Me and My Shadow

Please Robin, free me.

I can't, if I were to free you, people would die…

But you owe them nothing, you have fought for them, protected them, what have they done for you?

They don't deserve what you wish to do to them.

Are you so sure? People try to kill you everyday, and those who you protect seem to be ungrateful.

They don't really understand.

So why protect them? Why not take what you want, what you deserve. Money, power, respect, free me and I'll give it to you.

I can't.

Why not?

What about them?

You mean you little friends? You are a fool if you truly believe they care about you. They use you. For you have supplied them with what they want.

You gave them the means to continue their illusions. A tower, a city and a name so they could fight those they label evil in this unimportant city, so that they may pretend they are heroes.

They are heroes.

They are nothing! And they despise you, yet you pretend they do not.

They are my friends; don't even try to trick me to believing otherwise.

You're tricking yourself. What about the first time you released me? What did your 'friends' say then?

That was my mistake.

The only mistake you made was not letting me kill them. You can try and hold me in Robin, but you know I'm right. They hate you, and they always will. Because you gave them their illusions and you could take it from them.

As you so nearly did when you let me free, for that brief and glorious moment when you had them at your mercy. Yet you chose to shove me aside and hide me. To deny what you want in order to do what you believe is that right thing.

I learned a lesson that day. I knew I could never let myself be drawn into dark influences again. When I let it happen my friends were hurt, and Slade gained the upper hand.

You are part of me, I won't deny that. I don't like it, but it's true. Fight it all you want, I will never release you again. You won't hurt another.

You will remain as you are, simply my shadow.

Damn you…

Sorry Red-X, but a shadow, a mistake, is all you are.

Normal POV

Robin's eye opened slowly, he sat in Raven's room beside her, joining her in meditation.

"Well Robin, I helped you journey into you subconscious. Did you find what you were looking for?" Raven asked in her tired tone of voice.

Robin nodded and stood up. "Yes, thanks for your help Raven."

"Robin I will respect your wishes if you do not tell me, but what was it you needed to see?" Raven question.

Robin paused. "I was just checking on X." He replied.

Raven looked confused, but Robin simply left the room, leaving her to consider what he had told her.


AN: Okay, so essentially this story is about Robin conversing with the dark side of his mind. Which is represented by Red-X, who Robin released once in 'Masks'.

I know it must be confusing, but inspiration struck me and I had to write this.