Enemy Attraction

By Liera Antionette

Well this is more of an update than an actual chapter. Since it seems many people have reviewed this story so positively, I was thinking of re-writing it and continuing it. I wrote this oh so long ago for a friend and me personally…I thought this was my worst story to date! Lol So give me a couple and I should have an updated one and the continuation…Thank you all who have read and have probably been waiting for me to finish this…Sorry to all of you.

And to all those that are review about the non existent plot, well that is another reason I am re-writing this. I wrote this like 5 years ago for a friend thinking it was just a story they wanted and posted it for them...I had no idea so many people would like this...so...just give a moment to see if I can at least make all the chapters flow correctly and make some sense thant what I just randomly wrote down. Thank you.