Building the Flames

Chapter 1

I wasn't always the way you saw me. I was in fact, very lively…when I was alive. I had a huge dream to become a famous rock-star. I had three great friends, who wanted me to see this dream. I want you to know the real me, before you judge my evil ways…

Ember sat on the toilet in her friend's bathroom. Her friend's hands ran the blue substance through Ember's hair. Ember simply laughed when she hear her friend's curses.

"It's not funny Ember, your hair is so thick, and this hair dye isn't going to get every strand of your hair."

"Then we'll dye it again," Ember replied. "Don't worry so much Candice, the only problem you can't fix is your death, remember that."

"I heard you before," Candice sighed. "There now give it a few minutes to set."

"Thanks Candice, blonde wasn't me."

"And blue is?"

Ember grinned, "Second-degree hot blue flames."

"That made no sense," Candice replied.

"I know."

Ember sat up from the toilet and went o the window to look out. Few cars were parked below. The streets were dirty looking and almost bare, cracks in the sidewalk and street matched the lonely look. It wasn't the greatest of places in Los Angeles. Not the ghetto, but close enough.

"Ember, do you think maybe you're putting too much energy into this rock-star dream. You know only 10 of people who try get in, and only 40 of those people hit it big."

Ember turned sadly to Candice, " I know I am…but if I don't try I'll lose without trying. I'd rather lose by trying then not trying at all."


Pressing her hand to the dirty window, Ember removed it seconds later and examined the print left behind, and then to her now dirty hand. She was ay another friends house in the basement. That's where they all hung out. They usually sat and simply enjoyed the others company.

"Oh yes, Ember I meant to tell you that I'm having some trouble with those boots, but I'm pretty sure I'll finish them in time."

"It's okay Chris, take your time," Ember replied.

He turned and looked back at her friends. Candice was working on some clothing designs, Chris was still looking at her, and Michael was playing paddle on his hand-held game.

Candice was nineteen like Ember, black hair and blue eyes. Her skin was darkly tanned naturally. Her hair cut short at her shoulders. She looked much younger then nineteen and was often thought to be only sixteen.

Chris was a very nerdy guy with no glasses, but many freckles despite him being twenty. The only one in the group going to college and was studying to become a doctor. His eyes were a Coco brown, and his hair a shiny amber color, but buzz cut short.

And Michael was Ember's cousin, his eyes the same forest green, his hair naturally blonde. Many people thought they were twins because of this. His hair was long and tied back in a short ponytail.

"You guys want to go do something tonight?" Michael asked. "I'm tired of us hanging out in my basement."

"If we go to a bar or club, I'm going to get ID, I hate that," Candice said.

"A movie?"

"No money," Ember said. "My next pay cheque doesn't come in until Tuesday."

"We could go to the college football game tonight," Candice smiled. "Jake is playing isn't he?"

Chris nodded; Michael stared at both Ember and Chris. Ember lit right up. Ember smiled sweetly at the group.

"Please, let's go."

Candice looked at the guys, "I don't have a problem with it."

"It would give me time to check out the cheerleaders," Michael said.

"Fine," Chris sighed.

"Yes!" Ember jumped in the air for joy. "Let's go, the game will be starting soon."


Ember sat down on the bench at the college game field. The stands were filled with others wishing to watch the game. The cheerleaders cheered and danced for fans, but also cheered on there home teams.

Chris sat beside Ember, while Candice and Michael were on her other side. Candice still carried her sketchbook with her and was currently coloring a design. Candice wasn't going to college, but hoped to maybe someday get her work bought by a company.

Ember jumped up and cheered whenever their team made a touchdown, as many other fans did as well. Ember turned to Chris, who didn't seem to be too interested in the game.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's just I've never been a big football fan," he replied.

"You want to go?"

"No, don't worry about me, I can watch this one through."

"Don't put yourself through this. Come on, I'll take you back to your dorm room."

"You'll miss your chance to talk to Jake thought."

"He wouldn't have noticed me anyway. I don't think he's really into girls with blue hair," she told him. "Come on, I know you'd much rather be studying."


"Hey guys, I'll meet you back at Michaels later on okay?"

"Alright," Candice said.

"Why my place?" Michael complained.


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