Enemy Attraction

By Liera Antionette

Author's Notes: Okay! This is my first Yaoi story and I'm not sure what category it fits under yet, so bear with me! It's a Final Fantasy Vll thing and the parings are Cloud Strife and Sephiroth.

This is more of a warning if you don't like guy on guy action so please discontinue reading if this does not fit your fancy. Domo arigato gozaimasu. bows formally

Seme is going to be Sephiroth of course…although he looks more feminine than Cloud…

Uke is going to be Cloud although he does appears manlier than my darling Sephiroth does…Ah what the hell! Someone is going to be plowing someone so enjoy the story!

Story Start

Cloud walked into the run down chapel to where it was rumored that Sephiroth was hiding. He clutched his huge blade in his hands as he began to walk into the chapel. It was deathly silent in the familiar chapel. It was to the point where he could hear his very own heartbeat drumming loudly in his own ears. His ears also rang with his own footsteps as beads of perspiration began to appear all over his skin. A slight moan in the distance nearly caused him to trip over his own feet.

He quickly regained his composure and readied the large blade. He looked around slowly until his Mako green eyes found the unmoving form in the large bed of flowers Aeris had planted so long ago. He laid under the pale moonlight that was filtering in from the roof as Cloud crept closer to what appeared to be the sleeping form of his rival and arch enemy…Sephiroth. Surely enough, there he slept. He looked more angelic than he did demonic and so Cloud raised his blade to cut off his head and kill the thing that was before him.

When Cloud went to slash, the demonic angel opened his Mako green eyes. He looked into the blonde boy's same colored eyes making him stop. "Cloud…" he said in a slight whisper, "…you have returned to me at last." He reached out a hand and touched the tip of Cloud's blade. He froze and could no longer move with those eyes boring into his soul like they were. Cloud shut his eyes tightly and shook his head. "Cloud…" His melodic voice carried his name with a sweet passion Cloud wanted, but did his hardest to ignore. "Today shall be your last day you walk among the living!" Cloud brought his sword down hard only to hit nothing but the open space of flowers.

He suddenly felt someone's warm breath on the back of his neck as two strong arms wrapped themselves around his waist from behind making him instantly drop the sword. "You know you can't resist me Cloud…I know you can't…" Cloud soon felt his tongue trail across the back of his neck making him tremble in response. "NO!" Cloud swung his fist backward only to hit open air again. "Come out so I can kill you, you bastard!" Sephiroth's dark chuckle that filled the empty chapel and Cloud's ears was his response. "You wouldn't kill me Cloud…You just don't have it in you after all." Cloud began a mad scramble to retrieve his weapon, but it was quickly kicked away from his grip. "Damn it all!" He went to kick the figure that kicked his sword away only to find himself looking upwards at the moon.

He was on his back in the flowerbed. Cloud tried to get up, but his arms and legs suddenly felt like lead and they were weighing him down. He suddenly felt so tired and it was like his energy was completely gone. "You're still under my power as you can see…" Sephiroth finally appeared before him donning a long silk sheet. "You try to fight so hard, but as you see you still do not have the power to defeat me after all." He straddled Cloud's hips and lowered his lips to his. "Tell me something Cloud…Why do you resist me so? Why must you always fight what you have always desired?" Cloud's eyes felt heavy when Sephiroth kissed his neck ever so gently.

He shut his eyes as he struggled to say his words. "Because…you are th-…the fiend I am meant to-!" He was cut off as Sephiroth locked his lips with his in a deep, powerful kiss. His thoughts vanished into nothing as Sephiroth's tongue collided with his and began a mad dance like a serpent. He felt those smooth hands snake up his shirt making him moan against his lips at the touch. It felt like heaven was brought to earth for the pleasure he was receiving from Sephiroth. "Do you actually desire me Cloud? The very body of that which you loathe?" He shut his eyes once again as he turned his head away from his alluring enemy making him laugh at the slight resistance.

