(NOTE: This is a teaser. The rest of the story is in normal narrative format, so if you dislike script format, you might want to skip straight to chapter one. I just couldn't resist a new opener.)

SCENE: The opening music of the Kim Possible television show begins. We see the wire frame Kim appear, solidify and start to turn cartwheels along her name.

DRAKKEN: (voiceover) Hold it right there!

The opening freeze-frames.

DRAKKEN: (voiceover) Not so fast, Possible. For this story, we're the stars of the show.

SHEGO: (voiceover) Buh-bye, Kimmie.

There's a horrible screeching sound as the opening sequence jerkily reverses itself and fades back to darkness.

The show begins again, but this time things are a little different. A wire frame figure of Shego appears, and a text scroll starts to the right of her on the screen.


She Never Fails

Agent for Destruction to Conquer the World

Drakken's Go-To Girl

Graduate of Yamanuchi Ninja School

Former Superhero

Be Afraid

Ready for Action

Just as this last appears, the wire figure of Shego solidifies and we hear the whoosh of green plasma being thrown punctuating the start of the music. The tune is familiar, but the words are different.

"Oh, no!"

SCENE: We see Drakken driving a small hover vehicle, over the giant word 'Drakken,' avoiding laser bolts. Shego stands in the rear, firing back with her plasma.

SCENE: We switch to a coat-less Drakken typing desperately at a keyboard. Shego stands guard, seemingly warding off something just off-screen.

"We're your basic su-preme pair, and we're here to rule the world."

SCENE: Shego is standing in a doorway into open air, Kim right in front of her. She blows a kiss to Kim, then falls back into the void.

"You can't stop us cause we're Shego and Drak-ken."

DRAKKEN: (voiceover) No top billing for the sidekick!

SCENE: Drakken is working at a machine on his lab bench. He flips on the power and is delighted that it seems to be functioning.

"There is nothing we can't do,"

SCENE: Drakken and Shego stand in front of a giant view screen, talking to Dr. Director.

"And when we're on our way, just know that danger comes"

(softer) "Know that we are dangerous."

SCENE: Shego and Drakken both staring up at an oak tree in Drakken's lab, looking mystified.

"It doesn't matter where or when; we're trouble,

SCENE: Drakken stares at the screen, smiling in glee. His fingertips are pushed together, and he looks incredibly confident.

"We'll make you scream our names, Drakken and Shego!"

SCENE: Shego is waiting in line at the post office in civilian clothes, chatting to the person in front of her and looking surprisingly happy.

"Run and flee us, if you hate to see us,"

"When you want to serve us, that's okay."

"Whenever we scare you, loser."

SCENE: Drakken is singing karaoke, while Shego watches, bored.

"Run and flee us, if you hate to see us.

(softer) Run and flee us, or else you might see us."

SCENE: Drakken is dangling by one hand from the edge of steeply angled air vent. Beneath him stretches the void of the open sky, the ground far below. In terror, he starts to lose his grip.

DRAKKEN: (voiceover) Shego!

SCENE: Shego sitting next to Ron, playing a video game with him.

"Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when,"

SCENE: Shego is holding the stick of an open-hatched hovercraft. It's smoking from the engines, and she's desperately trying to keep it in the air. Drakken is hunched over the engines, trying to fix them even as they start to fall.

"We'll keep trying, until the day we win."

SCENE: Drakken tears off his lab coat and throws it away. It looks like it's dissolving from acid. Then he points a ray gun straight at the screen.

"Danger or trouble, you know we'll cause double."

SCENE: A battered Shego is backed into a corner by a thousand henchmen wearing purple jumpsuits and holding electrically charged clubs. She surrounds her hands with green plasma and charges them with a silent roar.

"You know that you always will fear,"

"Drakken and Shego!"

Drakken's villainous laugh forms the bridge out of the music.

We see Shego talking into a phone.

SHEGO: "So what's the plan?"

The chorus reverbs one last time, "Run and flee us, if you hate to see us!"

Notes: The outline for this sucker clocked in at 10 pages and took me a week to write, but at least I have the whole thing "storyboarded" now, with the scenes all laid out. Just have to write it. I'm not kidding about the high adventure, though I'm mixing it with a lot of characterization for our two favorite villains. Hope my first action fic works well.