Here's a piece that I just scribbled one day while waiting for my next class to start. In fact, the class I was waiting for was a creative writing course I was taking and it inspired me to play around with this. I'm not sure I sure turn this into a full-blown story, seeing as how I can't think of any sort of plot. Maybe you guys can help me out. Check out this story and if you get any ideas, let me know.

The evening was warm, not too hot or too cool. Although warm, there was not a soul out, due to the fact that is was midnight. The young man was nervous. Damn him for getting caught up at Yugi's and for taking what he thought was a shortcut. Honey-colored eyes swept across his surroundings. He had no clue where he was. He was lost! He couldn't even turn around and head back to his friend's house because every direction looked the same.

A rustle in the wind and Joey whirled around, fists up in front of him. No one was around. A bead of sweat trailed down one cheek. His eyes strained to see if someone was in the shadows, but he couldn't see anything.

A chill ran down Joey's spine. He coud sense someone behind him. He could feel the person's gaze piercing into his back. Whipping around, he found himself staring into the blue eyes of a brown-haired boy about his age. Yet there was something aobut those eyes. They seemed so cold, so icy. It was like looking at an ice king.


The boy smirked at the terrified mortal before him. His victim was too scared to move, the perfect target. Yet, there was something about him that was...attractive. The messy blonde hair, his terrified amber eyes, and his smooth skin. He could hear the teen's heart pumping wildly. He licked his lips. He could almost taste the boy's sweet blood.

"W-who are you?" his prey stammered.

This gave the hunter pause. Shoud he tell him? Why not? The boy wold be dead soon.

"My name's Seto Kaiba. Your hunter. And what's your name?"

"J-Joey Wheeler. And I'm outta here!"

Joey turned to run when a strong hand grabbed his shoulder, immobilizing him. Kaiba spun him around and looked at him hungrily. This was a fiesty one. He liked difficult prey. It made the blood that much sweeter.

Planting his free hand on Joey's other shoulder, he leaned forward, fangs slightly bared. He sank his fangs into Joey's neck, elicting a whimper from his prey. Withdrawing, he whispered into the blond's ear, "Be quiet, mutt." Kaiba then returned to drinking the boy's life substance.

As he drank, he had to admit that the blood had the most delicious taste he had ever encountered. It was sweet, like chocolate or honey, yet it had a slight bitter aftertaste to it that was delightful. He pulled back. It would be a shame to drain the boy dry right then and there. After all, he hadn't come across blood that tasted like this in his life. He could spare the boy's life and still have that blood. He was also aroused by the mutt's reactions to his bloodlust.

He pulled back completely, licking the last bit of blood from his lips and the wound on Joey's neck. Gazing into Joey's eyes, Kaiba hissed softly, "You're a fiesty one. I like that. So, I'm sparing your life. Perhaps next time, you'll be more cooperative." And with those words, the vampire vanished, melting into the shadows.

Well, what do you think? While typing this, I toyed with the idea of Kaiba making Joey pregnant. Contribute your ideas and we might have a good story.