...and both of them ended up the same way in the end...dead by their master's working, though Wormmon's demise had not been as ghastly, and had come back in the end. Was that to be the fate of all digimon that betrayed their types? Surely not.

Hikari tossed a bit before throwing her blanket to the foot of the bed and sitting up. Silently she climbed down the ladder and shuffled over to the parted window, allowing the crisp breeze to blow back her hair. Outside white snow fell slowly to the already covered ground, creating a fresh coat over the hardened snow of days past. It gained speed with each passing minute. It was two weeks before Christmas, and the weather reinforced the spirit of the holiday, but it just didn't seem to affect her. Instead it reminded her of the day her brother had first gone to the digital world...of the snowstorm in July. 'Or was it August?' She thought, unsure of her memory after so many years.

She glanced upwards to the sky. Circling the moon was a long, snake-like silhouette that moved fluidly around it in what appeared to be a perfect circuit. It traveled the course three complete times before dissipating into the center. She had told her brother about it a couple of weeks prior, citing that it may be a digimon, but he had dismissed it as the hallucination of a sleep deprived teenager.

Hikari sighed and moved back to her bed, climbing back up the stairs slowly and deliberately, wishing she knew why she was the only one that could see it. Her thoughts drifted back to the digital world; back to the viruses types and her enemies of past. Many thoughts ran through her head.

'Why did they all think it was their 'destiny' to overthrow the two worlds? In every single case they claimed the world was theirs to rule...to destroy. They must have had some reason to want to do it, besides their attribute. They must have had some common root. Revenge maybe...but for what? I know Tai is wrong in saying they were simply inherently evil. Evil is in the eye of the beholder, after all. Everything is... They were probably doing what they truly thought was the right thing. Besides, no one is born evil...just somehow corrupted. That happens to digimon...right...'

She had fallen asleep at last.