Author's Notes: Yes, I know I should be updating my other fics instead of making another one. But bear with me. I just had to get these ideas out of my head and onto paper. I will finish everything eventually, but until I do, just go along with it. It's not like I'm getting paid to do this... Okay, that sounded pretty snappy. And kind of petty.


Chapter 1 - Kung-Fu Fighting

Danny strode down the street with his best friends Tucker and Sam. Just another day of stirring up trouble in their own particular way. Today, they were playing the part of mallrats. Sam was the only one with the pocket money to spend anything on, but that didn't mean Danny and Tucker couldn't loiter in the shops coveting everything they liked. Anyway, coveting was something Danny had been doing a lot of lately. Paulina, Freedom Force 2, the Rollercoaster Tycoon expansion pack, Paulina, Hellboy on DVD, that new Judas Priest album, Paulina, tickets to see Land of the Dead, that really cool new Neil Gaiman book, Paulina, one of those sweet Misfits leather jackets, tickets for the upcoming Gotham Road concert, Sam, Bruce Campbell's new book... Wait a second, did he just think Sam? No, couldn't be. Anyway... a guitar, a new model rocket kit, Sam... Wait, did he just think Sam again?

Danny hazarded a glance at his best friend from the corner of his eyes. This was starting to get to him more than he cared to admit. She was always on his mind. Last night, he had fallen asleep to the memory of when he had kissed her in his parents' lab to fool his father, which he only remembered because Sam wished it, even though it meant he had memories of two lives lived, which shouldn't be physically possible, yet clearly was happening anyway, thus creating a juxtaposition of reality and - Argh! Brain cramp! Abort! Back to the kissing thing!

Danny shook his head to clear it and thought back to that moment. He still remembered the deep blush in her cheeks and the slightly dazed, happy look on her face. Did she really enjoy that? He sure as hell did. At the time, it had seemed like a pretty damn good idea. Yes, it did serve to create a ploy that tricked his dad, but at that moment, he was thinking more about how much he enjoyed getting his first kiss from the hottie who gave him superpowers. It was only after the fact that he learned that it was actually his second kiss, but still... his thinking then did have some truth to it. He had Sam to thank for a lot. And she was very attractive. Her eyes had a sort of fire to them that-


Danny immediately realized he had been staring at Sam with a dreamy expression on his face. Real smooth, Fenton.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked with a mixture of concern and suspicion.

"Uh... sure," Danny lied. "I just... sort of let my mind wander."

"Along with your eyes," Tucker added with a smirk. "You really should get a leash for those things."

Great, not only had he been staring at Sam, he was also openly checking her out? "I just have too much blood in my caffeine system." With the frequency of these slip-ups, Danny was getting pretty good at backpeddling and improv-ing. The first rule was to avoid sounding defensive. That just made the situation worse.

"Well we can fix that," Sam said with one of her devilish grins. Those usually meant one of three things. Either she had just come up with a rather ingenius plan, she was about to do something nasty to someone, she was in a thrill-seeking mood, or any combination thereof. "There's a new cafe down by the waterfront that serves a special line of teas and coffees so rich, that one sip is enough to leave you addicted to caffeine for a week. The place is called Shock Treatment."

Tucker's eyebrows went up. "Isn't that the place where the guy supposedly got a heart attack from caffeine O.D. after drinking their coffee?"

Both Danny and Tucker's faces lit up. "We're there dude!" they shouted in unison.

"It's summer again," Tucker sighed happily. "I've already got a head start on rotting my brain, but I need to make up for lost time."


Sam couldn't help but smile as they changed course from the mall to the waterfront, which was only a couple blocks away. Boys were so easy to please. It was a good thing too, because with summer upon them there was going to be a lot of excess free time during which she would have to keep them busy. This would hopefully be a memorable year, though. Danny was now a superhero fighting ghosts and had finally found his calling in life. He was a textbook case of unlikely hero, but she had come to admire him more than ever for it.

Sam had admitted to herself a while ago that her feelings for him had completely changed from platonic to romantic. Which was a fancy way of saying she like him as more than a friend. But "like" wasn't a strong enough word. Sam wouldn't admit it out loud, but she had admitted to herself than she was hopelessly in love with Danny. He was her knight in haz-mat armor.

Fortunately, she was better at poker-facing than Danny and was able to keep herself from showing her joy at seeing him openly checking her out. It gave her hope. As of late, he'd been showing less and less interest in Paulina. He still wanted to achieve popularity, but that was more out of his desire for acceptance than anything else.

Of course, being a superhero seems to also go with having incredibly unlucky timing. When they were within eyeshot of their destination, a whisp of blue smoke escaped Danny's lips. "Damn!" he cursed in exasperation as he slapped his forehead. "It's supposed to be summer vacation!"

"Don't worry, dude," Tucker grinned as he and Sam moved to block an alleyway. "We gotcha covered."

Danny slipped into the alley. "I'll make this quick... I'm goin' ghost!" The familiar rings of light slid up and down Danny's body, transforming him into Danny Phantom. He shot up and out of the alley like a bullet into the sky and arced off toward where he believed the ghost to be.

"Good thing I made a habit of carrying around this," Tucker commented as he pulled out his Fenton thermos.

"Think you can handle that with your brain rotted as it is?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"Can you?" Tucker retorted.

Sam snatched the thermos out of his hand, twirling it around her finger like a Wild West gunslinger. She smirked smugly and went off to catch up with Danny.

She rounded the corner and immediately froze in her tracks. In her days helping Danny with his ghost fighting, she had seen some pretty weird stuff in her day. She had seen a mad scientist ghost with an ego problem. She had helped hide an interdimensional fugitive with a shedding problem that could only speak an auxiliary language. She had fought movie monsters. She had even been turned into a dragon. But this somehow was just too weird.

Tucker was similarly shocked. "Sam?"


"Am I really looking at Danny fighting a samurai ghost?"



Danny was nimbly trying to stay ahead of the blade that a ghost in full red samurai armor was wielding. The only difference was that instead of wearing a helmet, the ghost wore a headdress with a thick white mane and a demon mask hiding the face. The ghost was also shouting expletives in Japanese, making it difficult to tell just what this was all about.

"I'm not sure..." Danny quipped as he glided out of the way of the ghostly blade again, "but I'm pretty sure you need a permit to carry one of those in public and you can't bring it into bars."

"Kisama!" the ghost shouted back. The two flew back and sized each other up. "Halfa?" the Japanese ghost asked with a suspicious tone.

"Oh, you've heard of me then?" Danny asked rhetorically. "Good to know I've got an international reputation."

The samurai ghost bowed once in mid-air then stepped back into a fighting stance and positioned his sword as if he were standing on solid ground. "Danny Phantom... Omae o korosu."

Danny just arched an eyebrow and lifted one hand with a half-frown. "Sorry, but you're lost in translation." He fired a single ectoplasmic blast, catching the ghost off-guard and hitting it squarely in the chest.

Sam uncapped the thermos and sucked the spectral samurai inside. "Am I the only one wondering what the hell that was all about?" she asked in confusion.

"No, and frankly I don't care." Danny descended to the ground and transformed back to human form now that the area was clear. "It was just a minor distraction on our route to poisoning ourselves with caffeine." His smile was back, as was his good mood. "Shall we?"

Eh. Pondering this weird incident could wait. Junk food awaited.


Author's Notes: This was just an idea I cooked up to bring a little variety to the show's mythos. I think you'll like where this is going.