Safe with Me

Aayla lay there on the ground dying; she didn't know how much longer she could hold on.

She didn't understand it, one moment they were all on the same side, the next, they were ambushing her.

She found the strength to roll on her back. The pain was beyond imagination. She knew that no one would come for her. Is this how she was to die? Was this the end? She prayed not. But it seemed to be beyond her reach now.

She could hear the sound of the clones that had left her for dead in the distance, it seemed as though her life was flashing before her eyes; she began to think of her childhood, her life. The end was near-very near.

She couldn't move now. And the pain began to get even worse, she tried to call out for help, but nothing could come out. She wished that she could have sensed the ambush coming, but it had happened too fast; she felt as though she had failed. She didn't want to die a failure.

She winced as she felt the pain shooting through her body.

She could faintly sense that someone was near-very near. She hoped that it wasn't anymore clones back to finish the job. She closed her eyes, knowing that her fate would soon be decided by the powerful blaster gun.

But she was wrong. She slowly opened her eyes, half expecting to see a merciless clone. But she was wrong; her eyes met kind blue ones, which were filled with worry and concern. She recognized these eyes. Obi-Wan.

She looked at him with wide eyes; she knew that this was going to be the end for her. It seemed that Obi-Wan could sense that she was feeling this; she could see reassurance in his eyes, they seemed to be speaking to her:

"Don't worry; you're safe with me."