City Of Angels

Chapter 1

Allison's car pulled up the driveway, parked, and opened. She quickly got out, and bounded for her friend's old house in Venice, furious at the lateness of her errand. She quickly got in and flicked the TV on, and she went about her promise to help Kevin with cleaning and packing this house for sale, while he finished his doctorate in Hawaii. She was a startling 5'10, with beautiful dark hair, and brown eyes. She had a degree in vet science, and a degree in meteorology, if only to best Kevin, and continue the fun high school torture of her knowing more. He was an atmospheric science major, with a lot of recognition within the high government offices, including the National Severe Storms Laboratory, NOAA, and the National Weather Service. Of course, his greatest reference and scholar was his professor Dr. Gary Hauloakianoa, or Dr. Hal. But as Kevin had said many times, his greatest help and influence was Allison, and that, plus the fact that they have been best friends since high school, was the reason why she chose to help house watch and pack it for moving. Of course, she never fully understood his thinking, like why he chose to sell this beautiful house here on the beach for an almost rundown that he had a crew working on back in the Hollywood Hills. When questioned, his only reply would be because I would like to be more inland.

Today, though, was a little different. She really wanted to use his plasma (how he got it, she could never find out) to try to catch the tail end of the Global Warming conference in New Delhi. They both had been really interested about the state of the climate, not only because of their fascination with weather, but also because of the startling story months ago of satellite pictures and scientist report of the North Pole being basically complete blue ocean and the average temperature being about 60 degrees Fahrenheit, far from the normal 40 degrees. She hit the on button, turned the remote to a high volume, and went to the back of the house, looking over the ocean, to finish sealing and transporting the last of the boxes, before it was finally time to pack the TV (she stalled in order to make full use of it). She taped the remaining 4 boxes, listening to the reporter in India.

"I am here outside the Global Warming convention in New Delhi, where, if you can believe, it is snowing. The coldest weather on record, has thrown the city into chaos..."

Allison stopped, not believing a word she heard, and turned to the big screen. Sure enough, there was a reporter, dressed in a heavy parka, with snow falling all around. And as if the news crew knew of her disbelief, a view of the Taj Mahal, with snow capped tops, filled the screen. Surely though, this must be a prank. This has to be... there was no way this was real. A low rumble came then from the pacific, and she turned toward the ocean. A dark, black cloud was coming over the horizon, bringing lightning in the distance. Her first instinct was to phone Kevin, and get his opinion, and to see if this particular news report was just a prank of the irony of protesters outside about the US and global warming. But then again, last she heard, he, and the rest of the meteorology department and soon-to-be-grads were frantically tracking about 2-3 severe storms, all of which at this point have become tropical storms. Her logic told her that even though he was always happy to talk to her, he was probably very stressed. She turned back, packed the last boxes up on a dolly, and carted them out to the moving truck, which had been coming here for 2 days.

On returning to the TV, ready to disconnect it, she just stopped to listen for a few more minutes. Now the reporter was talking about an almost heated argument between the vice president and the speaker, an American paleoclimatologist. Of course, the news crew was deeply immense in laughter of the VP arguing with a member of his own nation on whether the environment was as fragile as the economy. She shut it off, and bent down to the plug, when her cell phone rang. She took a quick glance at the LCD screen, at the number. To her surprise, it was Kevin. She quickly answered it. "Hey"

"Hey Alli, I finally got a break here, how's the house, you know, if you don't want to keep working on it, I can probably find a way to extend to time limit" Typical Kevin, cared more about his friends than his well being, but she knew he didn't really mean what he said, he was already feeling guilty for making her do this.

"C'mon, you know just as well as I do that this house is suppose to be empty and ready by 3pm today, so what's up?"

"I just thought I'd check up on it, you know" Yah, right, sure, she thought

"Kevin, what's going on?"

"You already know of the 3 cells we were tracking, well, one has finally gotten past the hurricane stage, and dissipated, for some reason. But there are still two, we have the growing category 5 typhoon off the coast of New Zealand expecting to make landfall all the way into Australia by this evening, and then there is the tropical storm south of here for us, just standing there. And now there is another storm brewing in the south pacific, starting to some north...its been crazy"

Allison was about to except this, but something popped into her head, "Anything else I should know?"

There was a long pause. "We have also notice that global weather patterns and climate have been shifting. For the continental US, it seems the weather patterns have shifted west. I just wanted to know if anything unusual has been happening over there."

She thought about the thunderstorm out by the ocean, "No, just a few more thunderstorms, and the news trying to get me to believe that India has snow."

"Uh, Alli, New Delhi is currently minus 5 degrees Celsius. It really is snowing over there. And speaking of the conference, it looks like our global warming theory was already thought of, and recently proven. Scary when you think it, and take notice of the changes going on in our weather. Well, I'm getting called again, I happen to be in charge of the Hawaii tropical storm team, for the storm south of us. Take care, I'll talk to you later when I can... oh, and thanks for your help with the house, I really appreciate it, looks like I owe you something. Bye"

Allison listened for the click, and then the silence, before closing her phone. She then packed the TV, packed the truck, and closed it. After closing the house, she got to the truck driver about the directions, and then got into her own car, and drove away in silence.