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A/N: Random thought that happened when Watching Mother Mae-Eye. Best part of the episode: BB-"she's trapped in the pie!" Raven-"uh...sure, why not." This was gonna be a drabble, but it's a bit over.


Mother Mae-Eye stuffs him with pie and sends him off to bed. Sweet Dreams she whispers as he answers, I love you Mother.


The rope breaks over and over, the shout echoes over and over-


He hears the cackle, the Yaga-baba, wicked witch of the west cackle from the kitchen, but dismisses it as imagination. His mother never cackles. His mother is dead

But no, no she's right here, with homely pies and sweaters and ever combing his hair flat. The stupid parted style, that never would lasted a double flip, let alone a quad. Mother never brushed it like that.- Mother is dead.

She's safe, the gingerbread lies, safe and always with you.

Crumpled figure in the center ring

Dead dead he screams, voice harsh and loud in the oven but then she comes and embraces him, captures him No, Mother Mae-eye loves him, she would never harm him, never leave him.

Never leave him...

A snap and a cry and his world is falling.

His mother is de-

His mother-



"I love you Mother Mae-Eye."