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Building the Flames

Chapter 4

Even now in death, when I'm about to perform I get nervous. Thought I never dare show it towards anyone. The only one who saw through my smiling face was Chris. He could always tell when I was truly nervous. Even now I wonder how he did it, he read me better then I sometimes read myself…

Ember hugged Candice when she saw her. She loved the design so much. Candice laughed and hugged her friend in return. Ember knew that a hug could never really ever truly thank Candice for everything she's done for her.

"Whoa watch it Ember," Candice laughed.

"There perfect, better then I could ever have dreamed."

"Come on," Michael pulled Ember off her friend. "Your up in a few minutes."

"Did you hear her song?" Candice asked Michael.

"Yeah, it was great. Oh yeah, I heard the band practicing it, they got it down pat."

"Great," Ember grinned.

"Miss Ember, your up next." A backstage worker told the group of friends.

"Alright thanks."

"Good luck," Chris told Ember. "And don't act nervous, you'll blow everyone's mind away!"

"What you talking about Chris, she isn't nervous," Michael said.

Ember stared a little shocked at Chris; she thought she had hid it pretty good. "Okay Chris."

Ember turned back to face the stage, where a group before her was finishing up. There were many people back stage. It worried her a little, but like Chris said, don't show your fears, it could show her lack of convenience.

"Alright, here I go!"

The band finished and the stage manager walked out on to the stage to announce the next performer. It was a female, which comforted Ember a little in knowing, she wasn't the only female in the being on stage business.

"Alright all, time for you to meet our next musical guest in this completion, she's a punk, but she still has a pretty face, from what I've been told," the manager looked down at a little card. "Welcome the burning hot blue flame, Ember McLain!"

Ember walked out onto stage, feeling her stomach fall out. She had never been in front of such a huge crowd before. She held her breath, but hid her fears by smiling. "Hello!" She was rewarded with a loud roar from the audience.

"Rock on Ember, show us what you got!" the female said as she backed off the stage. With that Ember was left alone on the stage. She breathed out and smiled at the group.

"Let's rock!"

Ember heard the band start to play, and she started to play her part. They played perfectly along with her, just like Michael said they would. She slammed her pick down on the sting and got the perfect sound she was going for. The drums played hard.

"Yeah! Ohh-ooohhh!" she sang into the microphone in front of her face. "It was, it was September."

Ember felt all the eyes upon her face, she felt shy, but at the same time, she felt powerful, and impossible to break down. She grinned and decided to use the audience as her power, she had to please them, and that's what she was going to do!

"Wind blows, the dead leaves fall. To you, I did surrender," she sung lower, but just as soft. "Two weeks, you didn't call…"

She saw her friends from the corner of her eye cheering her on back stage. She turned her head slightly and winked at them. Turning her head back, she again missed a very read Chris.

"Your life goes on with out me. My life, a losing game," she had ended he softness, and the beat was now slowly quickening with her next few words. "Bu you should, you should not doubt me ,you will remember my name…"

The beat was now at it's beat and Ember had reached her peak of excitement, "Oh Ember, you will remember! Ember, one thing remains! Oh Ember, so warm and tender! You will remember my Name!"

She slowed down at this point to give her voice a short and simple break, "Your heart, you heart abandoned, your wall, now perishing. Like bad dreams in cold December. Nothing but ashes remain…"

Ember felt all eyes on her, the audience cheered and danced to her beat. She felt pride, joy and excitement jolt through her. It excited her, not like anything had ever done before. Ember knew, this was where she belonged. On stage, with people cheering her name.

"Oh, Ember, you will remember! Ember, one thing remains! Ember so warm and tender!" She grinned at Candice who had the biggest grin in the room. This had been the first time she heard Ember with a full band and completed song. "You will remember my name!"

Finally Ember released the remaining of her energy for the grand finale, "Oh-woo-oh-woo, Ember! You will remember. Ember, one thing remains! Ember so warm and tender! You will remember my name!"

By this time, the audience was screaming her name! And she grinned at them all and finished, "Yeah! You will remember my name!"

The band finished up the music and finished it the way it was suppose to go. Ember of course was still full of energy, and all Ember could think of doing was dancing for joy, she knew she did a great job, especially for her first live performance. In a classic rock punk way she stuck her tongue out in a very KISS like way.

"Give it up for Ember!" the manager came back onto the stage. "Take a bow girl!"

Ember did so, the crowd cheered more. "Okay Ember, thanks for coming, we still have a few more tonight. Go treat yourself Ember, you'll be announcing the top 5 later tonight. Next up is Jason Wells, give it up for him!"


Ember and her friend were still running on there enthusiasm from her show earlier. They had gone to the front bar and had gotten a few drinks for themselves, and listened to the rest of the guests trying to win the completion. Ember was excited, the top 5 would go to Boston for an other try-out this time the winner would get a contract with a recording company. Of course, it was Ember's dream she was going to put up a good fight for it.

Candice was so happy; she of course, had already drunk too much. She was wobbling from side to side with a silly grin on her face, having the odd giggling fit. Michael sighed and already decided to take care of her in fear of her safety and maybe a few others out there.

Chris was again quite, as he always was in a bar. Ember again knew he was uncomfortable. She took his hand and smiled at him, "Come on dipstick, don't be so down. How about a dance?"

"W-what!" he half shouted.

"Dance with me."

"Hehehehe, dipstick, go dance with her," Candice took yet another fit of giggles.

"I'll take care of her, go." Michael said not taking his eyes off Candice.

Not long after they left, Candice went into very talkative chirpy mood. "You know you can all be so silly sometimes. Especially Ember, can't even tell when a guys in love with her!"

Michael's eye's widened and stared at Candice. "What?"

"Oh your silly too, you couldn't even tell that little dipstick loves our little fire bug," Candice said again taking on another fit of giggles. "He told me months ago, trying to get love advice."

Michael didn't know what to think, "That explains a lot."

"Okay, everyone calm down, okay calm down! The top five are…"

The room suddenly went silent.

"Jason Wells. Yuri Tashio. Night stacker. Ember McLain and Tom Felton." The manager said. "You five come here afterwards, we'll give you all the info."

Michael stared at Ember on the dance floor; she was jumping on Chris, while he held seven different shades of red on his face. Michael smiled; his friend would nee some real help. Blushing wasn't getting him anywhere. He'd also have to remember to congratulate Ember later too.


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