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Fatal Lies, Forsaken Hearts

Naraku turned away from the wasp demon, a small smile dancing on his lips. He waved carelessly at the insect as it finished its report.

"You're dismissed."

As the poisonous insect flitted out of the chamber, Naraku's small smile bloomed into a grin of pure malevolence.

"So, Inuyasha," he whispered to himself, "you think you can hide your secrets from me? What a fool you are."

The grin fading into frown of contemplation, the demon rose to his feet. Perhaps it was time to finish the half-breed off for good. However much Naraku enjoyed toying with Inuyasha's emotions, the hanyou was growing too powerful. He needed to be exterminated.

A plan began to form in Naraku's mind, simple in its complexity. He would need to summon Kagura, of course. Walking towards the door, he mentally ticked off the required elements he would need in order to perfect the plan. The hanyou was too strong for his usual deceptions and traps to be effective anymore; he would need something more powerful, more cunning, to destroy the hanyou this time.

Unless . . .

He froze in the act of sliding open the door, his eyes beginning to glow red with cruel delight.

"Yes," he murmured, "yes. That's even better."

Laughing with maniacal sadism, he strolled out into the hall, slamming the door behind him, the sound reverberating through the castle.

As the echo stilled, the oppressive silence of death hung heavily in the air of the empty room.

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Chapter 2 - Trouble in Paradise