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CHAPTER ONE: Baker's Dozen Times Three

"Kuro-piiiiiiii!" cried a voice, just as Kurogane's office door slammed open.

Kurogane gritted his teeth as he tried to resist yelling. He kept his eyes glued to the paper sitting on his desk.

A tall, thin man strode into the office, his white lab coat rustling behind him. The man had blond hair and piercing ice blue eyes– those which stared at the man hunched over his desk, who was obviously concentrating a little too hard on the paper in front of him.

The blond man placed one hand on his hip and pouted.

"Kuro-tan, it's only the third day of school and you're already ignoring me?"

Kurogane didn't look up but was definitely starting to lose his cool. One hand was clenching a clump of his spiky black hair while his teeth were in danger of being ground into powder.

"Now, now, Kuro-chi– let's not be so antisocial, okay? And it's lunch break so let's go grab some food, okay? And can I pick? There's this place I've been wanting to go– is that okay? And–"

"Will you shut up, fool!" Kurogane roared, jumping up from his seat and nearly overturning his desk.

"Leeeeeet's goooooo!" Kurogane's "fool" of a friend cried, seeing an open opportunity. He linked arms with Kurogane and dragged him out the office door.

– – –

"Konnichiwa, Fai-sensei!"

"Florite-sensei! Which chapter did we have to read?"


"Hmm?" Fai, followed by an extremely reluctant Kurogane, turned around. "Oh! Chi!"

"Here are the copies you asked for!" said the ivory haired girl. She handed the heavy stack of packets to Fai.

"Thank you, Chi. Have a good lunch!" Fai said cheerfully.

"I will!" Chi waved as she hurried down the hall.

After Fai stopped by his room to drop off the packets and shed his lab coat, he and Kurogane passed through the entrance of Tsubasa Academy. Students rushing out to lunch bid cheery hellos to the two teachers (which Kurogane merely replied with a grunt).

– – –

As Fai continued his cheerful chatter (as usual), he led the way to a quaint little place. The sign read The Ginryuu Café.

"This place just opened last week," Fai said as he pulled open the door. "It's gotten pretty good reviews."

Kurogane responded with a bored grunt. Food was food and lunch was lunch.

When Fai had pulled on the door, the bells that hung at the top corner of the door chimed lightly.

A pair of students donning Tsubasa Academy uniforms were at the cash register just paying for their lunch. As the two students headed to the door, they greeted the teachers formally.

"Freshmen," Fai chuckled as he approached the glass case. "Do you realize they seem to be smaller every year?"

"You're telling me," Kurogane muttered. "Can be a serious pain sometimes– especially during the basketball unit–"

"Ooooh! Kuro-bun! Looky here!"

"Will you stop that!" Kurogane cried, irritated by the constant stream of pet names. Nonetheless, he turned his attention to the case.

"That looks so yummy!" Fai said, hands flat against the glass shield.

"Oi! I just cleaned that! Hands off!" said a new voice.

A tan girl appeared behind the counter, her arms folded across her chest. She had short black hair that was cut in an unusual style; the hair was cut shorter in the back and longer in the front– like a reversed angle cut.

"D'you know how much Windex costs these days?" she continued.

"Ah, I'm sorry. I was just admiring that muffin over there." Fai's smile widened (if that was even possible) and he removed his hands from the glass.

The girl merely stared at Fai and then shifted her gaze to Kurogane, who stared back with his blood-red eyes.

"What?" he asked with a clearly annoyed tone.

The girl's face indicated that she was annoyed with Kurogane's tone but she made no remark of it.

"Give me a shout when you're ready to order," she said stiffly and then disappeared into the kitchen.

"Oooh! That looks good! And that looks good! And that–"

"Hurry up and order dammit!" Kurogane roared.

The tan girl came rushing back out, face alert. When she saw it was spiky haired guy causing the commotion, her face slumped back into boredom.

"You ready to order?" she asked Fai.

"Sure am! I'll take this and that– and oh that looks great! Two– no! Three of those, please!"

As the girl boxed Fai's order, Fai leaned against the counter staring at Kurogane.

"What?" Kurogane asked, irked by Fai's stare.