He leaned up against him, pressing his entire body against his just to whisper in his ear softly. "…I know you desire me to become your koibito Cloud…for I desire you to become mine as well." Cloud's heart skipped a beat. What was this strange feeling in the pit of his stomach? Why was he allowing this horrible lust, this undying ache of longing for his enemy to well up inside him? Sephiroth had quickly tore his shirt off and stroked his smooth chest. Cloud trembled under those very light touches. He could feel his arousal stirring from rubbing against Sephiroth's. He smirked coolly as he began his attack on the helpless Cloud.

He started with his lips, nibbling at them until he finally broke down and granted him access. He thrust his tongue inside the warm depths eagerly as he soon started the torture that would have Cloud at his mercy like he had always wanted him. He abandoned the freshly bruised lips to nip along his jaw line, placing gentle kisses here and there as he made his way to his supple neck. He kissed him there gently before sinking his teeth in eliciting a gasp mixed with surprise and pleasure from his uke. He went to bite harder, but Cloud almost cried out for him to stop. Therefore he silenced him with another of his kisses making him gasp for air afterwards.

Cloud tried to force Sephiroth off of him, but ended up with both of his hands captured and pinned above his head. Sephiroth soon continued to bite and lick his way all the way down to his torso. All of his little ministrations were just too much for Cloud to bear. His arousal was straining hard against his trousers and was probably weeping while begging for release as well. He felt a tongue flick across his chest towards his nipple and began to bite him semi-hard, lick, and suck on it until it was red from the abuse. When a soft, pleasured moan escaped Cloud's lips, Sephiroth looked at him with a devilish smirk upon his fine lips. "Hm hm…Apparently you're enjoying this as much as I am." He leaned up against Cloud and began to whisper in his ear once again. "…Tell me that you desire me and I shall claim you as my koi…"

Did Cloud really want that? Did he really want to become the lover of his enemy? "I-…" Cloud shut his eyes tight and rolled his head away from Sephiroth who had him pinned underneath his body. Was he really going to give Sephiroth what he wanted? "…Just say you'll be my itoshii…just say it…" Cloud sighed as he finally gave into his desires. "…I want you Sephiroth…I have always wanted you." With that being said, Sephiroth grinned in victory as he tore off the rest of Cloud's clothes and his last line defense. Sephiroth looked at the nude Cloud and had the look of worship in his lust clouded eyes. He finally let the silk sheets abandon his body as he climbed on top of Cloud who had a slight blush against his cheeks.

Sephiroth stroked his blonde hair lovingly as his silver hair cascaded over them like the moon. He kissed his uke on the lips passionately and was slightly surprised to have received a response from him. He slid a hand in between their bodies and wrapped it around his throbbing erection. Cloud gasped against his seme's lips as he stroked his weeping member. "You want more, nee itoshii?" Cloud gasped as he stroked him harder. "Tell me koi…do you want more?" "H-H-Hai!" Sephiroth smirked as he trailed his tongue slowly down Cloud's body. Cloud closed his eyes as he dug his nails into the earth below as Sephiroth stopped to tease his nipples again.

He ran his thumb gently over the small slit making his uke tremble with lust he held in for so long. He continued his descend downwards, stopping here or there to place a gentle kiss. He needed him to be as relaxed as he could possible get him for what he wanted him to do. Cloud was squirming as Sephiroth got lower. He was so anxious to feel his now lover's mouth. Sephiroth, sensing that Cloud was losing patient, smirked and then went as slow as he possibly could. He moaned as Sephiroth teasingly touched the tip of his throbbing erection with the tip of tongue.

Cloud tired to buck his hips upwards so he could feel his lips around his shaft, but realized that it was in vain. Sephiroth had his hips pinned and smiled seductively at him. "No, no my kawaii chibi uke-san…I wanna take my time before I have my way with you." Cloud leaned his head back as he shut his eyes tightly. "(Gods! He's torturing me! I can't possibly-!)" Cloud moaned loudly as he felt Sephiroth take his entire length into his mouth. He tried desperately to buck upwards but couldn't as he slowly came up off his manhood.

