To my beloved readers….I am at an impasse. I have the next chapter ready to post, but after a recent review I don't know if I should post it or not….This recent review did nothing but point out faults with my story….a story mind you that is FICTION! This review even offered up ideas on how I should rewrite it, because they felt that they had read too many stories like it. Well I for one feel that if you start a story and don't like it then don't review because now it has been ruined for others who have loved it and enjoy reading it…..I will think about this for the next couple days and come to a conclusion about whether or not I will post the next chapter….I would like those of you who do enjoy this story to let me know how you feel about this current situation.

Thank you to all those who have given good reviews to my story and who have helped kept my inspiration for this story going.