Fai tapped a finger to his chin as he scrunched his nose and his face into a very thoughtful look.

"I was trying to remember... ah! D'you remember Arashi-san?"

"Kishu?" Kurogane's brow furrowed. "That home ec teacher?"

Fai snapped his fingers as his face brightened.

"Yes! Remember she made those delicious fried sushi rolls–"

"Your point?" Kurogane interrupted, bored look on his face.

"And Sora-chan! Remember him?"

"Arisugawa? How could I forget him?" Kurogane continued in his bored voice. "I've only worked with him for the last two years and I just saw him in the staff room yesterday."

"Exactly!" Fai clapped his hands together. "Rumor is that those two eloped!"


"Eloped! C'mon, Kuro-chan! Don't you know what 'elope' means?"


"And now they're looking for a new home economics and history teacher!"

"What a pain," Kurogane said as he scratched the back of his head. "That means we'll hafta get used to more newbies..."

"You know you like to make new friends!" Fai said.

"That'll be forty-four dollars," interrupted the tan girl.

"Kuro-chan! I think I left my wallet in the lab– can you pay for me?"


"Thankies! I'll see you after school!" Fai grabbed his three boxes filled with pastries and pranced out the door.

Kurogane and the cashier stared at Fai's back and the café fell quiet except for the jingle of the doorbell.

"Well..." the girl started.

Kurogane glared at her.

"I want coffee. Black. No sugar. Now."

– – –

As Kurogane left the café, cranky over having to pick up Fai's tab again, the cashier sighed and looked around. She smiled inwardly, happy that business had been going better than expected.

"Souma?" called a voice from the kitchen.

"Yeah?" the tan girl called back.

"Can you help me with this new batch of muffins?"

"Sure thing," Souma said, heading to the kitchen.

Before Souma could enter the kitchen, a large basket of assorted muffins blocked her entry, along with a girl balancing two other baskets in her arms.

Souma grabbed the basket closest to her.

"Thanks," sighed the other girl. "Who would've thought muffins would weigh so much!"

Souma smiled at her friend and nodded.

Tomoyo brushed off her hands on her apron when she set the muffins on the counter. A cloud of flour arose into the warm air. Sweeping back her long, dark purple hair (and trying to rid the flour that stained the ends), Tomoyo asked, "What was all that shouting earlier?"

Rolling her eyes, Souma started to arrange the muffins behind the glass. "Just some weird pair of friends– oh! Get this! I overheard them talking–"

"Who couldn't?" Tomoyo laughed.

"Yeah, really," Souma agreed, again rolling her eyes. "But they were talking about some of their fellow teachers–"

"They were teachers?" Tomoyo's bright lavender eyes widened. "Pretty loud to be teaching–"

"Will you let me finish? And they said something about the school looking for a new home ec teacher!"

Tomoyo grabbed the third basket and also arranged the muffins.

"Is that so?" she asked in an air of mild interest.

"C'mon, Tomoyo! I know you want to do it! What could be better? You love to cook, bake, sew– and this job has got it all!"

"Hmm..." Tomoyo replied in the same airy voice.

"I mean, you'll probably hafta put up with that jerk of a teacher and his happy-go-lucky friend but hey! The sacrifices we all make!"


"Tomoyo? Are you listening?" Souma placed her hands on her hips.

Finally, emptying her basket, Tomoyo looked up. "I don't know, Souma. After all, we just opened the café..."

"Aw, don't worry!" Souma said cheerfully. She slapped her friend on the back, making another cloud of flour puff into the air. "Besides, it's not like you have to stop working here! Besides, I can manage!"

Tomoyo didn't answer but only smiled at her friend.

After a moment, before reentering the kitchen, she murmured, "We'll see. We'll see."

And back at Tsubasa Academy in Kurogane's office...

A muffin sat on Kurogane's desk with a note propped up next to it.

On it, written in neat handwriting was–

For Kuro-pi

Kurogane stood above his desk, his hand shaking so violently that his coffee was in danger of sloping over his desk.

"Damn him..." he muttered, drawing out his words.

It was going to be another long school year.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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