Kim vs Nega-Kim

AN: Remember when Drakken cloned Kim? Remember when Drakken open a tv-based dimensional portal? I do, and it was both of that made me wonder... What would happen if Kim and friends faced a Kim from an alternate, evil dimension? A Kim that was every bit as evil as Kim was good. Who would win? Good or Evil?

Chapter One: The Beginning of a very bad time


It was a normal day for Kim, she was hanging out with her best friend and boyfriend, Ron. Monique along with Felix were sitting with them at their usual table on Wednesday after school eating some food at Bueno Nacho with Rufus happily eating his fair share.


Drakken was tweaking one of his new inventions with Shego lazily reading a villain magazine. Suddenly Drakken laughed and said, "At last! It is completed!"

Shego looked annoyed at the interruption and says, "What is it Dr. D?" to which Drakken turns and says, "My dimensional attenuator! It will allow me to open portals to other dimensions! Dimensions in to which I will find some things in which to conquer the world and finally defeat Kim Possible along with that annoying buffoon!"

Drakken doesn't wait for a one of Shego's comments before he pulls a switch and a portal appears, through which a figure comes flying through it as if propelled by a great force.

Shego is on her feet immediately with Drakken looking puzzled until he cries out, "Kim Possible! What! How did you get here?"

Kim is not dressed in normal mission clothes that they are both familiar with; she was dressed in a white armor top with an armor-like version of her cargo pants. She was also wearing a helmet with a red visor over her right eye to which she turns and looks at Drakken and Shego before she smiles with a nasty curl to it before she flips over to where Drakken is instead of taking on Shego.

The odd Kim grabs the device away from Drakken just before three more figures come through the portal. Again, they are odd-looking but immediately recognizable as Ron, Shego and Drakken!

The armored Kim snarls and turns off the device before she says with a dark voice, "Ron! I thought you told me you could deal with those goodie-two shoes!"

This surprises Drakken and Shego, so Shego says, "Just what is going here?" Then as she looks at her Drakken before Drakken just shrugs and says, "I don't know Shego."

The weirdly dressed Kim grabs Drakken by the collar and lifts him up until he is dangling by his feet and she says, "I am Nega-Kim! Ron and I exist to take over or destroy the world and we don't CARE which order we do it in!" She tosses Drakken to Shego's feet and points at the other Drakken and Shego to say, "And those two are your mirror counterpoints in the dimension you so nicely opened up into!" Nega-Kim shouts, "Let's go Nega-Ron! We have a lot to do if we plan on taking over this world!"

Nega-Ron shouts back, "Right behind you NKP!" before he tosses an unusual looking ball that emits sparkly smoke before it explodes deafeningly with a very bright flash that is enhanced by the sparkles in the smoke. In short it left everyone but the Nega's temporarily blinded and hard of hearing.

After everyone gets their senses back, the good Drakken and good Shego look at their evil counterpoints for a few awkward moments until Shego says, "Way to go Nega-Drakken! You have just unleashed the most evil and unstoppable team that my world has ever known and feared into YOUR reality!"

Drakken yells, "Who are you calling Nega-Drakken! I am Dr. Drakken, evil super genius and if anyone is going to rule the world, it is going to be me!"

Shego is just looking hard at the good Shego who looks just like her when she had been on Team Go, with only a slight costume change to more along the style she currently wore. Good Shego looks back at her and says, "I see that Nega-Shego adopted the use of my power's colors as her style of clothes... I always thought she, er, you would have used different colors."

Shego growls and says, "Oh, and like YOUR taste in clothes and colors is SO much better, and stop calling me Nega-Shego! I am just Shego! How about I just call you Goodie-Shego? I bet you wouldn't like that!"

Goodie Shego just smiles and says, "Go ahead, Nega-Kim already calls Drakken and I that anyway." This just makes Shego growl and light her hands, which makes Goodie Shego light hers as well before Goodie Drakken says, "Enough of this! We shouldn't be fighting! We need to get Nega-Kim and Nega-Ron back to OUR dimension before they do great harm to this dimension!"

Both Shegos lower their hands and extinguish their green fires at the same time before Drakken walks up to Goodie Drakken and says, "Wait a minute! This is MY lair, so I say what we do! Besides what if I want to have the Negas join up with us to conquer the world?"

Goodie Drakken says in a calm voice, "They will destroy you first because they hate US, and secondly they don't need you, they are perfectly capable of doing massive damage and getting anything in the world that they want by themselves."

Drakken growls in frustration and says, "Fine! But the minute you four go back, I will resume trying to take over the world!"

The goodies take a look at each other before they look back at their counterparts and say, "You've got a deal. Help us send the Nega Kim and Ron back to our dimension and you can resume your normal functions.

Drakken grins and says, "You've got a deal partner" before he reaches out at the same time as his goodie self-does and they shake on it.

AN: Sorry this is so short but this is JUST the intro chapter. What do you all think? Is this worth continuing? This story is pretty straightforward... Bad guys team up with good versions to defeat the ultimate evil team (Kim and Ron) before they either take over the world or destroy it. After all, what is the point in trying to take over the world if someone destroys it? (from Drakken's point of view).