"Gods Sephiroth!…One-…onegai!" Sephiroth smirked as he blew gentle on the tip of his penis making him quiver. "Nani onegai nee uke-san?" Cloud's eyes rolled into the back of his head as Sephiroth inserted one of his fingers inside him. He pushed down as he felt them penetrate his very being. "I-…Itai!" "Does it hurt itoshii? Do you wish me to stop?" Sephiroth went to remove his head, but with a sudden burst of strength, Cloud stopped his hand from leaving him. "Iie…Don't stop now…onegai." Sephiroth smirked as he kissed Cloud back and took his length back into his mouth while insert his finger and shocking him when he inserted a second. Cloud's moans filled the area and Sephiroth's ears as he felt his climax building fast. He was using his two fingers to stretch him out as much as he could before he could have some actual fun.

When Sephiroth pushed in a third finger to stretch him out completely, Cloud arched his back pushing the digits deeper and his penis down Sephiroth's throat. He smirked inwardly as he started to slowly move them in and out while sucking on Cloud's penis furiously. Cloud moaned and squirmed as he felt it rising faster and faster with each motion Sephiroth would make. He nearly screamed when he finally came in his mouth. He fell back as Sephiroth licked his lips. "You taste wonderful itoshii…"

Cloud was dazed as he heard his words. He thought, for just a brief moment, he could almost hear him purr those words. Sephiroth climbed back onto his body and smiled down at him. "Are you satisfied itoshii?" Cloud looked at him with blurry mako-green eyes and shook his head no. He could feel something new and larger pressed slightly in his entrance. "Do you want more?" Sephiroth was taunting him and Cloud knew it. He shook his head making Sephiroth smirk. He leaned up against him, pushing hi length into him slowly, but stopping when he reached his ear.

He began to whisper seductively as Cloud quivered from his warm body pressed against his. "…I wanna hear you say it itoshii…I want you to say something to urge me on…" Cloud opened his eyes once again and looked into his silvered haired seme's eyes. "I-…I want more Sephiroth…" He smiled and began a fierce kiss with Cloud. He cried out when Sephiroth entered him with one quick thrust. His body began to shake as Sephiroth tried to relax his him with his mouth and hands. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, Cloud wrap his arms around Sephiroth's neck and nodded his head. He moved around slightly and then looked back at Sephiroth. "I-…I'm ready."

Sephiroth kissed him once again as he began to slowly slide in and out of him so he could get use to the feel of this. He was waiting patiently for Cloud's moans to turn from pain to pleasure, until he struck a spot in him that made him thrash violently. "A-…Again! Do that again!" Sephiroth smirked as he began to thrust harder and faster with Cloud's moans urging him on to the brink of insanity. He stopped for a bit to place Cloud's legs on his shoulders and began to go faster. He wrapped his hand around his shaft and stroked top the time of his thrust while with the other hand he was rubbing his inner thigh making him squirm and moan.

Sephiroth soon began to moan as he felt his release edging ever so close. He used the hand that he was rubbing his thighs with to hold his hips as he thrusted harder still. With a loud moan and quick gasp, Sephiroth emptied his very essence deep inside Cloud, who came at the same time as he. He collapsed onto his chest panting heavily as Cloud picked his head up lazily to place a kiss on his lips. Sephiroth finally caught his breath and moved out of Cloud to look at him. "Ashitreu itoshii…" Cloud looked at him with a confused look on his face that soften after Sephiroth kissed his forehead. "Ashitreu…" Cloud wrapped his arms around Sephiroth as he doze off. Sephiroth lay looking at his sleeping face before he sighs heavily. He looks up to the hole in the roof to see that the sun had came up.

He looked into his sleeping face once more and smiled. He kissed his forehead gently and wrapped his arms lovingly around Cloud's waist.

"I will always have a deadly attraction to the one I call my enemy…Ashitreu…Now and always…"


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Japanese translations



Koibito-lover or boyfriend

Koi-word is used as love in this story



Kawaii chibi uke-san- my cute little submissive one


Nani onegai nee uke-san?-Please what my submissive one?

Itai-either it hurts or ouch…I can't remember…


Ashiteru-I love you