It wasn't meant to be like this

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George Weasley paused outside the dining room at the Burrow, watching his family bicker at the annual Christmas Luncheon. The room was covered in messy decorations, bits of tinsel hanging off the doorways and windows, holly hanging above the table and a large pine tree crammed into the corner of the room. Ripped pieces of colorful paper, which had previously, hidden the children's gifts were flying about the room and not one person made an effort to clean it up. George smiled as he observed his mother, peacefully sitting, watching her large family with a satisfied expression on her face. Ordinarily she would have fussed over everybody, worried about how the meal tasted and become frustrated at the messy state of her home. But this year was different. This year she had no worries, no more children to find partners for, no more Dark Lords forming insane plots, and her husband had begun to spend more and more time away from work. George imagined his dad wanted to drift away from the ministry slowly before they fired him. It was not that he was disliked, or not useful, but after the war some people thought fresh blood was needed in the ministry, and now was the time when things were changing. Besides, Mr. Weasley didn't seem to mind – this way he got to spend more time with his grandchildren.

"George!" A bossy voice called from the living room.

George turned away from his family, a small grin forming on his face. Of course, at the dinner table a very important person had been missing. His wife.

As he walked into the living room he saw Hermione lying on the couch, her shoes kicked off halfway across the room and her legs resting on the arm of the couch. She did not look like the girl of many years ago, so prim and proper. He didn't think much had changed since they'd gotten married, it seems the only thing that would change Hermione Granger was a pregnancy…

He leant over the couch and placed a soft kiss on her forehead, trying to sooth her. He'd never felt so lucky. Who would have thought after years of friendship, fighting and complications that he would have gotten the girl? And not just any girl, but Hermione Granger. If you'd told him this 10 years ago he'd have laughed hysterically, then called St. Mungos, because if anyone truly believed this they'd have to be clinically insane. But as he pushed her legs aside and pulled her small body onto his lap he caught a whiff of her hair in his face. The same bushy, uncontrollable hair she'd always had, the only difference was now it was his. Because she was his.